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JJ Abrams Reveals Star Wars: Episode VII X-Wing As Possible Plot Spoilers Leak


JJ Abrams isn’t normally one to pull back the curtain early, but he’s just dropped another Star Wars: Episode VII teaser, and this time it’s a first glimpse at the X-Wing.
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‘The Conjuring’ Spin-off ‘Annabelle’ – Trailer

Annabelle Trailer

The Conjuring was an insanely profitable hit last year, making $318 million worldwide from a budget of $20m. Still, the only performer who’s back for the spin-off is the doll.
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Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes – Review (Midnight Movie Madness)

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Review (Midnight Movie Madness)

Those cheeky chimps are back. Firing dual machine guns while riding a horse. Can prequel Dawn repeat the magic of prequel prequel Rise?
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Take A Look At The Brochure For Jurassic World

Jurassic world brochure hero

At first glance, it may look like any other theme park – but then you notice the dinosaurs. Take a look at the awesome leaked brochure for the new and improved Jurassic Park.
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Horrible Bosses 2 – Teaser Trailer

Horrible Bosses 2 Trailer

Missing The Hangover series? Well it’s kinda back.
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Exodus: Gods And Kings – Trailer

Exodus Gods And Kings - Trailer

Christian Bale is Moses in Ridley Scott’s new biblical epic. Just don’t lend him your iPad, he has a habit of breaking tablets.
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This Is What Kevin Smith Saw When He Visited The Set Of Star Wars Episode VII


For a Star Wars superfan like Kevin Smith, a visit to the Episode VII set must be like reaching the promised land - and sure enough he came out the other side gushing like a Texas oil well.
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Transformers: Age Of Extinction – Review (Midnight Movie Madness)

Transformers: Age Of Extinction Review (Midnight Movie Madness)

The least convincing Texan in history, Mark Wahlberg, joins Michael Bay for the fourth installment of the series that doesn’t want to transform.
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Transformers 5 – Sequel Plans

Transformers 5 - Will There Be One? Answer Time.

The Autobots are back on the big screen with the arrival of Transformers: Age Of Extinction, but is there going to be a Transformers 5? And what might we expect to see in a fifth movie?
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Pacific Rim 2 Will Stomp Into Theaters In 2017


Pacific Rim 2 has officially been given a 2017 release date – and Guillermo del Toro is returning to direct.
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Dracula Untold – Trailer & Poster

Dracula Untold Trailer

Dracula, the original bat man, was actually a top bloke.
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Into The Storm – Trailer & Poster

Into The Storm Trailer

There’s a lot of wind coming, do you want to be there when it happens?
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Dumb And Dumber To – International Trailer

Dumb and Dumber To Trailer

They say wisdom comes with age. Not true.
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