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Roberto Orci Hopes To Direct Star Trek 3


Star Trek co-writers (and general Hollywood power duo) Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are splitting up to focus on their own directorial efforts, and Orci’s could end up being Star Trek 3.
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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Has A Secret X-Men Tease


If you’re heading out to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2 this week (or May 2 if you’re in the US) stick around after the credits start rolling – there’s a nice surprise about halfway through.
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David Fincher’s Gone Girl – Trailer & Poster

David Fincher's Gone Girl - Trailer

David Fincher is back, adapting another bestselling thriller. Can he overcome a cast with the baggage of Ben Affleck, Tyler Perry and Neil Patrick Harris?
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22 Jump Street – International Red Band Trailer & Clip

22 Jump Street Red Band Trailer

There’s a new trailer for 22 Jump Street. It doesn’t get much wilder than this.
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The Quiet Ones – Review

The Quiet Ones Review

The re-launch of Hammer Films a couple of years ago saw the release of The Woman In Black and a mission statement to be producing the kind of films the company would have been making, if still going beyond the 1970s.
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Captain America 3 – Sequel Plans

Is There Going To Be A Captain America 3? Release Date & Spoilers

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is out and impressing critics everywhere, but what do we know about Captain America 3 and when can we expect to see it?
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Spider-Man Villain Spin-Off ‘Sinister Six’ Gets Director

Spider-Man Villain Spin-Off 'Sinister Six' Movie Gets Director

How would you like a villain version of The Avengers (kinda)? Well it looks like it’s really going to happen with Sony announcing a director for the project.
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The Expendables 3 – Trailer

the Expendables 3 Trailer

The Expendables 3 has its first proper trailer, and it’s got a hell of a cast. If you like grandpas. No, I’m kidding, it looks like loads of fun.
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Divergent 2 – Sequel Plans

Divergent 2 - Sequel Plans (Insurgent movie)

There’s been a lot of Divergent 2 talk this week. So what has been said and how likely is a sequel?
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Tarantino To Direct The Hateful Eight… On Stage


Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight might be dead as a film, but the director has decided to take back control and deliver it to an audience via a live stage reading instead.
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Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes – Ape Army TV Spot

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes - Ape Army TV Spot

Under the radar just like its predecessor, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is released in just a few months. A new TV spot is out, showing the apes in all their glory. And they look magnificent.
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Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa Sequel Is Coming


Jurassic Park! Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa is getting a sequel, it’s been confirmed.
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Terminator: Genesis – Full Cast, Plot Clues

Terminator 5 Genesis Plot Clues

Terminator 5 is gearing up to shoot and taking its cue from Sega, it has a title. It also has a 67-year-old Schwarzenegger doing some terminating. I hope they know what they’re doing…
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