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Thor: The Dark World – Review

Thor The Dark World Review
And so the box office behemoth of Marvel continues its relentless onslaught through the pockets and imaginations of cinema-goers worldwide. Thor is back. He hasn’t been gone long, admittedly.…

The Time I Watched ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ In Prison

Shawshank Redemption Future Cinema Review
As a movie blogger it’s not often that you find yourself doing hard time in prison as a result of your activities (unless you live in North Korea) but that’s exactly what happened to this writer last week when I …

Gangster Squad – Review

Gangster Squad Review

A Gang Story – Review

A Gang Story Review

Akira Remake Given Go-Ahead

Akira Movie Remake Given Go-Ahead.
Warner Bros. has finally given the green light to its live-action remake of Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira. A live-action version of the anime classic has been long-mooted- since way back in the 90’s in fact- and just about every young …

This Means War – Trailer

This Means War - Trailer
When ‘Terminator Salvation’ was critically-panned and disliked by many-a-fan of the original two films, director McG developed a reputation amongst film-goers as being one of the worst director’s in Hollywood. It’s pretty unfair really as there are plenty of other …

‘Monster’ Helmer To Direct ‘Thor 2’

Thor 2 Get Director
Continuing with the tactic that worked quite well with ‘Thor’, Marvel has again opted for a rather obtuse choice of director for the sequel.…

Julia Roberts As Evil Queen In ‘Snow White’ – First Pics

Julia Roberts As Evil Queen In Snow White - First Pics
There was a time, not so long ago, when Julia Roberts would have been top of the list to play the role of Snow White. But alas, time stands still for no man or woman, not even the former highest-paid …

Young Adult – Trailer

Diablo Cody & Jason Reitman's Young Adult Trailer
She’s one of the hippest writers around, he’s one of the hippest writer-directors around and together they made one of the hippest movies of recent times. If you’ve already worked out who and what I’m talking about then you’re a …

Arnie & Bruce Have ‘Significant Roles’ In The Expendables 2

Expendables 2 Casting
One of the reasons action movie throwback ‘The Expendables’ was a bit of a letdown was because the man most associated with the genre, Arnold Schwarzenegger, only made a brief cameo. Sure there was also the terrible script, laughable acting …