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Batman v Superman – Sequel Plans

Batman vs Superman 2 - Sequel (Movie)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens today. Despite mixed critical reception (the critical community preferred Batman Forever, madness) it’s tracking for $150 million US and $350m global this weekend alone. Those numbers won’t stop this steam train, and …

New Transformers Movie Planned Every Year, Michael Bay Directing Transformers 5

Bay's Back To Helm Transformers 5

Michael Bay has confirmed he will return to the director’s chair, complete with explosion-triggering megaphone, to helm the latest installment in the Transformers franchise, for now just known as Transformers 5. Meanwhile Hasbro and Paramount are readying to deliver …

John Wick 2 Gets Release Date

John Wick 2 Gets Release Date

The success of Keanu Reeves’ 2014 action breakout, John Wick, has earnt the Matrix star a sequel. Not much is known about it; though it now has a (disappointingly distant) release date, it’s bookishly called John Wick: Chapter Two

Ridley Scott Updates On Blade Runner 2

Blade Runner 2 Sequel News

The 1982 sci-fi classic Blade Runner is getting a sequel. Probably a few of them. Ridley Scott has been talking about it while out promoting The Martian

Star Wars Stand-Alone Movie Gets Revealing Title

Star Wars Rogue One

The first Star Wars stand-alone film lands December next year, and now the CEO of Disney has revealed its title – Rogue One.…

Neill Blomkamp Will Direct Alien 5, Ridley Scott Will Produce

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 21.28.47

You might remember that District 9 director Neill Blomkamp previously revealed his concept for a new Alien movie that was supposedly shut down. Well, now it’s actually happening.…

Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen Won’t Be Back For X-Men: Apocalypse

Professor X Magneto Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen Won't Be Back

The X-Men prequel trilogy is set to conclude with X-Men: Apocalypse in 2016, but two series stalwarts won’t be returning, as Patrick Stewart has confirmed that neither himself or Ian McKellen will reprise their roles in the upcoming film.…

Toy Story 4 Coming In 2017, John Lasseter Directing


It’s been a big week for Disney. Not only has it confirmed the official name of Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens – but it also announced that Pixar will make Toy Story 4.…

A New ‘Saw’ Movie Is On The Way


Thought Saw was over? Thought that Jigsaw being dead for four movies and the last one being called The Final Chapter might have signaled the end? You don’t know Hollywood. Saw 8 is in the pipeline, and the producers say …

Sony Gives The Green Light To 23 Jump Street


23 Jump Street is go, as we’ve got confirmation that Sony has officially put a sequel into development – but will we see officers Jenko and Schmidt off to medical school?…