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Viral – Christopher Nolan & Al Pacino Drinking Tea

I imagine Christopher Nolan is exhausted right now, what with The Dark Knight Rises finally released after two years of hard work. Having been brought up in England he will very likely be relaxing with a nice cup of tea. …

Little Darth Vader Rules Cannes Nightclub

You may remember we carried a Stella Artois 4% competition a couple of months back to win a luxury trip to Cannes. Turns out that competition was spread over more sites and had more winners than I thought. One of …

Video – Tom Cruise Plays Soccer …Or Does He?

Tom Cruise Playing Football - Video

Back To The Future III – Creepy Crotch Pointer

Back to the Future was the most fun anyone had ever had in a theater since John Wilkes Booth.…

Spoof – Prequel To John Carpenter’s The Thing

The Thing Prequel
As we wait for the official The Thing prequel to arrive next year, we can get some sense of what to expect through today’s video.…

Top 10 Movie-Related Kanye West VMA Memes

Kanye West made a judgement call at the MTV VMAs. The internet has looked closely at that decision and concluded it was unwise.…

My Little Pony : Live-Action Trailer

My Little Pony Funny Movie Trailer
With both G.I. Joe and Transformers movies coming out this year, it feels like someone is missing… Not any more. This summer, action will walk on four legs in My Little Pony: Reign Of The Buttercup Sprinkles.…

Animated Gifs 7

This 7th collection of animated gifs (funny ones) from around the internet includes Indiana Jones, Alien 3, Jurassic Park, and the Blu-ray/HD DVD showdown.…

Movie Preview Critic On… The Christian Bale Rant

Christian Bale rant remixWhat’s up good movie lovers? By now, we’ve all heard the Christian Bale rant. But, did you know it didn’t stop with the cinematographer? He also went after a fellow actor……



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