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Ridley Scott’s Monopoly Movie – Plot Revealed

Ridley Scott's Monopoly Movie - Plot Revealed
In addition to the forthcoming Robin Hood movie and Alien prequel, we can look forward to Ridley Scott’s big screen adaptation of one of the worlds most beloved board games – Monopoly! It still sounds crazy saying that. Ridley Scott’s Monopoly. But then, David Fincher’s Facebook: The Movie sounded weird until it was made clear what that was about. Monopoly‘s producer Frank Beddor spoke to the LA Times, giving us our first real pieces of info about the project’s story:

“I took the approach of thinking of the main character falling down the rabbit hole into a place called Monopoly City. The main character is envisaged as a dorky Manhattan real-estate agent who’s also an obsessive Monopoly player. A magic chance card transports him to the city where Monopoly money is currency, and where the evil Parker Brothers must be defeated.

“It tries to incorporate all the iconic imageries — a sports car pulls up, there’s someone on a horse, someone pushing a wheelbarrow”


This…still doesn’t sound like a Ridley Scott movie. At all. It’ll be to hear a lengthy discussion from the man himself, but that’s a long way off. So, for know what we know is this is a Dorothy/Alice/Lucy escape into a fantasy world, except for Dorothy/Alice/Lucy is a grown man, and the fantasy world is a board game. Maybe there’s potential for social commentary? Or maybe Ridley Scott just wants to try his hand at a light-hearted movie in the vein of Jumanji, seeing as how he’s mastered quite a few other genres.

But the big question is – who should play the Monopoly Man? I bet every reader a million dollars (Monopoly money, of course) that Russell Crowe is putting on a mo-cap suit RIGHT NOW…

Russell Crowe Monopoly Movie Pic
Now tell me you wouldn’t buy a ticket for that.

Source: Empire

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  • Tomas Hinton said

    This could potentially be a great commentary on Capitalism, the current global economy, and the surge of globalization and corporate dominance worldwide, Which would make sense for a director like Scott. The idea of the monopoly board as an alternate world will work well if he approaches it in a Blade Runner-esque, obscure way. But I still feel like this could turn into a Super Mario Brothers movie style piece with great ease, but with great effort could be a gripping and interesting piece of work. Let’s see how this one pans out, because based on upcoming Scott projects such as an untitled “Reagan/Gorbachev” project and rumours of a 2011 production of Aldous Huxley’s classic “Brave New World” suggests Scott could be a creative mouth to trust.


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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    One of the best news posts ever on this site. Great text, great pictures, ridiculous but true idea.

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