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Twilight New Moon Box Office Results – Breaks Dark Knight Record

New Moon Box Office Results - In what will come as a surprise to absolutely nobody on earth, New Moon opened up at number one in the US box office and is expected to stay there until the world ends, or the next film comes out, whatever happens first.

Opening last Friday at midnight to the sound of shrieking tweens everywhere, the latest entry in the horrifyingly sexist supernatural saga instantly broke the record for midnight releases, raking in a staggering $26.3 million. The film then went on to completely obliterate The Dark Knight‘s record for the biggest ever opening day, earning $72.7 million IN ONE DAY. The Batman Begins sequel ‘only’ managed to make $67.2 million on its release, so this really is staggering. Excuse me for a moment –

Twilight New Moon Box Office Results

Even Harry Potter VI didn’t make anything near this much money on release day, grabbing a low $22 million, although that has since gone on to make over $300 million worldwide.

The total weekend gross for the second part of the Twilight saga – althought calling it that makes it sound reasonably intelligent – is a staggering $140.7 million – and that’s only in the States! We’ll see how this does worldwide as it unfolds across humanity like the Black Death. Until then, it ranks in at number three on the biggest opening weekend ever chart:

#1: The Dark Knight: $158.4 million
#2: Spider-Man 3: $151 million
#3: Twilight: New Moon: $140.7 million
#4: Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest: $135.6 million

At the moment, one thing is certain – New Moon reigns supreme. Sigh…

Above: One of these is a highly intelligent, fast-paced, complex and deeply involving film that will continue to be remembered by people for years to come. The other is a tween girl fad that will be forgotten when the next fad book comes along.

Sources: Hollywood Reporter, Variety

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  • New Moon said

    I wonder how this film will do in week 2. Will all the people who were running over themselves to see it on opening day came back for repeat viewings?

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  • Mulk said

    i hate the Twilight series, but i am so glad that the twilight kids beat out the Batman geeks, or more the 13 year old girl fan base didnt illigally download the movie like thoes of us who enjoyed batman

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  • Carole Ford said

    Pretty good movie.. love Kristen Stewart

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  • The1Cool said

    This series is strange, my wife loved the books but refuses to see the movies b/c they look sooooo laaaaaaame. Some that have read the books like the movies while others hate the movie. The Dark Knight is a great movie. Twilight is a fad.

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  • Barrack Obama said

    You see the economy isnt in a recession / depression. But you all keep giving your money to people that are already rich. How about you spend that money on your local business. You are voting with every dollar you spend. So vote for your community.

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  • Brandy said

    I think the numbers will continue 2 climb. I love the movies of course their not as good as the books (witch I’ve read more than once) but I dident expect them 2 be I mean 2 put everything that’s in the books in2 a movie would take a lot of time money am film. I herd on the news that New Moon was the biggest movie in the world of all time, that is no small task! I can’t wait till the other 2 come out no matter what other people say I should do with my money I will still go see them because I don’t fill like that is throwin money away. Not if ur doin somethan u enjoy, people got 2 have fun ever now an then if we dident we would all be insane. I mean hell jus look at the people who sit at home all the time dwelling on their problems (hello that dosent help people go do somethan for ur self for a change!) But anyway anyone who is tryin 2 find out whether its good enoff 2 spend money on I say hell yea, but that is jus my opinion I have one jus like every one els.

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  • julia marie wherlock said

    Ooh, sour grapes or what! What makes a film based on a comic book character superior to a film based upon a vampire novel, mate? Nothing. You’re a bloke and you want the violence and explosions. I’m a female and I want heart-stopping romance and a gorgeous bloke on the screen dishing it out big time. For years we,ve had to put up with romcoms of inferior, insulting quality because the film industry doesn’t cater for women to any great extent.
    You’re a bloke so you’ll never get it — that this film is just delicious to all women, not just squeally teens. I’m by no means a youngster, and what I feel about these films is difficult to describe, but they deliver to us females in a big way and on all levels. Pleaase let us have our divine bit of romance and stop with the rubbishing of something that I suspect you’ll nver bother to watch. I have seen The Dark Knight, yes, and I enjoyed it, twice,but as a female, with different chemical things going on, New Moon pushes many more buttons for me. That’s just the way it is.

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  • Adam Mason said

    Actually, love, I’m a film critic and I just want a film that doesn’t scoop out my soul and take a dump on my face.

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