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Worst Movies Of 2010 – Preview

Worst Movies Of 2010 | Top 10 Earlier we looked forward to the top movies of 2010, but we also want to be on hand to remind everyone there’s a turd tidal wave on the way. Indeed, we’re about to enter a bonanza time for crap movies – January/February is traditionally where studios dump their total garbage. Cedric The Entertainer calls it home.

Here’s our preview/prediction of the top 10 worst movies of 2010.

The Spy Next Door

This is NOT why Jackie Chan came to America. For another tough-guy-babysitting movie. Listen Hollywood – no one cares about bland children that aren’t theirs, so stop putting them in movies. And especially don’t surround the pensioner king of stunts with kids and think you’ve struck gold. You’re wasting his time and ours. From the trailer, it looks like Billy Ray Cyrus is on the phone whenever Jackie Chan needs him, and if I was Jackie Chan that would be never.

Tooth Fairy

I love the Rock, but he seriously needs to pile-drive his agent into the floor. Isn’t he tired of being the best thing in terrible movies? – Doom, Be Cool, The Game Plan. The gag of him being the tooth fairy wears off half way through the trailer – and there’s still 88 minutes of film to go. PS Whoever’s been preserving Julie Andrews’ corpse has been doing a good job.

When In Rome

The trailer takes a long, long time to get to the point, but the idea is that Kristen Bell removes some coins from a fountain and the men who threw them in fall in love with her. What a lame concept. The trailer is also very big on the hilarity of knocking things over and walking into things – none of you are Peter Sellers so please stop embarrassing yourselves. And…wait, Danny De Vito? What are you doing here? I guess he’s the only actor in Hollywood shorter than Kristen Bell.

Uwe Boll’s BloodRayne 3: Warhammer

worst best movies 2010Finally a Warhammer movie. Oh wait. A title that if you read it backwards gets worse with every word. Obviously there are a large number of people out there who saw Uwe Boll’s BloodRayne without knowing any better. Those people disliked it so intensely it was voted onto IMDB’s top 100 worst films of all time. But, somehow, when the second one came out enough people rented that to put this third movie into production. Somebody explain it to me. Also worth noting, most directors release one film every two years. Uwe Boll directed four movies in 2009, and will be directing another four in 2010.

I Love You Phillip Morris

This is holdover from last year’s list as it has, unsurprisingly, taken this long to find a release date. Tonally all over the shop. SNL skit? Heart-warming drama? Hands up who wants to see Jim Carrey kiss Ewan McGregor.


Top 10 Worst Movies Of 2010
A sketch from SNL that spoofs MacGyver gets turned into a movie? MacGyver was on TV over 20 years ago. There is no way, no way, this is going to be able to stand up as an hour and a half feature. …Can it?

The Back-Up Plan

J-Lo is back on the big screen for the first time since 2006. What do you mean you didn’t notice she was gone? The Back-Up Plan is about a woman who conceives twins through artificial insemination, only to then meet the man of her dreams the same day. Because there’s nothing funnier than artificial insemination and J-Lo.

Furry Vengeance

Brendan Fraser, who has somewhere lost all appeal as an actor, plays a bug-eyed real estate developer overseeing a building project that threatens the homes of the local forest creatures. Then the creatures decide to fight back. The cutes ones do anyway, no one cares about the insects and mollusks it’s going to displace. From the director of the heinous College Road Trip, this shows once again that Hollywood has no idea how to do slapstick.

Jekyll and Hyde

Top 10 Worst Movies Of 2010
Abel Ferrara directs this re-imagined modern day version of the Robert Louis Stevenson horror classic. Forest Whitaker is Dr. Jekyll. Mr. Hyde is… 50 Cent.

Yogi Bear

Alvin And The Chipmunks made more than The Simpsons Movie. Garfield earned enough money to demand a sequel. So now Yogi Bear is getting the same live-action-mixed-with-cgi-animal-characters treatment. From the writers of Wild Hogs and Ben Affleck’s Surviving Christmas. Dan Aykroyd will voice Yogi Bear. Justin Timberlake is rumoured to be Boo-Boo.

What do you think will be worst movies of 2010? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Mulk said

    Jeckyll and Hyde Could be really good, but i have mixed feelings about it, and i love you philip morris might be good.. but thats a big MIGHT

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  • Joker said

    I beg to differ on Jekyll and Hyde being on the top ten worst list it’ll. Be nice to see a new take on it with two black guys instead of your two regular charlies. What should really be on the list is that eclipse movie. Damn that twilight stuff really gets to me

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  • gd smith said

    Abel Ferrara has made some good, some bad and some interesting films. I Suspect his take on jekyll and Hyde will involve lots of shouty angst and location shots. But there’s also a lot of nastiness in his urban crime films. so I’m not expecting a hip hop version of the Nutty Professor.
    Now, Bloodrayne will be plain bad. Uwe Boll is one the truly terrible directors. As for why there is a Bloodrayne 3. Well, the leather, cleavages and swords demographic and low budgets ensure a small profit.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    The Spy Next Door has just opened with a 0% rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. One down, nine to go.

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  • gd smith said

    I’m hearing good stuff about All About Steve.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    I doubt you are.

    Tooth Fairy has opened this weekend with a Rotten Tomatoes critics rating of 10%. …Two for two.

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  • gd smith said

    It depends what you mean by good things!
    Bad comedies are the worst. you can feel your life draining away as you watch. Worse still is when you start laughing because you can’t believe how flat the jokes are falling and then people in audience stare at you as if to say “you are the reason this stuff is made, you are reason my soul feels emptier”!
    Bad horror, I’m not even sure it exists. There’s a huge strain of the trash aesthetic in what a lot people call bad horror. Except cabin Fever, I cannot believe how many good reviews that got.
    What the world really needs is solid gold stinking big budget bomb.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    I don’t go and see comedies in the cinema because if it starts up and it’s not my sense of humour then there is literally no entertainment value in it. Whereas a big budget sci-fi, say, will always be entertaining on some level, regardless of problems.

    Also, When In Rome has opened this weekend to 6% critical rating. Three for three.

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  • Kavorka said

    Wait a f**king minute! the Yeckyll And Hyde movie is really getting made?

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  • kristian said

    why is universal soldier not included as a worst movie? universal soldier is the worst of all worst movies

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  • Shar said

    I beg to differ Joker…I think Eclipse will be a great money maker.. i think that if you havent read the book there is no way to have any good feelings about the movies because the movie is only a detailed summary of the book which is great. twilight & new moon have done a great job but i must say twilight sucked big time unless u read the book =( and by the way Eclipse is not a girly smooch festival its a little of everything and plz give the movie a chance before you add it to the worst movie list…make informed comments

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  • Ted said

    How about Mel Gibson in Edge of darkness! AWFUL film. Terrible! Mel does the worst Boston accent ever! The movie makes no sense what so ever. mel is investagating his own daughters murder! PLEASE that would never happen in real life, OOOPS films are not real life. WIll never see another Mel Gibson movie again!

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  • manishy said

    where’s when soldiers cry. that is the WORST MOVIE OF ALL TIME. don’t watch it, but if you need something to cry about explaining why some directors just suck, feel free to watch it.

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  • EpicPie said

    Robin Hood and Clash of the Titans were epicly AWFUL. I know it would have been hard to predict that beforehand but they were painful to watch. I had to walk out of Robin Hood cause it was just too much of a crappy Braveheart remake

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  • M said

    Where is Marmaduke?

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