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Avatar Movie Song (Theme By Leona Lewis) / Download -
The official Avatar song is now available for your discerning ears. The track is called “I See You” and is performed by international singing sensation Leona Lewis.

If you don’t know who Leona Lewis is, should you care? No. She won a Simon Cowell talent show in the UK in 2007 then went on to have the fastest selling UK single, to sell 6.5 million albums worldwide and be a three time Grammy Award nominee.

Here’s the track –

There are obviously strong shades of Titanic’s theme song. Lyrically, “my heart is open” replaces “my heart will go on” and there are numerous moments that were probably just a case of dragging and dropping old wav files from 1997 into the mixing deck. Overall, it lacks the punch of the Céline Dion’s effort and sounds a bit all over the place.

You can pre-order the Avatar album on cd here or download it as individual mp3s here. The movie is out on December 18th.

What do you think of the Avatar song? Have you already been moved to tears?

Source: AintItCool

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  • Thomas Waddington said

    What a racket, I hope the film is better than that!

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    You sound like an old man Waddington.

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  • Dalmatian Jaws said

    Good God, that’s horrible horrible tripe.

    I’m really worried about this flick.

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  • tammy said

    WEll i absolutely love this song….it fits this film perfectly…..it does not have to be like my heart will go on!!! This song is unique, like the film.

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  • dave said

    song is horrible sounds like a remake of my heart will go on. the song will probably fit good in the film why else would they chose it? and tammy how could you say the film is fantastic when it hasn’t been released yet?

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  • The1Cool said

    I’m too straight to know what my heart would go on sounds like. I could care less about this song. On another note, the movie has gained my sincerest interest since I got over the disappointment that this Avatar had nothing to do w/ an arrow-tattooed pre-teen.

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  • KORSAIR said

    O god it’s awful

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  • Pappu said

    Song is not unique. It is way to draggy and wavy.Its not catchy. Its just like listening to pretty old women in opera. Song is not fresh and young. Of course , there is no life or feel in the song. The song is definetely not going to make to oscars. My request is, pls dont ever compare to Celine Dion, Cos she is a legend among the great singers.

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  • Shiraz said

    heart touching

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  • Ricky said

    I think the song is a hit. I think the girl can sing. I hope the movie lives up to all the hype. Look forward to seeing it. As for comparing her to celine, lord have mercy. This girl is at the begining of her career and celine is on the other end. All I can say is for me, she is off to a great start.

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  • Bec said

    This song just made me cry. its beautiful.
    when i first heard it i actually thought it was celine dion. so did my boyfriend and my friends.. so.. there you go lol.

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  • sara said

    hare,s all coments are wrong.just like thay r blind.the song is most incredibell i,v ever heard.so beautifull.ricky and shiraz u gyis are quit right.

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  • reza said

    heyyyyyyyyyyy.all of you accept that it was unique.and dear sara if you have a complete sound of that send it to my mail.afridoon.sam@gmail.com thanks

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