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9 is the Tim Burton-produced feature version of the Oscar-nominated short film. It tells the story of an apocalyptic future where burlap sack dolls hold the last essence of humanity and must stay ahead of giant mechanical creatures seeking to destroy them. The 9 movie soundtrack is credited to Danny Elfman and Deborah Lurie, but while Elfman created the themes (see ‘Burial’ and ‘Winged Beast’) it’s young composer Lurie who’s responsible for everything else. 9 is her chance to shine, after ten years behind the scenes providing additional music for the likes of Spider-Man 3 and Wanted, heading up smaller films, and orchestrating /arranging for composing giants John Ottman, Mark Snow and Elfman.

The 9 soundtrack is primarily an action score, and Lurie brings the large-scale orchestral sound of Spider-Man and Wanted to an animated movie, somewhere it’s not typically found. ‘Winged Beast’ and ‘Slaying the Beast’ in particular are epic battle themes, using warring choirs for battle cries. In places there’s a noticeable trace of Elfman’s Terminator Salvation score, not surprising perhaps as 9 is set after mankind has lost a war with the machines, and Elfman was probably humming it when he came over to check how things were going.

The final track on the album is the heavy rock song ‘Welcome Home’ by Coheed and Cambria, as featured in the trailers. The New York prog-rock band is no stranger to the film’s genre, since their albums are concept albums, gradually revealing a science fiction storyline called The Amory Wars.

Listen To The 9 Movie Soundtrack:

You can download the 9 soundtrack as mp3s here. Or buy it on cd here.
The movie is released on Blu-ray, DVD and as Digital Download on December 29th. For more 9, click here.

9 Movie Soundtrack (Score & Song) – Track-Listing
1. Introduction – Deborah Lurie / Danny Elfman
2. Finding Answers – Deborah Lurie / Danny Elfman
3. Sanctuary – Deborah Lurie / Danny Elfman
4. Winged Beast – Deborah Lurie / Danny Elfman
5. Reunion/searching For Two – Deborah Lurie / Danny Elfman
6. The Machines – Deborah Lurie / Danny Elfman
7. Out There – Deborah Lurie / Danny Elfman
8. Twins – Deborah Lurie / Danny Elfman
9. Slaying The Beast – Deborah Lurie / Danny Elfman
10. Return Of The Machines – Deborah Lurie / Danny Elfman
11. Burial – Deborah Lurie / Danny Elfman
12. Reawakening – Deborah Lurie / Danny Elfman
13. The Aftermath – Deborah Lurie / Danny Elfman
14. Confrontation – Deborah Lurie / Danny Elfman
15. The Seamstress – Deborah Lurie / Danny Elfman
16. Return To The Workshop – Deborah Lurie / Danny Elfman
17. The Purpose – Deborah Lurie / Danny Elfman
18. Release – Deborah Lurie / Danny Elfman
19. Welcome Home – Coheed And Cambria

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  • Skittles said

    Good movie. Burton is the man.
    But more importantly…

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  • Randy said


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  • Arty said

    I cried all night when Coheed and Cambria wasn’t chosen for the Transformers Soundtrack;

    FTW Claudio & Co ^w^ and they chose the best of their songs too! >w>

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  • Logan said

    Um, Transformers is ridiculous, childish crap.
    Be thankful Coheed & Cambria’s epic work was chosen/allowed for a really good film.

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  • Sara said

    Transformers is the best! Its one of the most popular things out there! Thats also your opinion, but you dont have to say that, and I agree though I dont think Coheed and Cambria would have been good for TF

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