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Avatar 2 – Sequel Plans

Avatar 2 - Sequel Plans (Avatar Trilogy)
There’s been a lot of Avatar 2 talk in recent weeks. So what has been said and how likely is a sequel?

Avatar cost $310 million to produce and about $150 million to market and distribute. It’s already grossed $393 million worldwide, and still has a way to run. According to market research firm CinemaScore, audiences are giving it an average grade of ‘A’, and together with overwhelmingly positive reviews, this means word of mouth is very strong. In short, Avatar is going to make a profit.

With Terminator 2 and Aliens under his belt, director James Cameron has shown he has no issue making sequels. In fact he’s the best filmmaker in the world when it comes to quality follow-ups. Cameron was talking Avatar 2, and the Avatar trilogy, as early as 2006, and he’s said again this week that two more movies is the intention.

So what direction will the story go in? (…BIG SPOILERS AHEAD…) Avatar 2 and 3 will follow Jake and Neytiri. Producer Jon Landau has said “here we are exploring the surface of the planet Pandora. The interior remains to be seen.” While Cameron has pointed out that Pandora wasn’t the only moon shown orbiting Polyphemus, and revealed that all sequels would explore these other moons.

The script isn’t written yet but Avatar 2 won’t take anything like the four years of production that the first film needed. The motion-capture technology, the computer-generated environments and the creatures are already perfected.

So what would you like to see happen in Avatar 2? Should it head underground, or out to another moon? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Source: MTV, MovieFone, SlashFilm

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  • brian said

    What about visiting the seas?

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  • Mani Karthik said


    A V A T A R


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  • School47 said

    I wonna to see avatar 2. I think, Cameron know, what should be at this film better all of us. He just best filmmaker. Just show to us Jake and Neytiri! I love Avatar !! From Russia with love!

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  • Movie Watcher said

    Avatar is already a financial disaster and an unprecedented historical BOMB at the box-office. No amount of media trolling on the internet and entertainment industry tax-evasion tactics is going to change the hard reality of the numbers.

    As Avatar becomes one of movie historys most embarrassing financial disasters and technical flops, this Fern Gully rip-off live-action “commie-drama” shows that “If you make it, The Americans WILL NOT come”.

    This is especially true when the movies lack of technological prowess is overhyped to the theme of it being a technological advancement. If this is an advancement of any kind, it’s that the entertainment industry is financially and socially deader than it already is.

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    • Mark Rugman said

      How wrong were you Movie Watcher?!?

      Avatar grossed $2,781,505,847 at the Box Offices alone.. How can this be a financial flop?!?

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    • Becca said

      Jeez movie watcher, u sound so bright and nice…. Learn to loosen up, hav fun and relax. The movie was awesome and was unique like no other, so shut that pie hole, throw it away, and get a freshly baked new one! Ps can’t wait for avatar 2, tho kinda weird that the second one doesn’t come out for years, but the third one will com rite after it… Hmmmmmmmmm….

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      • Emily said

        oh my gosh movie watcher that is super harsh. Avatar is an epic adventure that cant compare to any thing the human eye has ever seen. id like to see you make an as incredible film as avatar . anyway im not here to cridisize any body and i respect your opinion evn if i highly disagree with it. LOVE YOU AVATAR, JAKE SULLY, NETIRI , AND JAMES CAMERON. i cant say i have any suggestions since i beleive that james is the only one who could ever have the right to change avatar or influence it in any way. again AVATAR FOREVER.

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    • Nightdancer said

      The movie Avatar was outstanding. It wasn’t a flop at the box office and I have watched it numerous times. The story is unique and warrants sequels. I didn’t like Star Wars but many did and look at all the sequels. I only went once to see any of them. Does that make them a flop, no. It’s a matter of taste just as in Avatar. It had ground breaking special effects that had never been used prior.

      Cameron is a visionary and the movie awe inspiring. I can hardly wait to see more of the adventures of the civilization he created on Pandora. If you didn’t like it, then don’t watch the sequels but I can guarantee that most everyone else will.

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    • Gary Roberts said

      Whatever are you talking about? Avatar has been one of most lucrative movie since the beginning of this century. If anyone is a troll its you.

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  • freak said

    I think the second one should explore underground(also should be a little more darker than the first) and the thrid one, go to another moon

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  • Bragadeesh said

    Avatar is one awesome movie that defines the standard for the movies to follow. Cameron did it again with his awe inspiring imagination and story line.
    I would love to see more of Avatar coming in our way. And when it comes to sequels, cameron has a proven success of delivering high quality ones as he did it with T2.
    Dont know why, But i fell love with Neytiri who is both soft and aggressive and very well portrayed in the movie. I would love to see more of neytiri in the sequels!!!!

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  • Myles said

    Avatar was amazing. James Cameron is the man.

    Sequel idea:
    Sully is finally comfortable with life on a newly restored Pandora with N’tiri as heads of the Na’vi. They just had a baby son and everything is grand. One day, a strange visitor arrives bearing grave news of unforeseen dangers (visitor could be a spy and gains trust by telling them). An intergalactic conquerer seeks the eywa for it has been told in a prophecy that the eywa tree holds the secrets of Na’vi ancestors. These secrets are highly valuable and allow for immortality or power of creation or some such thing an intergalactic demon would seek. Sully must brace the Na’vi for what he knows not, and must again find a way to defend his people and restore intergalactic peace.

    -Myles from Atlanta

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    • Brent said

      @ Myles from Atlanta… if anything I’m sure the humans will be back for their precious metals and revenge.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    @Movie Watcher – It had the 2nd biggest international opening of all time for an original movie (after The Da Vinci Code). It’s already up to $160m in the US, and is showing strong staying power. The figures don’t back up your claim that it’s a flop. It’s a week away from grossing half a billion.

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  • Chilentio said

    Great movie. i dont like many movies but this one is a 10/10
    it can go next to my collection.. together with starwars save private ryan, indy jones.and other great hits.
    good work James!!

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  • Yarg said


    Are you on drugs? As the author stated, the movie is on track to make a profit. There is a difference from how you feel and what is fact. Please refrain from writing a review anywhere until you’ve mastered that.

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  • Josh said

    If I had my guess as to what the sequel will be about, I’d wager it’d have something to do with their (Jake and Neytiri) child. I mean, the body Jake is in now is not a typical Navi, it’s made with human DNA, so it’s my guess that their child will be of some strange importance.

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  • george said

    excellent work from james cameron and all the crew!!!!
    in fact i think that avatar 2 should introduce another story with jake sully and neytiry ,whatever that story is in another moon or in the current planet pandora.

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  • jvasquez33 said

    I absolutely loved Avatar and I do hope they make a sequel. I’ve read all kinds of different plots and ideas for the 2nd one. Hell I even wrote my own mini condensed version of Avatar 2 with a bunch of made up ideas and characters, it was quite fun doing so too lol.

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  • Steve said

    I just saw the movie in 3D. If your a Sci-Fi follower, this will be a must. Great story line & special effects. This will go into my video library and I can’t wait until the next one. Underground or other worlds, it does not matter. James shows again he is one of our best in the movie industry in creativity and cutting edge technology. If you didn’t like this movie, your not a Sci-Fi fan. Take your comments to another board. Your facts mentioned above on the financial issues would be incorrect.

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  • I am Legend AND Sparticus said

    @ Movie Watcher –

    Your stuff is weak.

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