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Top 10 James Bond Villains

5. Le Chiffre (Casino Royale 2006)

best james bond villains le chiffre

The most recent, and yet the oldest, villain on our list, Le Chiffre became known to Bond fans way back in the very first novel, Casino Royale. In the movie, asthmatic Le Chiffre taught us that the naughties were even more dangerous than the Cold War as he beat Bond’s weiner with a knotted rope. His calm, ‘foreign’ persona struck up familiar Bond chills, yet his aggressive physicality and mentality brought something new to the Bond arch-enemy.

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  • Adam Mason said

    Fun fact:

    The reason Blofeld was dropped down a chimney at the start of “For Your Eyes Only” was because Cubby Brocolli was involved in a legal case with Kevin McClory.

    McClory owned the copyright to the film “Thunderball”, which included SPECTRE and the Blofeld character. So Brocolli, in the world’s greatest “screw you”, had Bond finally kill his arch-nemesis in order to prove that the character could survive without his baddie.

    McClory later produced 1983’s “Never Say Never Again”, which is the same film as “Thunderball”.

    Now you know.

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  • Angel Orona said

    “Red” Grant in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE. The coolest part was he was played by legendary badass Robert Shaw (who would soon go on to play yet another badass — Quint from JAWS). The final fight in a cramped train compartment, although more low-key than expected from a Bond film, is none the less one hell of a showdown.

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  • Eric said

    Alec Trevelyan! I mean come on! The first Post Cold War Era Bond movie and it was amazingly awesome!! The prior James Bond Ally and MI-6 Covert Agent returns after nine years of MI-6/James thinking he was dead and not only is his face scarred (which boosts his Bad Ass factor through the roof) but hes got Evil in his smile, Greed in his eyes and his motive is nothing more than good old fashioned Revenge. Not to mention his nerly endless list of awesome quotes:

    “Closing time James, Last Call”

    “I set the timers for six minutes, the same six minutes you gave me. It was the least I could do for a friend…hahahahaha!”

    “You know James, I was always better.”

    and the timeless classic

    “Why can’t you just be a good boy and die!?”

    Sean Bean is the MAN!!!

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  • Rapid said

    YA RLY!! alec trevelyn ftw
    he was epic

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  • Roy said

    The 8 Best Bond Villians:

    1. Auric Goldfinger
    2. Ernst Stavro Blofeld
    3. Dr. No
    4. Red Grant
    5. Emilio Largo
    6. Rosa Klebb
    7. Jaws

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  • Sam said

    Either Zorin or Carver are the best.

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  • Blackleiter said

    How could you forget the ladies: Xenia Onatopp and Fatima Blush!

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  • Joker said

    How is Emilio Largo not on this list!?

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  • Ken said

    Right on, Roy! Auric Goldfinger is No. 1! (Although he wasn’t ‘SPECTRE No. 1.’)

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  • Grant said

    Great list! although I think Red Grant and Necros should have been squeezed in … they were rather menacing! along with Odd Job and Jaws they proved to be pretty ruthless.

    I believe Goldfinger was a great villain but wasn’t exactly super menacing/scary – but he was very deceitful! How about that shady golf contest?

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  • Dano said

    Good list – I’ve always thought Karl Stromberg was well acted.

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  • Francis j said

    Red Grant by far
    intimidating,comfortable in his abilities,ruthless ,cold and guy who you KNOW could kill you quite easily.

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  • Deeve Guillergan said

    for me i think the great villain that Bond fought is Kananga. it is a nice film live and let die. Bond is struggling to win with those VOODOO people.

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  • Scrummy said

    No Trevelyan? Seriously?!

    Trevelyan would have been right at the top of my list; Blofeld would have probably fallen to third. Second would have to be Zorin, fourth would be Goldfinger, and fifth would be Carver.

    Oh, and where’s Brad Whitaker? 😀

    But seriously, no Trevelyan at all… that’s just shameful. Had this person seen ‘GoldenEye’?? :L

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  • giorgos haritos said

    Le Chiffre is for me the number one.The acting of Mads Mikkelsen is perfect and fits the story exactly.I always thought that Max Zorin was a good match for Bond,an insanely clever Walken,even though i realize there are many negative opinions.

    Logically,Bardem directed by Mendes will vaporise them all!

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