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The Youth In Revolt soundtrack. You know, Michael Cera is becoming a pretty trustworthy star. Seems odd to use that word, the S word, for a young weedy guy who’s carved a niche for himself playing young weedy guys, but his ironic deadpan humour and his tendency to pick pretty solid projects (Year One certainly should have been funny) mean he’s actually quite an attractive box office draw, like an uncool Michael J Fox. Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist is exactly the kind of film you should be making if your face, voice and persona mean you’re going to be frolicking in the youth market for a few years to come. He doesn’t tend to make by-the-numbers crap is what I’m saying, which those of you who are under 21 should all thank him for, because it is on your behalf that he foregoes the crap. And his own, probably. Crap isn’t fun for anyone. Unless you’re Shia Laboeuf, who seems to be having a pretty good time.

With Youth In Revolt, another quirky-funny-sensitive-indie-comedy, he seems to have avoided the crap again. But does the Youth In Revolt soundtrack? Well, yes and no. It’s cut from the same mould as Kimya Dawson’s Juno soundtrack, like a hell of a lot of post-Juno soundtracks – a lot of jangly modern acoustic folk songs that have that winsome, gentle yearning quality. Nu-folk? Juno-esque. The lyrics tend to come in that verbose sensitive-teenager style wherein a large vocabulary is meant to be some kind of substitute for rhythm and cadence. And, admittedly, they do have that evocative, trailer-park-in-Washington-state, forgotten kid feel. They’re the songs of the underdog. Music for the slightly depressed. It’s a Ceratrack.

Listen To The Youth In Revolt Soundtrack:

You can download the Youth In Revolt soundtrack as mp3s here
Or get it on CD here

Youth In Revolt Soundtrack (Songs) – Track-Listing
1. When U Love Somebody – Fruit Bats
2. I Willn’t Be A Prisoner – Little Wings
3. Les Cactus – Jacques Dutronc
4. I Have A Boyfriend – Michael Cera
5. What’s Up Fatlip – Fatlip
6. Popular Mechanics For Lovers – Beulah
7. Light Of Love – Fleshpot
8. Keys – John Swihart
9. Happiness Trigger – Fleshpot
10. ‘Tain’t What You Do (It’s The Way That You Do It) – Fun Boy Three & Bananarama
11. My Romance – Jo Stafford
12. Nick and Sheeni Make Love – John Swihart

Leave your thoughts on Youth In Revolt and the Youth In Revolt soundtrack in the comments. If you’re looking for a particular song leave a description and someone normally replies.

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  • dnwilliams said

    “an uncool Michael J Fox”

    How did the universe not implode when you typed that?

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  • John Doe said

    what song plays at 1:33 in this 3rd trailer?

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  • sanxiago said

    I totally agree he is becoming a trustworthy star.
    It would be nice to know how he picks his movies, perhaps its the role he plays that its after him. If anyone has a good interview of him it would be good to read/watch/hear please share.

    Just saw this movie, the movie is great, the story is very well told, support characters could have had a bit more of life, but they were carried all the way to the epilogue which is nice for an American movie.

    Soundtrack is great, this movie did not have the same feel as Juno, I felt it more like Little Miss Sunshine.

    If you are going to watch this film I suggest you skip the trailer.

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  • michael said

    what song is in the trailer but not in the movie?

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  • Eric Walker said

    what song is playing when they are caught at the french prep boarding school and are trying to escape? it’s a french song, of course.

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  • Moolay said

    there is a song in the movie with the line ‘I heard he wrote you a song, so what’ anyone know what it is?

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  • Tyler said

    I really want the song by little wings, on youtube so then i can just listen to it on there.

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  • heeh2 said

    @ eric and anyone else looking for the song.

    Brigitte Bardot – Ça Pourrait Changer

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  • Mikey_xx said

    What is the song that is played when he’s walking to the shower and see’s Sheeni? It’s also played at the end of the movie.

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