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Percy Jackson 2 – Sequel Plans

Percy Jackson 2 - Sequel Plans (Sea Of Monsters movie)
There’s been a lot of Percy Jackson 2 talk in recent weeks. So what has been said and how likely is a sequel?

There are five books in the Percy Jackson series, so far. The next installment is ‘The Sea Of Monsters’ which sees Percy, Annabeth, and his half-brother Tyson the cyclopes sailing across a dangerous ocean to save the kidnapped Grover and retrieve the Golden Fleece (the only thing that can stop Camp Half-Blood being made vulnerable to an attack by the Titans).

At the London press conference last week director Chris Columbus said “If we are successful enough, I’d love to make another film almost immediately with these guys. We had a wonderful time. I love the enthusiasm and lack of cynicism. I want to go back to work quickly.”

And despite recent Spider-Man casting rumours, it doesn’t sound like star Logan Lerman is going anywhere either. “I’m invested into the whole series. I’m crazy about the story and crazy about the character, I’d love to do all the films.”

The reaction to the first film has been mixed. Critics gave it a 49% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Casual members of the public seemed to half enjoy it. But many fans are angry. According to the feedback on this site and elsewhere, the book wasn’t just compressed (ala Harry Potter), it was “butchered”, its “heart taken out” with major plot re-routing, some characters altered beyond recognition, other key ones dropped entirely, etc. How this will affect repeat viewings and word of mouth we will have to see.

Lightning Thief has made $31 million on its opening weekend in the US. Not terrible, but not spectacular either. Internationally it opened with $28 million, which is underwhelming. It cost around $95 million. As of today, it needs to hold on well domestically and internationally to become a hit. If it does, there will be more.

What would you like to see happen in a Percy Jackson sequel? How can they improve on the first movie? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

UPDATE MARCH 2011 – Good news, the sequel has gone into development. Read about it here

UPDATE MARCH 2013 – The trailer has been released! Click the button below to watch it:

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  • dorante said

    hi all, i’m italian and i see the filn of the lighting thief and i read the first book because the others are only in america
    howewer, i’m crazy about this film and i want see a sequel, but i want that they stick to the books too. for example, i had prefer to see clarisse, talia and other character, but they weren’t!!!!!!!! yes, they put something that is great and that isn’t inside the book, for example percy and annabeth stay at camp hlaf-blood instead of return home, but i had prefer to see them fell in love each other ( ok, i admit it, when i see a great film i start to think how it can go if the characters fell in love each other )

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  • camp half-blood rules!!! said

    i agree with everyone who thinks the movie was butchered. the quest wasnt right among many other things that i could name.there wasnt a romance between annabeth and percy,they didnt have a beading ceremony,the face-off between luke was at camp,there was no hydra,etc.ect.i would enjoy a sequel,but i think it would be much more succesful if they would stay with the main topic.

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  • Tracy said

    I saw Percy Jackson and the Olympians and I thought it was great! I mean the movie itself was spectacular but the characters should be changed, atleast…some of them. Logan plays a wonderful Percy, but Annabeth should be blonde, and her and Percy shouldn’t be interested in one another until about the third movie, also i think the main reason why a sequel should be made is because there was no ARES GOD OF WAR! i was really looking forwarding to seeing him, and personally i think that you shouldn’t do the guy you originally had to play him….Ares is supposed to be like a bodybuilder HUGE! I THINK YOU SHOULD GET LIKE A PERFESSIONAL WRESTLER TO PLAY ARES. You could try to get a WWE superstar there are some pretty muscled guys on there. I also think that in the movie you should find a Clarisse. She was awesome in the books PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL I WILL SEE IT THE DAY IT COMES OUT (HOPEFULLY WITH A BODYBUILDER DUDE AS ARES GOD OF WAR)!!! THANKS! i love the first movie!

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  • Rhiannon said

    I think that Chris Columbus could have done way better job with the movie. I wasn’t really disappointed in the movie,but I was expecting a lot more in the movie. I am sure that everyone who has read the series and seen the movie would agree with me. At least,pretty sure. They changed so many things in the movie,i barely recognized it.
    The quest wasn’t about getting the pearls,it was about getting the lightning bolt back to Olympus before the summer solstice. They didn’t bring in the threat with the titan lord kronos,or explain why there was a pine tree on Half-Blood Hill. I would enjoy a sequel,but they need to bring in everything they left out of the 1st movie.
    CAMP HALF-BLOOD RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • JL Critic said

    The movie was good up until they reached camp. There was no Thalia Tree, Luke didn’t mention Kronos at all, CLarisse was missing(and she is a big part in the rest of the books). There should DEFINATELY be a sequel but stick to the book next time. Also, you need to add in the missing characters right away in the sequel if you make it.

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  • J. Sinclair said

    I didn’t mind the movie, sadly i watched the movie before i read the book so i don’t have the feeling that the book was butchered, but i’m reading the books right now. All I can say is that i wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel, but please stick with the plot. I understand that it would take up time and money, but just imagine all the money you’ll be getting once you’ll make if you stick with the plot.

    I’m not ragging on the director or script writer I just think if they’ll do a sequel, it should be dead on or atleast some what close to the plot. Not as in a little but a decent amount that everyone wouldn’t be flaming about. I’m hoping to go into the filming field when I graduate college. I think one reason why they added in some parts is cause the script writers might think that everyone has read the book and if they had the same exact events that happened in the book then it’ll be pretty much predictable, but…its also fun to see some of the battle scenes.

    Overall I would agree with making another movie, I would love to see what will happen.

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  • Williams123 said

    I loved the first one it was awesome especially the Lotus Casino. The thing that would of been better is if Annabeth had blonde hair instead of brown like she had in the book.
    A big thing they left out was the field of punishment and they were suppose to do the Missori arch instead of that thing in Tennesee.

    If they do make a Sequal They Better Leave everything in it EXCEPT forthe wierd sheep at Polyphemuses Lair.

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  • Emza said

    I think the idea of a sequel is a really good idea! I have read all of the Percy Jackson books which are fantastic and I do agree that in the film they left out alot of vital information which I understand may have made some fans frown, but for someone who hadn’t read the book or books, I think they would have really enjoyed the film.

    I also think that they can easily make up for all of the vitally missing information from the first book, into the second movie. However, one thing which I don’t quite understand how they’re going to fit in is the prophecy, which is suppose to happen when Percy turns sixteen as in the films, Percy is already sixteen. Also, the woman who plays Annabeth, has got to go. I mean, SHE’S 24! How on earth does that work?! But apart from that, I think they can just about sqeeze in the information into film two!

    Overall, I thought the first film was awesome! The special effects were fantastic and most of the actors/actresses were great. I would definitely go and see the sequal!

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  • Xanetia said

    I think they should be doing a sequel, and personally I think that if they’d done the movie exactly as the book was it would have been a terrible movie.

    A movie and the book it’s based on should never really be compared but taken as completely different entities. I watched the movie first and then read the book and the book was good as a book, and the movie was good as a movie – they’re different!

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  • Hannah said

    I really liked the 1st movie. Yay sequel!!!!

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  • caroline said

    They should make a sequeal, but if anyone has read the books, they took out the whole thing about the prophcy, so I dont know on what base they would make the movie.

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  • Holly said

    Definately make a sequel. I loved the books and although the film is so very different, it still is a brilliant film.

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  • Amy said

    Kat i totally agree with you!! They should DEFINITELY make a sequel!! They should have a second chance and fix their mistakes!!

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  • Christine said

    I think they should definitely make a sequel. It could be a second chance after their totally off plot and-character off plot first movie! I say YES to Second Movie! but they better make it like the book and the characters such as Thalia, and Clarisse.
    did anyone think… that the characters were way tooooo old?
    I did.
    But Logan Lerman was perfect for Percy Jackson.
    đŸ™‚ I would love a sequal!

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  • Andrew said

    i saw the movie and then i started on the books well i finished all 5 books and the demigod files in 5 days and like $100 but the 2ed book is shorter than the first so they could try to fix some of the small details that were messed up in the first and the 3ed is shorter than the fisrt as well so you could fix alot by the time you get to the 4th book is made but i do hope they make all the books into a movie and i am kinda upset that there will be no more books and i am not to pumpped about the new set of books that Rick Riordan is making so i dont think i am going to read them but i have alot of hope for the percy jackson books to become awesome movies but we will see and i ask you all to post about the books becoming movies and they could just try to stick more the the books and i am sure fans and newcomes alike would love to watch the movies and get more people like me to read the books

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