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Percy Jackson 2 – Sequel Plans

Percy Jackson 2 - Sequel Plans (Sea Of Monsters movie)
There’s been a lot of Percy Jackson 2 talk in recent weeks. So what has been said and how likely is a sequel?

There are five books in the Percy Jackson series, so far. The next installment is ‘The Sea Of Monsters’ which sees Percy, Annabeth, and his half-brother Tyson the cyclopes sailing across a dangerous ocean to save the kidnapped Grover and retrieve the Golden Fleece (the only thing that can stop Camp Half-Blood being made vulnerable to an attack by the Titans).

At the London press conference last week director Chris Columbus said “If we are successful enough, I’d love to make another film almost immediately with these guys. We had a wonderful time. I love the enthusiasm and lack of cynicism. I want to go back to work quickly.”

And despite recent Spider-Man casting rumours, it doesn’t sound like star Logan Lerman is going anywhere either. “I’m invested into the whole series. I’m crazy about the story and crazy about the character, I’d love to do all the films.”

The reaction to the first film has been mixed. Critics gave it a 49% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Casual members of the public seemed to half enjoy it. But many fans are angry. According to the feedback on this site and elsewhere, the book wasn’t just compressed (ala Harry Potter), it was “butchered”, its “heart taken out” with major plot re-routing, some characters altered beyond recognition, other key ones dropped entirely, etc. How this will affect repeat viewings and word of mouth we will have to see.

Lightning Thief has made $31 million on its opening weekend in the US. Not terrible, but not spectacular either. Internationally it opened with $28 million, which is underwhelming. It cost around $95 million. As of today, it needs to hold on well domestically and internationally to become a hit. If it does, there will be more.

What would you like to see happen in a Percy Jackson sequel? How can they improve on the first movie? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

UPDATE MARCH 2011 – Good news, the sequel has gone into development. Read about it here

UPDATE MARCH 2013 – The trailer has been released! Click the button below to watch it:

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  • Allison said

    I really liked the movie, even though it was a lot different from the book. But that’s how movies adapted from books are; they are changed quite a bit. That’s why they are “based” on the book. Nonetheless, the movie captured the most important parts of the book. I would very much like to see a sequel.

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  • RSeaberg said

    I hope they don’t make a sequel. I won’t watch it if they do. The first movie was too cheesy and too hollywood.

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  • Daniel said

    i think that the next installment will be grat , though try to keep the same storyline as the book and dont change many parts because the book was awesome ive read all six

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  • Sally said

    I say bring onthe next movie yay!!!, and dont change the characters they suite the person , especiallly percy.

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  • Jack said

    I think there should be a second movie I just really like the books and hope they decide to make a second movie!

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  • krystalin said

    i think they should have another movie i loved the first movie but i would want it to have more of the characters from the book i want this next movie to be more like the book it would be more exiting having awesome adventures and for anybody who read the book they should have Thalia come back to life like at the end. and for those who didn’t well yea. i want the whole series to come out in a movie plz plz plz
    thank u

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  • savi said

    I loved the movie but it was totally diffrent from the books. In the books Luke, he oesn’t even die till the last book. Luke also turns good and kills himslef to kill the Titan lord. I think there should totally be another movie but say it is a start over, like X-Men but bckwards, do the second movie like the first book or the first and second.
    Since I know that there is a totally new sesion in the book relating to the same people and all the gods, I think there should be a second movie. The new sesion is awsome so far, I have noticed that the same people are in it and the topic is still haf way on Percy but also on Jason (a new character.) The first book is called the lost hero, and at the end of the second chapter it says that Anabeth is looking for her lost boyfriend, and a new friend named Buck says and I quote, “Her boyfriend, a guy named Percy Jackson.”
    I will have to say that the commercials for the movie was totally different than the actual movie; first Percy does not go in the elevator all alone, he goes in with Anabeth and hi mother. Second Percy’s mother pulls down all these levers and turns all these nob, while in the commercials Percy went into the elevator and put a key in and all the buttons blink and then the elevator jumps. I really like these books and the movie so i notice these little things, I might be young but I can rea and notice so maany wrongs, just like some of the spell checks that were in the books, but those wrongs weren’t as bad as the movie and the commercials.
    I think there should be another movie that shows the books how it should be shown. Jst to inform you Greek Mythology was a great topic for a book or for a movie. Greek Mythology interests me and these books showed a kid version or a funny version of the real thing and I love that someone looks at history and turns it into something kids could love.

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  • Gery said

    I liked the movie and the book, but I am more of a book series fan, because I started reading the series after the movie and I noticed that it isn’t exactly BY THE BOOK. It had a few missed parts and charecters, but i know a few Percy Jackson and the Olympians fans like me that realy want to watch the 2nd movie, because even if the 1st movie didn’t have a nice efect on the book lovers I think that if they make the other movies (if there are are going to be any) by the book they would be realy successful.

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  • Browns fan said

    I think that the movie left out a few key components such as Kronos and Mr. D. It seemed to me that Luke was the mastermind behind the plot not Kronos. Some of the big senses such as Percy having the master bolt the hole time, the major battle against Ares on the beach and the final battle with luke and the jumping scorpion were left out as well.I thought that the first movie could be better.

    I think that the director can learn from his mistakes and make the sequel a huge hit. i would love to see it in theaters soon. I think that all of the critics out there would shut up if they showed them that they can do it and make a movie just like the book.

    If they go through with making the whole series a movie I think that they shouldn’t stop at the last Olympian. I have read the latest book “The Lost Hero” and I think that the book could also be a hit movie. All the directors have to do is make sure that they read the whole series before they turn it into a movie. I think that is what caused the last one to not be as good as expected. They left out components that didn’t play a major role in that move, but but play a major role in the series.

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  • Huanvy said

    I thought the movie was good, but they totally left out clarrise which made me sad. They failed at casting, nobody was wearing orange CHB shirts, and Chiron is supposed to be a white horse. Also, Charon wasn’t wearing an Italian suit! Athena had a British accent?! WTF?
    But, I would luv to see the rest of the series in movies, but they should stick to the book more.

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  • Tierney Reed said

    You should definintaly make another movie this time keep it closer to the book. In the first movie it didn’t make sense you made it look like Hades was the bad guy and not Kronos.You should also make Luke come back in the second movie becuase he plays a huge part in the titan war in the end.If you can make it look like the first movie was a major cliffhanger you can definintaly make it look like it all makes sense.

    _ Tierney Reed

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  • Chris said

    Yes, they should make a sequel but i think that they can improve by strategically putting the daughter of Ares, Clarisse in the movie because ive read all of the books and the sea of monsters and other books have clarisse as an important character.

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  • ginyfer said

    I’m really hoping for the second movie. I loved the book yeah I understand the book is nothing like the movie but what boo is like the movie and don’t say that potter book bc that is way over taken. They need to let some other great books take the lime light and get hits harry potter wasn’t good at first but second it started to get better then better. I’ve read all the books of percy jackson. And rick riordan is a hero of mine I love his books. I’m looking forward to reading the red pyramid. Please make another movie.

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  • Gary said

    good movie….but a little off for the book. KEEP THE BOOK’S STORY LINE OR YOU WILL FAIL!!!

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  • 0ldnoob said

    I read all the books and it was almost a diferent story altogether. Charicters looked nothing like depicted in book. They even proceded to leave key characters out of the movie! I’d give it a C+, only because the special efects were great. but I would be very happy, everyone I know agrees, if they remade the movie to be more like the book. I’d see the second one only because i’m such a fan that i’ll read or see it if it’s about Percy Jackson. I was very disapointed in the complete change in storyline. I heard about the movie and was looking forward to the fight scene between Percy and Ares.

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