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Live Action Akira From The Hughes Brothers

Live Action Akira Remake
The Hughes Brothers, recently of Book of Eli fame, are negotiating with the WB to take control of the live action adaptation of Akira. The 1988 film trimmed away the last half of the 2,182 page graphic novel to keep it around the two hour mark, but the Hughes Brothers’ version would use all six manga volumes and split it into two films. Which is cool, because it means it can expand upon the already existing anime adaptation.

Amazon describes the manga thusly:

Akira is a post-apocalyptic saga, set in the remains of Neo-Tokyo, charting the coming of the creature known only as Akira, a power both feared and prized for its potential to shake the recovering world. Caught in a power play between factions of a brutal military organisation, Kaneda – young, restless, committed to defying authority – and Ryu, the leader of an underground movement, are pulled into an escalating nightmare, built around a group of psychically powered children.

The Hughes Brothers already have some experience adapting sequential art, having brought Alan Moore’s graphic novel From Hell to the big screen.

Here’s a trailer for the anime version:

And here’s an anime fan’s worst nightmare:

So what do you think of this development? Good choice or bad?

Sources: Vulture, Filmonic

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    I liked both of those videos, which is the original?

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  • The1Cool said

    Akiraaaaaa! Love the movie… not sure about a live-action version though it would be nice to see the story told deeper through a series of films. Haven’t read the manga, but just added it to my To-Read List.

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    • Michael Ratulowski said

      I Know What Your Saying I seen The Dbz Movie *sad Face* Good On till you add crap in your head your like it just another kung-fu movie

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  • Miles Greb said

    Wish someone else was doing this. Akria is the highest tier of Anime, and it deserves care.

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  • dnwilliams said

    @ Miles Greb – I hear ya. God Tier anime deserves God Tier directors.

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  • Steven said

    Live action NOT A CHANCE DRAGONBALL Z anybody.

    Re-make Akira in 3D now that would be cool!!!!!

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  • Otaku Joe said

    Wow this is going to be awesome, if they do as good a job on this as they did on the Matrix it will own at the box office! I think the Brothers can handle this and not disapoint the fan base, at least i hope they can! 🙂
    I Love Akira!!!!

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    • Jason said

      That was the Wachowski(spelling error?)brother and sister who did the matrix. The Hughes brothers did Menace to Society, From Hell, Book of Eli

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  • doctor spanky said

    oh dear god no…i could stand the idea of a live action version but the hughes brothers should be relegated to fetching coffee for james cameron.

    worst. directors. ever. except maybe mcg and uwe boll.

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  • movieguy402 said

    now akira is a very touchy movie for the live action world its got to be futuristic but not like terminator and its gotta have all the original characters and the budget has got to be huge even though most likely only the akira fans are going to wanna see it and most of all they have to stay strictly to the manga version if they divert from any of that than it will be another DBZ witch i was morbidly pissed about dragon ball z had a lot of potential as a live action but they screwed it up i couldn’t even watch the whole thing…. but i think the Hughes Brother can do this one if they stick to these strict guidelines…..

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  • Dennis said

    A two part would be cool. So much was cut from the origanal when it was brought over from Japan. Hope it goes through.

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  • Noel said

    The original Akira was nice but I’m a little scared that the live action adaptation will turn out like Dragonball…(I can’t believe that they used Kamehameha as a healing move!?!? WTF?!?!) Nevertheless, I’m curious to see how this movie will turn out. However, I’m not sure if I could handle a live picture of the anime ending of Akira…that scene was probably one of the most disturbing things that I have ever, EVER seen. I highly recommend you see the anime movie first before seeing the live movie…just so you are prepared 🙂

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  • r13prman said

    A live action version of akira would be aswome and mind blowing in 3d if done proply. I am not sure of the H.Bros, experience for the task i have been delaying book of eli because after being initially excited from the original trailer i havnt heard good things since, i love the post apoc genre and you have to do it right to do it justice. But i admit my first reaction at hearing of a live action akira was excitment.

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  • Simon Phoenix said

    I don’t know about this. I mean I remeber when Akira came to the U.S. wayyy back when I was a youngster and I saw a pirated copy on VHS in Japanese and loved it, but I am not sure how a live action version will turn out. Akira is a seminal anime film er go whoever does a live action version must handle with care. Thematically it is an adult film I mean there is political corruption, evils of big business(the executive council), police brutality,a military coup d’etat all of which would transfer well into live action, however there are other elements to the film. Will the characters still be Japanese, or will they make them into Europeans? I will just have to wait and see.

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