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Tekken: The Movie – Trailer & Pics

Tekken Movie PicturesFollowing in the prestigious footsteps of Street Fighter: The Movie, Fatal Fury, Double Dragon, Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, DOA: Dead Or Alive and Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li comes this latest slice of sure-to-be-hysterical gaming adaptation goodness: Tekken. Oh yes.

Now, I haven’t actually played this game series, so please do forgive me should I make any errors when trying to recap the MIND-BENDINGLY COMPLEX plot on offer here, but…

Tekken is about a scrawny white guy who wants to punch a beefy white guy in the face. Oh, and there’s girls in hot pants. That’s about all I can fathom. I’ll be honest, I watched this trailer with the sound off and I’m fairly certain I didn’t miss anything:

Here are a few pictures for you to mull over while you try to decide exactly how much this is guaranteed to blow –

Tekken Movie Pictures
Tekken Movie Pictures
Tekken Movie Pictures
Tekken Movie Pictures
Tekken Movie Pictures
Tekken Movie Pictures

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    I think the last picture sums up how we’re going to feel watching this.

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  • Simon Campbell said

    To be honest, I feel quite positive towards this movie actually.

    It’s easy to throw it into the same big basket as Street Fighter and Dead or Alive, but it seems like the producers actually used their heads while they were casting and deciding this movie.

    The problem with Street Fighter is that they tried to add a storyline into a game that lacked story. However, Tekken has indeed got story, which you would know if you played the games.

    You can read a brief summary of some of the story here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heihachi_Mishima#Tekken_plot_history

    There’s an in-depth plot summary here as well:

    Anyway, the film isn’t digressing far from the concept that it is a fighting game.

    The biggest plus point to this movie is the casting. If you compare the actors cast to the in-game characters, they are really very similar. The best thing is, the actors are also experts in the form of martial art their in-game character is.

    For example, Eddy Gordo (in-game character) is a Brazilian Capoeira expert. The actor playing him is Lateef Crowder, a Brazilian Capoeira expert with a striking physical resemblance to Gordo.

    Another example is the character of Craig Marduk. He was based off of the wrestler, Nathan Jones. So, when casting, they chose Nathan Jones to play Craig Marduk. For once, a video-game movie has actually put thought and effort into the casting choices they made.

    Maybe it’ll blow, but I would be happy if it is just good old martial arts action. Nothing wrong with that. Tony Jaa’s career is based off it, it works well. If they try to over-do a story that isn’t there, then we will end up with another Street Fighter. However, Tekken had more story than most fighting games, so it’s got a good basis for a martial arts movie.

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  • spidey_zombie said

    Didn’t the Tekken video game have the Koma the bear as a character you could play. Where’s the bear, use to love playing the bear character. 🙂

    Like most video games it will suck but I might still see it.


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  • Thom said

    But did you know that the lead guy got that 6 pack in just 4 weeks using just 2 natural ingredients 😉

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  • d22guinness said

    Yes this movie will be bad, but it will be better than so many other fighting adaptations. Dear lord – The Legend of Chun Lee was awful! D.O.A. made me want to tear my eyes out and Raul Julia will be forever known for his very last performance in a very awful movie.

    Tekken while in the same vein as D.O.A, Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat 1 and 2 looks to have a slight advantage being the story. Second I dig the fact they got real martial artists and stunt experts to play the fighters. D.O.A. = Hot girls, realistic character representations but crappy fight scenes. Same with Street Fighter… and dear Lord I am reminded of the make-up job on Blanka and I want to cry!

    I may pay to see this on in the theatres. I’m optimistic!

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  • Bum Explosion said

    I hope they have the end cutscene where Yoshimitsu and Dr. B make a giant green radioactive mouse that smashes up his mansion.

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  • Joker said

    Ooh judging from the pics, Anna aint lookin bad.

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  • Ricky said

    Where is King? The only reason I would go see this movie is to see a cougar head on top of a wrestler. Where the f*ck is King?

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  • gd smith said

    To Thom,
    Six pack in 4 weeks! That’s nothing I got a six pack in twenty minutes. It would have been five if the check-out girl was quicker.

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  • Joker said

    Man I sure as hell hope this is good as it looks.Gettin sick and tired of movie videogame flops.

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  • tekken101 said

    WHERE. THE. F*CK. IS. KING?!!!!?!??!?!?!?!?

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  • Hwoarang said

    worst makeup ever, the characters dosent look like the ones from the game, i only figure them out here by thier costumes !
    how hard is it to ” rent ” an air blower and straighten up kazyua and jin`s hair to the back ?
    heihachi looks awful >..< !

    SS6: looks so may .. way ? umm teena fay ? u get the point !

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  • Tekken Director suck said

    Worst movie ive ever seen. its the first time i ever placed a comment on a movie. If Inception is a 97 for a movie. Giving Tekken a .2 would be kind enough. Im a big fan of the game and this movie is really bad. Id happy give 10 out of 100 as a rating for the van damme street fighter version.

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  • Blaze said

    I hope it Rocks

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  • Brousseau said

    The movie was f**king awsome so f u all who say it sucks I’d say9.9 on 10 and kelly overton was 2 sexy I hope in the nxt 1 Jin hooks up with her and not that ugly ass anville girl (and is tekken 6 any good?)

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