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Remember Me Soundtrack (Songs) - Listen & Download
The Remember Me soundtrack. Robert Pattinson is, at this moment in time, two things: middle of the road, and the bringer of supreme financial success. He’s not unengaging either. There’s a certain smouldering quality about him. And Remember Me looks okay, in a generic angsty romance sort of way, although Emilie De Ravin, cute and likable though she is, is hardly a big-name co-star. But it’s hard to see him taking the kind of risks that for instance a young Leonardo Di Caprio took with films like The Basketball Diaries and Baz Luhrman’s populist but radical take on Romeo & Juliet. It seems Pattinson is capitalising on his meteoric appeal to the teenage girl market by shaping himself in the James Dean mould – that of the smouldering soulful rebel and romantic icon. And he’s exec producing, so he really means it

But the film hardly seems radical, and it’s helmed by a television director. More often than not a TV director is someone who can put tab A into slot B, and not a lot else. This one also directed Hollywoodland. Say it loud, say it proud – middle of the road

And the Remember Me soundtrack gets off to a pretty dull start. Luscious Jackson compete for simultaneous worst band name and song title with ‘Alien Lover’, Kottonmouth Kings supply the standard rubbish generic hip-hoppery for a mainstream studio picture trying to appeal to a youth market in the 21st century (you can almost hear the marketing meeting now – ‘what are the kids listening to these days? Is rap music still big? Do they still like Flava Flav?’), and then there’s National Skyline, who appear to be a bunch of middle class white American kids with a singer doing a Chris Cornell impression minus the smack addiction (when did people stop wanting to copy Soundgarden and start wanting to copy Chris Cornell’s solo career? Did I miss a how-to-rock meeting?). Also there’s some cloying vocals to a chilled blues backing from Ani Difranco and something that sounds like one of the more forgettable tracks from the OC by Two Ton Boa.

And why is Remember Me scored by such a mix of risk averse contemporary indie, rock and hip hop? To appeal to as many youths as possible. There is no love in this soundtrack. Keep on saying it – middle of the road

But then again, there’s Ed Harcourt, The Promise Ring and Sparklehorse, who all have something to say for themselves, plus Britpop luminaries Supergrass who are at the we’ve-supported-Radiohead level of awesomeness. Which is to say quite awesome. And Sigur Ros, who as you all should know are one of the finest ambient post-rock bands of all time. But the overall impression is of a bloodless, spiritless collection of also-rans plus some lesser tracks from a few decent outfits.

What they should have done is asked The Witch & The Robot to do the entire soundtrack. That would have been worth listening to. And if you don’t know who they are, go educate yourselves – they’re a hell of a lot better than Two Ton Boa, Kottonmouth Kings and Ani Difranco. But then, as we know, if Robert Pattinson were a band, he wouldn’t be the coolest band you’ve heard this year, and he wouldn’t be Joy Division. He may listen to them, but he wouldn’t be them, personificationally speaking. No, the tweenage heartthrob from the pretty-boy vampire movies is Two Ton Boa incarnate. With the addition of supreme financial success, which I’d hazard a guess may evade Two Ton Boa – and possibly the film too.

(If I wasn’t clear, The Witch & The Robot are the coolest band I’ve heard this year, and they should be making soundtracks. Spread the word.)

Listen To The Remember Me Soundtrack:

It’s not available on CD but you can download the Remember Me soundtrack as mp3s here

Remember Me Soundtrack (Songs) – Track List
1. Alien Lover – Luscious Jackson
2. Play On – Kottonmouth Kings
3. Kandles – National Skyline
4. Soft Shoulder – Ani Difranco
5. Have Mercy – Two Ton Boa
6. Hanging With The Wrong Crowd – Ed Harcourt
7. Why Did We Ever Meet – The Promise Ring
8. You Can See Me – Supergrass
9. Sea Of Teeth – Sparklehorse
10. Andvari Sigur – Ros
11. Parasol – The Sea And Cake
12. Soul Brother – Us3
13. Open Wide – Long Hind Legs
14. The Sun Keeps Shining On Me – Fonda

Leave your thoughts on Remember Me and the Remember Me soundtrack in the comments. If you’re looking for a particular song leave a description and someone normally replies.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    The twist ending of Remember Me is so bonkers I’m becoming tempted to see it.

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  • Lady Seth said

    I love it!!!

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  • Tia said

    Thank you I’ve been looking everywhere trying to find which Sigur Ros song that was in the movie!
    Thanks for posting the list!

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  • JED said

    Does anyone know who sings the song for the trailer for Remember Me (the trailer that is shown on tv not the offical one that you can find online). It’s female voice and the commericals are always so short I can’t really even get but a few words to the song.

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  • Kelly said

    The song is “breathe me” by Sia

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  • robfan said

    Does anyone know the song that is played in all the trailers, no lyrics just an acuostic guitar that builds in tempo as the scences advance? thanks robfan

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  • chris said

    Hey guys. Does anyone know the song that’s playing in Remember Me during the scene at the towers? Thanks!

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  • Alex said

    Guys please could you tell me the piano song at the very end of the movie “Remember Me” ? Thank you very much

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    • KayleylovesRob said

      The piano piece in the scene with the towers is called “I know you can hear me” by Marcelo zarvos. Good piece, but sad.

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  • Jessica said

    can anyone tell me what song was playing at tylers birthday party when caroline was dancing with aided and tyler was sitting on the couch talking with his mom? it was an older song, and is not on the soundtrack

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  • Unaiza said

    Hey could you please tell me the name of the piano song at the end of the movie….

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  • Domin said

    Hi… do you know the song from this film at 1:26 on this party? please I need his name…:-) thx..:-)

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  • Liz said

    Same as what Jessica and Domin have asked – I would love to know the name and artist for the older song in the birthday scene

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  • Liz said

    PS. I believe the piano song is this one:

    Song : Breathe Me
    Artist : Sia

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  • Leslie said

    The name of the song that plays while Tyler dances with his sister is Sentimental Lady by Bob Welch!!!!!

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  • Todd said

    My wife and I watched this simply because the info button on direct TV seemed interesting enough. Good movie wit a GREAT twist. we really liked it

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