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Kick-Ass 2 – Sequel Plans

Kick-Ass 2 - Sequel Plans - Plot Revealed!
There’s been a lot of Kick-Ass 2 talk in recent weeks. So what has been said and how likely is a sequel?

Kick-Ass underwhelmed at the US box office this weekend, opening with an estimated $20m, some way below expectations. However don’t be too concerned because the reviews are strong, word of mouth excellent, and it’s been holding up very well in the UK, where it opened 3 weeks ago. The movie only cost $28m, and it has already taken around $13m in Britain.

Director Matthew Vaughn has expressed interest in a Kick-Ass 2, but maintains it has to be the right script and ideas.

Comic author Mark Millar has no doubts what he’s doing, “[The comic book series] is definitely a trilogy,” he says. “I couldn’t imagine doing more than three, but I’ve certainly got three worked out. …We’re starting on the [comic] sequel at the end of April. …I’ve [also] got [another] sequel potentially set 10 years in the future, that I’ll maybe do 10 years down the line.”

Here come the MAJOR plot spoilers –

“The idea of Kick-Ass was ‘what would happen if people in the real world tried to be superheroes?’,” says Millar. “Kick-Ass 2 is ‘what if people tried to be bad guys?’, as a reaction to the superheroes. The same way these guys were contacting each other on Facebook and trying out superhero costumes, what if bad kids starting doing this? So you’ve got this horrible Clockwork Orange scenario where these kids are happy-slapping, out there with their mobile phones dressed as villains doing horrible things to people, recording it and putting it online and that becoming massively viral all over the world. And these superheroes, who are maybe 15 year old schoolkids, having to do something about it, with the police wanting to close them all down.”

Will Hit-Girl be even more blood thirsty and foul mouthed? “I think it’ll be quite good to go the other way… Imagine History Of Violence with an 11 year old girl, the idea of someone who’s been through a lot of stuff and she’s an amazing fighter but she has to repress it all and lead a normal life and pretend she’s just another kid. So I like the idea of her going to birthday parties and clowns coming in and she’s sitting playing with her Bratz with her friends but she’s kinda into other stuff this isn’t really her. And then at some point in the future when she cuts loose again it’s going to be amazing – But that might not even be in the second one.”

What about Red Mist? Christopher Mintz-Plasse (aka McLovin) says “Millar is going to make the character really dark. …Hopefully I get to bulk up, force myself to go to the gym.” Millar expands, “Red Mist becomes the Joker to [Kick-Ass]. But we’re talking about another villain as well, so he’ll almost be a sidekick to this other guy. My working [name is] somewhere between the motherf**ker and the c*nts. That’s the two names I’m thinking of. I mean, it’s better than the Joker, isn’t it?”

Meanwhile Clark Duke, who plays Kick-Ass’ friend Marty, adds “I’ve already gotten multiple promises from all of them – Matthew and Mark and John, all the apostles — that I get a costume.”

With the Kick-Ass box office being decent, but not stellar, there will be less pressure from the studio to make a follow up. But the momentum seems to be there anyway. Something would have to happen very soon though, or else the film’s real star, Hit-Girl, will be too old.

What would you like to see happen in a Kick-Ass sequel? Is the ‘superheroes inspiring supervillains’ concept, and Red Mist becoming ‘The Joker’ to Kick-Ass, just too close to The Dark Knight? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Thom said

    I think it sounds like a great idea but worried it could possibly go a bit too dark for the mainstream.
    Just look at all the controversy about the 1st one where its good guys going viral. Imagine how much more the “gloryfying violence” brigade will hate supervillains going viral.
    As long as it keeps its sense of humour (which I’m sure it will) I’ll be in line on opening night đŸ™‚

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  • Joker said

    I’d personally just like Red Mist to stay red mist.He was good character. We have too much Jokers as it is already.

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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      Joker you’re called Joker and you’re telling Red Mist he’s not allowed to be? That’s selfish man.

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  • Michael said

    dude the movie was sick.the good way.i definitely think there should be a sequel.the actors fit the characters perfectly.great movie.

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  • christina said

    i personally think that a sequal is an amazing idea!! i mean, the first was outstanding!! as long as hit girl is in it and kick ass learns SOME kind of fighting skills, lol. kick-ass is now my #1 movie and i really hope a sequal will follow soon…

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  • gd smith said

    Loved Kick-Ass, but the best bits in the film were the relationship between Big Daddy and Hit Girl and Mark Stong’s villain. Once Nic Cage had gone the film sort lost its heart and humour. And Red Mist just has no potential to be a scary villain because, I’m sorry, it’s Mclovin in a manga costume.
    Obviously, I’ll still watch the sequel, but suspect it will be a bit like Wanted and be about a nerd coming to terms with the fact that he can actually kick ass.

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    • scaupus said

      so wrong. cage’s character was not the light in the movie. Hit Girl made it work.The movie was mor3e interesting after he died.

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  • T.Ross said

    First off I would like to say that Kick Ass is AMAZING and EPIC!!!!!

    All of this is great news to me and i am already feeling anxious for the sequel and that makes me sad. Kick Ass is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. But if you dont like extreme violence and rude and crude language, and most of it coming from a little 11 or 12 year old girl then dont watch this one and you should maybe go see How to Train your Dragon or some other kids movie. But for those who do like bloody murder and revenge, plus lots and lots funny stuff then go rush now to see Kick Ass! Go!


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  • ELM said

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a Clockwork Orange of villains.As long as they keep trying to make Red Mist sinister I think he would be a good villain. Just don’t make him too funny. I don’t want just him as the only villain I would like some more added in. In all honesty they could screw it up horribly and I would still pay money to see it.

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  • Redzepp said

    Kick-ass is the best movie ever made.. in my own opinion. Great movie. A sequel would be well.. KICK ASS!!

    I really couldn’t see how this excellent director could screw up the next movie, so i”m patiently awaiting the next sequel.. All the stars did remarkably well.. Hit-girl btw, has got to be the coolest 11 year old girl on the planet, She fit that role like no other and I was applauding every time she killed another.

    Im seriously waiting for a sequel. If not I will be highly dissapointed.

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  • Doug said

    To be honest, I just want to see more Hit Girl–I don’t care what they do with Red Mist. Other than that, I’d like to see Dave learn how to actually fight so he can finally start living up to his cool superhero-name.

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  • christian lehnig said

    i think the new sidekick of red mist should be about thirteen but a boy so it would be like kick asses arch enemy would be red mist and hit girls arch enemy would be a boy version of her

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    • Jessie said

      I love that idea it would be KICK-ASS also seein more of hit-girl would be a great idea she is awesome Kick-Ass just needs to learn to fight and wat would be a good idea is that hitgirl would like actully train him.

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    • Patrick Byng said

      Kick Ass 2 would be so Awesome!!! I think Red Mist/Mother F**ker would need a boy sidekick. Because Hit girl and Kick Ass perfect combo,but Red Mist and ???-boy sidekick would be tight. But he should be around 12-14 years old. I can’t wait for the movie !!! But this is my opinion . ;D

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  • Noir said

    i would love to be in the kick ass sequel…..man that be so sick, but so ar im liking the idea of the “bad guys” going viral

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  • vyolentattax said

    u do know that red mist was always a bad guy

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  • Kawa said

    I definitely liked this movie. The mix of satirical humor, action, and drama was perfect. I like the idea and would love to watch where it went. Hope it can happen.

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  • MrLeezy said

    All I’m sayin’ is Hit-girl better be just as bad ass if not more

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  • Vlad said

    Well I just took my little sister to go watch KICK ASS for her 12th Birthday and I must say we LOVED it. IT was amazing.. to be honest Hit Girl makes the movie. That damn little girl i should learn a thing or two from her.

    I love the idea of a sequel maybe even a trilogy who knows .. as long as they keep the plots great its all good and eventually Hit Girl would end up Growin so they need to hurry up and do these films i think also maybe .. later as she grows up instead of being called hit girl they can make a film just about HIT GIRL..like they did with ”X-MEN:Origins of Warewolfs” i dont know maybe her own film she is some sort of assassin or something.. i know id love to see more of this 11yo old ass kicking machine.

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