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New Popeye Movie Coming In 3-D CG

New Popeye Movie
He’s Popeye the Sailor Man. He’s Popeye the Sailor Man. He’s strong to the finich cause he eats his spinach, he’s Popeye the sailor man. And so forth.

Sony Pictures is developing a 3D CG Popeye movie. No news on story details yet but apparently it will feature all the main characters; Olive Oyl, Swee’Pea, and that big bully Bluto. The company’s currently working on The Smurfs, coming to theaters on August 3, 2011.

The last time Popeye graced the big screen was in a live action version starring Robin Williams back in 1980. I haven’t seen it. Judging by this trailer I’ve really missed something important in my film education.

Popeye was created by a strange looking gentleman called Elzie Crisler Segar and first appeared in the Thimble Theatre comic strip in 1929. In 1933, Paramount adapted it into a series of theatrical cartoon shorts that proved hugely popular.

Check out Popeye’s animated debut here, it’s pretty classic stuff.

Anyone looking forward to Popeye? Have you seen the Robin Williams one and is it as brilliantly bad as it looks in the trailer?

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Robert Altman’s Popeye literally feels like a nightmare (or an uneasy dream) put on screen.

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  • Joker said

    I’ve never seen the original,but when I heard about this,I had to laugh man.Haha 3d cg popeye…

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  • Miles Greb said

    Just what we needed.

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  • Jack said

    This is SO great for us thousands of Popeye fans! HOPE they get ONLY Billy West though to do the voice. He is almost exactly like long time voice Jack Mercer. Anyone else will ruen the role.

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  • TheCool said

    The original Popeye movie was great! At least that’s how I remember it. I last watched it before I had reached double-digits age-wise so… I’m not so sure how good it is.

    I want to hear more about the Smurfs!!!

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  • rintaro said

    I have seen the original Popeye movie. I didn’t see it when it first hit the theaters, but I remember seeing the ads on TV at the time and wanting to. I had to settle for VHS.

    I don’t recall a lot about the plot of the movie, but I remember thinking that the casting department had done an excellent job. While making this movie, Robert Altman cobbled together a vibrant and cohesive world, inhabited by equally odd citizens, that is a delight to visit if done so in context. I don’t recall it being a BAD movie, but it might be somewhat corny by today’s standards. Then again, so is Popeye in general. In recent years I’ve wanted to see the 1980 movie again and I’m glad your article has reminded me.

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  • ghostbusterguy2001 said

    i saw this as a child in the theaters ive seen it a hundred times since then and liked it it was campy but still kept the spirit of the cartoon it will be intresting to see another one the plot was about pop eye finding his astranged father pappy who had a secret tresure however bluto was after the tresure as well also bluto kidnaps sweetpea with the help of wimmpy as it turns out sweetpea can predict the outcome of horse races get this on dvd right now to learn more

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  • Dave Carlson said

    ALL us POPEYE fans are DEMANDING BILLY WEST do Popeyes voice. He is so good at it.

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