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It’s time to look at the Kick-Ass reviews, and memorable quotes that may go into the film nerd’s vocab book.

Kick-Ass has opened in the UK some three weeks before the US. Unusual for a major motion picture you might think, but this is actually an independent British movie, despite appearances. It was shot, financed, written and directed by Brits and the actor playing Kick-Ass is one too. What next, GTA IV being made in Scotland? Oh, it was.

Here’s what the critics are saying –


“Kick-Ass most certainly does. …Here and there, the movie offers some genuinely clever observations about the creation of celebrity in a world where viral video clips and latenight talkshow quips can turn attention seekers into overnight sensations… For the most part, however, it’s less concerned with social commentary than slam-bang outrageousness. Hit Girl’s increasingly escalating mayhem is a running joke that somehow gets funnier as the pic progresses.”

The Times (UK)

“[Director] Matthew Vaughn leaves other comic-book adaptations eating his dust, thanks to an 11-year-old purple-haired superhero. …The fight sequences, which become increasingly daring, are beautifully choreographed… …Kick Ass is also emotionally warm, and while the costumes and action remain superficially cartoonish, the characters still have depth. …The film makes Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and even The Dark Knight feel stale.”

The Daily Mail (UK)

“It deliberately sells a perniciously sexualised view of children and glorifies violence, especially knife and gun crime, in a way that makes it one of the most deeply cynical, shamelessly irresponsible films ever. …The movie’s writers want us to see Hit-Girl not only as cool, but also sexy, like an even younger version of the baby- faced Oriental assassin in Tarantino’s Kill Bill 1. Pa*dophiles are going to adore her.”

Don’t worry too much about that last one.

Kick-Ass currently holds an 87% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, from 38 reviews.

The top 5 Kick-Ass quotes for our filmnerdcabulary –

Kick-Ass: “How do I get a hold of you?”
Hit-Girl: “You just contact the Mayor’s office, he has a special signal he shines in the sky. It’s in the shape of a giant c*ck.”

Hit-Girl: “Okay you c**ts. Lets see what you can do now.”

Big Daddy: “Have you thought a little more about what you might want for your birthday?”
Hit-Girl: “Can I get a puppy?”
Big Daddy: “You wanna get a dog?”
Hit-Girl: “Yeah, a cuddly fluffy one. And a Bratz movie star make over Sasha.”
[Big Daddy looks shocked.]
Hit-Girl: “I’m just f**cking with you Daddy… I’d love a bench made model 42 butterfly knife.”
Big Daddy: “Oh, child. You always knock me for a loop.”

Hit-Girl: “You’re going to be fine baby doll.”
[Big Daddy shoots his daughter.]
Big Daddy: “How was that? Not so bad. Kinda fun huh?”

Kick-Ass: “With no power comes no responsibility.”

Leave your own reviews in the comments, and whatever you think will become the most memorable Kick-Ass quotes.

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  • David Crouch said

    Without doubt a serious contender for Best Film at next years Academy Awards.
    I was expecting a sub-par Spider-Man homage, but this knocks Spider-Man out the park.

    ps The Daily Mail is the ONLY UK reviewer to give this a low mark. The reviewer is obsessed with an 11 year old girl wearing a school uniform as being some sort of sex object – even though she NEVER does anything sexual or flirtatious and definitely keeps all her clothes on. Personally I reckon he must be a sicko with fantasies of children.

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  • Streamline Putcher said

    Ok best Kick-Ass quotes:

    “Dave? Why are you dressed as Kick-Ass?”
    “Because I am Kick-Ass”
    “What are you talking about?”
    “I’m also not gay.”


    Red Mist: “Meet the Mistmobile.”

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  • John Holland said

    Today is 4/7/2010 and I just viewed a dozen different trailers for the upcoming movie “Kick-Ass”.
    This comment is an urgent appeal to every parent reading this. Please protect your kids (older and young) from this devious attempt to pervert our children’s minds and hearts, disguised as entertainment.
    I am quite shocked at a few things and I don’t shock easily. The language is hard core and completely un-necessary to tell this story, especially when it requires cursing from a 13 year old girl (Chloe Grace Moretz – born February 10, 1997). Not light cursing, but the kind of filthy cursing that makes you twinge. There are so many young actors in this movie delivering such filth from their mouths. I just sat here at my computer with my jaw hanging as I listened to some of the disgusting words kids were saying. The filth just wasn’t necessary. How perverted can you be to subject our youth to this kind of filth in language. I say “subject our youth to this” because what kid doesn’t want to see good guys beat up the bad guys, so they will find a way to see it. But unfortunately, here the good guys are as bad as the bad guys. Every kid in America will watch it somehow because of the young cast and the fantasy of being a crime fighter.

    I am equally shocked at the adult actors that have willingly contributed to the killing of adolescent morals. I thought actors who were also parents had some moral standard for their children’s sake and would only go so far in the type of characters or the kind of movies they would do. I guess I was wrong there!
    The nudity that was shown in a trailer was a deliberate effort to entice the viewer into thinking there was more to be seen. Again, this whole movie is simply an evil attempt to pervert the minds of our young.
    Even the graphic killings and mutilations that kids were performing is disturbing to me. I don’t want my children ever thinking that murder is entertaining. A 13 year old, killing people with a sword. Imagine that!
    The guys who are responsible for this script and this movie (and I do mean they are responsible for all of the affects this movie will have on the minds of our young) are nothing less than people who have prostituted themselves for the sake of the almighty dollar, at the cost of our children and our society.
    I know that some people will say that the “R” rating protects children, but that is pure garbage. In the technological age we live in, our young and even small children have a multitude of devices and places to gain access to this and other movies that should never have been made. It’s not entertainment when it erodes the very fabric of a decent society… in fact in the minds of the moral majority, its criminal!
    Lastly, I will say to the creators of these kinds of movies, this script could have been a really great adventure story for kids. But instead it is a horrible, blatant attack to further destroy the moral standard of our lives through our young. And greater still, it is another piece of a large agenda in Hollywood to destroy the moral character of our future generations, so that their standards will be more accepted.
    But I say, change your minds, not ours!
    These are the people responsible for creating this filth. Boycott anything they do:
    Matthew Vaughn – Director
    Jane Goldman, Mark Millar and Matthew Vaughn – writers
    Nicholas Cage – Actor – He has always been my favorite, but I can no longer support anything he does! He is the only big name actor here but the other actors also deserve to be boycotted. What a shame!


    A concerned citizen and parent

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    • heykel said

      Dude?!!! Please get over yourself and look in the mirror

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    • *ahem* said


      This will not help anything, I guarantee it. It will, in fact, make it worse. Intelligent people have seen it, not just the “filth” you describe. And they like it too. It’s got a good plot, good actors, and it’s well written. The excessive language is actually in a way further protecting your kids. If it weren’t for the language, it wouldn’t have gotten an R rating. Movies do it all the time, like half of the horror films you’ve ever seen. Kids shouldn’t see it, you’re right. But if they’re dumb enough to watch it when their parents say no, that’s their mistake. As a good parent, you shouldn’t have this movie around anyway if you don’t want them to see it.
      The issue with Hit-Girl being a sex icon is completely rediculous. Only if you’re looking for stuff like that would it come up.

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  • Oh Dear God John said

    O dear lord John Holland Either grew some balls or head back to the kitchen jesus

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  • John Holland said

    Oh Dear God John,

    You’ve made my point perfectly. Kids, regardless of their age, who are permitted to view garbage like this grow up to be like you. The filth in your everyday language, the hatred you have for anyone who tries to help you see the limits you have crossed, and the lack of respect for the opinions of others (and this comment section is for opinions), tells me that you would never understand the corruption going on all around you because you have submitted to it and are totally blinded by it.

    You use the name of God and of Jesus, but if you really knew them you would wake up, open your eyes and your heart…

    I still say DO NOT SEE THIS FILTH!

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  • Oleh said

    John Holland

    Do you seriously think anybody takes any of that seriously?

    if my kids watched this i would join them as it seems like a good comedy.

    take your paragraph of f*ck to somebody who gives a damn.

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  • Sarah said

    Surely John Holland is some sort of Christian spoof character?

    Kick-ass is awesome! I want to see it again. The fight scenes are so good.
    I love Hit Girl! It makes me want to train my children to be assasins and also makes me saddened by the fact my parents didn’t train me to be an assasin.

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  • Matty said

    @ John Holland;

    F*ck off with your nanna attitude. This movie has been classified appropriately. It is not intended to be viewed by children.

    It is not the first movie to have swearing or violence, and not once did I see HitGirl portrayed in a sexual manner. The only thing close was that older girl. What I did see was a piss funny, original movie with great acting and effects. So pull your head out of your arse and get back to your knitting and have a Metamucil, you wowser.


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  • wayne said

    I have watched films with worse language and voilence since i was farly young and so far ( im 35 now) i have avoided fights, ive never used a weapon ever and i only swear when im really annoyed . Blaming films or books or games for the way kids act is simply nothing more than using them as scapegoats and abdicating responsability from the parents .

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    John Holland, have you actually seen the movie?

    You do realize that this sort of attack generates publicity and heightens interest in a film, because it pushes people to “see what the fuss is about”?

    Or have you been hired by a PR company to do exactly that? I wouldn’t be surprised.

    PS If you do see it make sure to drop back here and leave your favorite Kick-Ass quotes.

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  • Lolatreligiousfag said

    John Holland, you sir, are an idoit.

    Just because kids can find a way around the rating doesn’t mean it’s the actors or the directors or anyone who has anything to do with movies fault, that would be your fault for letting them find a way around it.

    I thought the movie was excellent and can’t wait to see it again, it was funny, had awesome fight scenes, and was just a brilliant movie.

    Btw, i can’t remember any of the kick-ass quotes i want to say but the ones i liked the most was when he spoke about being a teenager.

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  • Kickass fan (: said

    This is an awesome movie and people ( like John Holland) need to stop getting their panties in a knot because this movie is rated MA15, that means that only people over 15 can see it, so no little ‘kids’ are in fact going to see the movie. Hitgirl was not portrayed in a sexual manner throughout the whole film and if you think she was then you need to see a doctor..

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  • Hayley said

    I think the people who think this film is ‘filth’ need to see it for themselves, as it one of the best films I have seen in ages! It might use foul language alot, but it gets across the girls character really well and I watched a recent episode of supernanny on tv where a 5 year old was swearing just as violently! So maybe you need to realise that modern day culture is likely to involve curse words, but at the end of the day it is down to the viewers discretion. The film is a cert.15 so if parents take their children to see it it is they’re choice and they should not have to listen to those of you who think it obscene.
    And as for the good guys being the bad guys, what planet are you from? Kick-Ass steps in to stop someone he doesnt know from being beaten up, and gets stabbed later on for stopping some guys from stealing a car. Big Daddy tries to uncover a drug ring and ends up getting framed and sent to prison and his wife kills herself. Both try to do good and come off badly, yet they still pursue justice, and these guys are bad? To get the bad guys you cant always follow the rules, because they wont, so get off your high horse and start living in the 21st Century with the rest of us!

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  • Hayley said

    Oh and a message to John
    I’m 18 and I’ve viewed this ‘garbage’ and enjoyed it very much, does that mean that I am a bad human being too? For having free will and knowing personally when ‘my’ boundaries have been crossed? My boundaries are crossed when I see REAL people killed or animals for that matter, you seem to forget that this is just a film, and there are many worse than this that have been released and there are much worse things happening in REALITY. And how is trying to make people boycot the director, writers and actors just an opinion? It’s imperative and that my friend is not an opinion, its a demand.
    Do you also believe that I now have no moral standards? I can watch a film and know its just a film, what I see does not taint my beliefs in what is right and wrong. You have alot of faith in God and Jesus, but you need to have more in the human race.

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  • emmy said

    i understand that hit girl is quite young and all.
    but still you dont expect other kids her age to swear?
    i mean seriously, this kid the otherday called me a dirty sl*g, he looked about 10.
    if you think all kids are stupid and automatically go “yeah i might just swear like that girl? you know in that film thats make believe?”
    seriously, get a grip.

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