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The Back-Up Plan Soundtrack (Songs) - Listen & Download
The Back-up Plan soundtrack. Sometimes the combination of creative personnel attached to a movie form an open invitation to work yourself into a lather of anticipatory excitement (let’s use Scott Pilgrim as a slightly tired example). Then there are those other occasions when the individuals involved are so professionally incognito as to invite only the blankest of blank shrugs. So it is with The Back-up Plan, the new romantic comedy directed by Alan Poul (who?), scripted by Kate Angelo (who?), and boasting Alex O’Loughlin as its male lead (I’ll say it again, who?). There is one big name involved though (or little name if you use that stupid abbreviation so beloved of the tabloids), in the curvy shape of Jennifer Lopez.

The plot of The Back-up Plan involves Lopez’ Zoe being impregnated via artificial insemination because she can’t find the right man, only to meet her dream guy later on that very day. Honestly, what’re the chances? Fairly astronomical one might reasonably imagine. But hey! This is Hollywood, so we can cut them some slack, right? Giving leeway is probably advisable too when approaching the soundtrack to a Jennifer Lopez romantic comedy, given that there is a pretty bloody sizeable possibility that Ms. Top of the Cast List is going to be rolling out one of her own musical numbers.

This is an expectation met straight off the bat on this occasion, as Jenny From the Block serves up What is Love?; disappointingly not a cover of the ’90s Haddaway Euro-disco staple, but some guff in which Lopez moans about being “tired of the game”. Aw, poor Jen. She just wants a man. Why won’t The One come and sweep her off her feet? Probably because he’d get his teeth served back to him by one of her Himalayan-sized minders, that’s why. As it happens, those hankering for some Euro-disco pump ‘n’ grind need not be overly disappointed as a remixed Kudu and fulltime knob Moby deliver in that dreadful regard with Let’s Finish and Disco Lies respectively.

Having said that, at least those two numbers threaten to get a bit of adrenaline flowing. In contrast the tempo just about everywhere else on The Back-up Plan soundtrack is that of a pensioner partaking in a tea dance without bothering to dismount their mobility scooter. The contributions of competing drips Colbie Caillat and Jessica Jarrell are so tepid as to make Taylor Swift sound like the entire Wu-Tang Clan after a monumental crack binge. Slightly better are the wannabe Spector pop of VV Brown’s Bottles (more a small picket fence of sound than a wall) and the jazz bar jaunt of K-Os’ Crabbuckit. And then there’re the Barbara Perry bonus tracks (she plays a wedding singer in the movie), with the old gal freaking her way through the Fine Young Cannibals’ She Drives Me Crazy and squawking out What a Wonderful World. Both are approximately 10% amusing and 90% just outright painful. Anyone want to bet the movie version of The Back-up Plan maintains that same ratio?

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The Back-Up Plan Soundtrack – Track List
1. What is Love? – Jennifer Lopez
2. Say Hey (I Love You) – Michael Franti
3. Fallin’ For You – Colbie Caillat
4. Disco Lies – Moby
5. A Beautiful Day – India.Arie
6. Key to my Heart – Jessica Jarrell
7. Crabbuckit – K-Os
8. Bottles – VV Brown
9. You Me & The Bourgeoisie – The Submarines
10. Let’s Finish (Sinden Remix) – Kudu
11. Daydream (Title Theme from The Back-up Plan) – Stephen Trask
12. She Drives Me Crazy – Raney Shockne feat. Barbara Perry
13. What a Wonderful World – Raney Shockne feat. Barbara Perry

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    “What is love? Baby don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me. No more. Uoh oh.”

    I wish it was a cover of that. And that Haddaway himself was in the movie.

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  • Paul Martin said

    To be fair to Haddaway, he’s about as proven a box-office draw as Alex O’Loughlin (okay, one just more time, WHO?)

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  • Ariel said

    Anybody know the song that is playing in the background from the scene at the gym where jennifer and her friend are talking about how horny you get when you’re pregnant??

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  • Abhilasha said

    Does anyone know the song played, when JLo was in the gym, running on the tredmill with her friend?

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  • Charlotte said

    what was the song called, it was playing when the credits were going right at the end..

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  • mokkka said

    the song that was playing on the end.called what is love

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  • acacallis said

    Is anybody know the song at the beginning of the trailer ?

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  • tulib said

    woow thanx

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  • shtrukeljchek said

    i’m searching a song. It’s in background when JLo and alex meet… i think it’s around 7 minutes of movie! please help???

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