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MacGruber Soundtrack (Songs) - Listen & Download
The MacGruber soundtrack. Co-written by and starring SNL comic Will Forte, MacGruber is effectively a feature length spoof of MacGuyver; a TV show that last aired round about the time the dinosaurs were still strutting their stuff and is these days primarily known for being Patty and Selma Bouvier’s fave small screen thrill.

At least the fact that MacGruber’s satirical target is marooned in the shadow corridor where the ‘80s tipped into the ‘90s gives the former’s tie-in record a semi-legitimate excuse for adhering to the current favoured blueprint for movie soundtracks targeted at a young male demographic, namely parading a mass of ironically-selected retro radio tracks, with a few contemporary college rock stompers thrown into the mix for credibility’s sake.

Some of the exhumed material takes us to dark places. Famed ass-clown Michael Bolton is the Black Death of music and should be kept sealed in a lead-lined crypt deep beneath the Earth’s crust to minimise the risk he, his records and his hair pose to the general populace. Love certainly is a wonderful thing Michael but you’re a sloppy-chopped mulleteer in perpetual need of a dry slap. Not as awful as MB, in the way that Mussolini was not as awful as Hitler, are Emerson, Lake and Powell. Yup, though Carl Palmer was temporarily out of the picture when Touch ‘n’ Go was recorded, the most soporific stadium act in popular music history still manage to suck like an atomically-mutated lamprey.

Steal Away by Robbie Dupree deserves some derivative credit for sounding like a less-good version of the Doobie Brothers’ What a Fool Believes, while the Black Keys and the Hives make the kind of one-dimensional racket that was briefly the apex of hipness in 2003. And that takes us up to the bit which no modern movie soundtrack can live without – one or more tracks sung by one or more cast members.

In this instance vocal duties fall to Kristen Wiig in her on-screen guise of MacGruber’s main squeeze Vicki St. Elmo, which in turn serves to deliver a snub to Val Kilmer (who plays arch-villain Dieter von Cunth. Anyone caught sniggering at that character name will be ejected). Oh the ignominy Val, the ignominy of it all! Your vocal prowess is ignored here and you were billed beneath the Pimp My Ride guy in the Bad Lieutenant trailer. At least you’ve got your campaign for the governorship of New Mexico to fall back on…

Listen To The MacGruber Soundtrack:

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The MacGruber Soundtrack – Track List
1. Heavy Soul – The Black Keys
2. Rosanna – Toto
3. Baker Street – Gerry Rafferty
4. Tick Tick Boom – The Hives
5. Touch ‘n’ Go – Emerson Lake & Powell
6. Take Me Home Tonight – Eddie Money
7. Harden My Heart – Quarterflash
8. A Perfect Number – Vicki St. Elmo
9. Broken Wings – Mr. Mister
10. Steal Away – Robbie Dupree
11. Love is a Wonderful Thing – Michael Bolton
12. Rock My Body – Vicki St. Elmo (feat. Lightspeed Champion)
13. Champion – Vicki St. Elmo (feat. Lightspeed Champion)
14. The MacGruber Suite – Matthew Compton

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