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Shrek Forever After Soundtrack (Shrek 4 Songs) - Listen & Download
The Shrek Forever After soundtrack starts as follows: Scissor Sisters, followed by Antonion Banderas doing a mystifyingly competent cover of Bob Marley’s One Love, followed by The Carpenters. If you can’t get down with that, you need to go see a getting down doctor.

A concept album with inter-track filler courtesy of Walt Dohrn as Rumpelstilskin (who seems to be playing Rumpelstilskin in his best David-St-Hubbins-from-Spinal-Tap accent), its ethos runs in parallel to that of the films: to be cheerful and child-friendly, with a fast-paced humour to appeal to the immature adult in all of us. And whilst many soundtrack albums are happy to fill up their track-listings with bargain basement contemporary schlock, the box office conquering Shrek franchise has the time and money to be a little more considered and considerate with its musical offerings. Thus an album ostensibly aimed at kids contains tracks from the Carpenters, the Beastie Boys and Weezer. A fine triumvirate for any mix-tape.

An incessantly happy tone dominates throughout, but it’s executed with enough humour that it’s not nearly as grating as it could have been – even Lionel Richie’s Hello comes across as fun. Ridiculously cheery, but also comical, the Shrek Forever After soundtrack doesn’t take itself seriously in any way, and since many parents are going to have to hear this album again and again and again on long car journeys, that levity should keep it above the pack. Much like the Shrek films themselves. Good job.

Listen To The Shrek Forever After Soundtrack:

You can download Shrek Forever After soundtrack as mp3s here
Or get Harry Gregson-Williams’ original score here

Shrek Forever After Soundtrack (Songs) – Track List
1. It’s The Rumpelstilskin Show! – Ost
2. Isn’t It Strange – Scissor Sisters
3. Tough Love For Baba – Ost
4. One Love – Antonio Banderas
5. Sunshine And Rainbows – Ost
6. Top Of The World – The Carpenters
7. Cupcake Party – Ost
8. Rumpel’s Party Palace – Mike Simpson
9. Pinocchio Gets His Wish – Ost
10. Click Click – Light Fm
11. Gingy’s lil’ Sugar – Ost
12. Darling I Do – Landon Pigg
13. Shake Your Groove Thing – Mike Simpson
14. Hello – Lionel Richie
15. Birthday Bash – Ost
16. Sure Shot – Beastie Boys
17. Hook’s Garrrrden – Ost
18. Right Back Where We Started From – Maxine Nightingale
19. Wheezer Wig – Ost
20. I’m A Believer – Weezer
21. Home To Fifi – Ost

Leave your thoughts on Shrek 4 and the Shrek Forever After soundtrack in the comments. If you’re looking for a particular song leave a description and someone normally replies.

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  • Thom said

    A complimentary soundtrack review Chris? Are you feeling OK?

    We’ve got the Shrek 1 & 2 soundtracks in our car and can always be relied upon for that feel-good sing-a-long vibe. Surprised to see no Eels on the soundtrack, I though that was obligatory for Shrek!

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  • Chris Neilan said

    What can I say, Antonio Marley put me in a good mood. Don’t worry though, there’ll be another snide/pompous/angry review along before too long. The teenage post-punk fan inside me would revolt if there wasn’t.

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  • bubb said

    what is the song like… I got the magic in me… every time i close my eyes the girls come snatching at me….

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  • Charlie Dee said

    What is the song playing during the Rumplestiltskin announcement to the Empire that whoever brings him Shrek willl be given ‘the deal of his dreams” ?

    Thanks !

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  • erick said

    whats song they played the one in the last part…..?before darling i do..thanks

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  • Charlie Dee said

    I found out it is a 1980’s (?) song called “Orinoco Flow” by – Enya – and is used in other movies my wife has seen but doesn’t remember right now…

    We were calling it “Sail Away ” since that is the most used lyric…

    I can’t answer Erick’s question right now though !

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