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Get Him To The Greek Soundtrack

Get Him To The Greek Soundtrack - Listen Here & Download
The Get Him To The Greek soundtrack. Ah, Russell Brand. Confirming what every American secretly thinks of British people, with his impressive vocabulary and his ridiculous effeminate prancing. Thanks a lot Russ.

This soundtrack was an opportunity for one of two things: either a Spinal Tap-esque parody album of genuinely funny songs poking fun at musical bohemoths like Oasis or Bowie, or a surprisingly good legitimate album in its own right (which, since people like Carl Barat and Jarvis Cocker have provided material, isn’t completely out of the question).

Unfortunately, Russell Brand is a comedian (sort of) not a singer, and an actor (kind of) not a front-man, and whilst he’s not exactly bad (in the same way that the guy who picks up an acoustic guitar at a house party and starts playing his version of Paranoid Android isn’t exactly bad) he seems to be concentrating more on singing well than on singing humorously for the vast majority, which results in an album that doesn’t take itself seriously but doesn’t really try very hard to make you laugh either. But then, if you want to make people laugh, you get Michael McKean, Jack Black or Jemaine Clement to write the material. Not Carl Barat.

Brand certainly doesn’t take all the blame though: his musical accompaniment is seriously weak throughout, sounding like the off-cuts from some not especially talented session musicians. At times, it sounds like a collection of Avril Lavigne B-sides. And not the best B-sides either. The ones that don’t make it onto the B-side album. On the upside though, the best moments sound like not especially good Libertines B-sides.

Ultimately, what could have been a really funny one-off album sounds more like one of those lame film star side-projects. This is the Dogstar of soundtracks.

Listen To The Get Him To The Greek Soundtrack:

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Get Him To The Greek Soundtrack (Songs) – Track List
1. Just Say Yes [Explicit] – Infant Sorrow
2. Gang Of Lust [Explicit] – Infant Sorrow
3. Furry Walls [Explicit] – Infant Sorrow
4. Going Up [Explicit] – Infant Sorrow
5. Bangers, Beans and Mash [Explicit] – Infant Sorrow
6. The Clap [Explicit] – Infant Sorrow
7. I Am Jesus [Explicit] – Infant Sorrow
8. Riding Daphne [Explicit] – Infant Sorrow
9. F.O.H. [Explicit] – Infant Sorrow
10. Yeah Yeah Oi Oi [Explicit] – Infant Sorrow
11. African Child (Trapped In Me) [Explicit] – Infant Sorrow
12. Little Bird [Explicit] – Infant Sorrow
13. Searching For A Father [Explicit] – Infant Sorrow
14. Supertight [Explicit] – Jackie Q
15. Ring ‘Round [Explicit] – Jackie Q

Leave your thoughts on Get Him To The Greek and the Get Him To The Greek soundtrack in the comments. If you’re looking for a particular song leave a description and someone normally replies.

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  • Frank said

    Dude! Its a movie!!! The songs were funny and you just listen to them for what its worth. They are manly great songs to play at a party and get drunk too. Lighten up.

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    • JOESHMOE said

      There is one song in the film which is not listed in the credits, soundtrack, or IMDB listing.
      It appears during the scene where Sergio and Aldous Snow’s Dad are fighting in Las Vegas and erin and Aldous have to run away. It plays in the background for about a minute and a half, very catchy, sounds like it could be ELO or someband from the seventies. I can’t find this song for the life of me and I would love to hear it again, can anyone recognize it?

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      • HP said

        I think it’s Love Today by Mika

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        • HellaPissd said

          OMFG IVE BEEN LOOKIN FOR THT SONG FOR SO FKIN LONG. I cant find it either n it aint love today by mika. thats a diff song listend to it altho its prtty damm awsome too haha. but if u guys find that song during the fight scene please post.

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      • carrie said

        did you find it?????? totally been searching!! let me know:) thanx

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    • Dan said

      Its called 20th centuary boy by T-Rex

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    • Dawnofthedead said

      it was come on eileen by dexy’s midnight runners in the hotel. then they played 21 first century boy by placebo when they were running out of the hotel. thanks to the person who posted love today by mika. that was really bugging me.

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  • Stacey said

    dude, this movie was hilarious! the music is really funny, and awesome to licten to! if youre going to write a review get a sense of humor.

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  • Samantha said

    Get Him to the Greek was the best movie ever, so funny ^_^ i loved it and the music to it is rater addicting imo lol

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  • Chris Neilan said

    Hi Frank

    I’d say this is either a straight album of good music or a comedy album, and the music isn’t good enough for it be particularly enjoyable without comedy, and the comedy isn’t very funny. Therefore, according to me, it’s not a very good album.

    This Is Spinal Tap is a good example of a film that spawned a soundtrack album (and at least one more spin-off album) that was really funny and really enjoyable. Sadly, I don’t think this is anywhere near that level.

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    • Vanessa Dawne said

      I totally disagree with you Chris & think you missed the whole point of the movie! Aldous thinks he’s a wonderful singer with soul-deep lyrics — the songs are not comedy to him. Russell Brand plays the part wonderfully with warbling notes & inane lyrics — much funnier than what you’re looking for.

      I do agree with the others — dude, lighten up!

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  • Zack said

    Whts the name of the song tht plays while they are running from the black man In the hotel hallway?

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    • brenda said

      Want to know name of song as they burst out of hotel lobby running after fight ..it only plays briefly..older song something about it’s just like rock-n-roll. also plays briefly in lords of dogtown. PLEASE HELP FIND IT FOR ME!!!!

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  • tim said

    i want to find the song the diddy played in his office, when he said that this is the new sh*t or something like that.any ideas?

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  • Andie said

    This is a really, really harsh review. Lighten up, dude! Stacey’s right, find yourself a sense of humor!
    Russell isn’t a trained singer, and considering that I think he did a hell of a job. In the movie when he exploded into ‘Going Up’, I felt like I was at an actual rock concert. That scene was incredible. The fact that Russell isn’t the best singer that ever lived in no way takes away from the awesomeness of the songs, or the movie. There are plenty of rockers who aren’t great singers, like the guys from Oasis, for example. Rock and Roll isn’t about vocal perfection.

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  • Vanessa said

    I love this movie, and the songs are great too! When I first watched the movie, I immediately thought I got to get this soundtrack! Yes Russell Brand is an actor. No he isn’t a singer. But he did an amazing job playing the part of a musician that is making a comeback. That is called acting. Not to mention he has a really good voice. Personally I think it’s awesome that he sang the songs instead of someone else. And just because someone doesn’t sound humorous whenever they are singing a humorous song doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not funny. There are many types of humor.

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  • ethan said

    what was that one song that played when they were partying that was sung in french but the original song was in english

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  • polaaa said

    me encanto esta pelicula!! musho musho

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  • Lauren said

    The song when they’re running through the hallway from Diddy is called Come On Eileen by The Cure

    This movie was awesome! So funny, but I was sad at the end when he was talking about being sad and lonely! But otherwise great movie- Russel Brand is amazing, even his singing was impressive

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  • Thom said

    I Just saw this on Brand’s website (http://bit.ly/9ho0is)

    Infant Sorrow’s debut album, “Get Him to the Greek,” has landed at No. 1 debut on Billboard’s Heatseekers Albums chart.


    Really surprised by that. Not saying it’s rubbish but didn’t think soundtrack albums ever got to number 1

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    @Thom – Wow didn’t think this album would be that big. I’ll guess the likes of High School Musical have hit number 1 in the album charts, but yeah it seems like a rare thing.

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  • gresa said

    film was fecking awesome, hilarious and amazing amazing amazing.
    the soundtrack was awesome too.

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  • Penny said

    Ok who performed Furry Walls first . . . . Hanson or Infant Sorrow?

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