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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Soundtrack

Twilight Eclipse Soundtrack (Songs) - Listen & Download | Track List | Movie
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack. Twilight fans – there’s a specific name for them, isn’t there? Sounds like the word ‘Twilight’ crossed with the title of a popular ‘80s action blockbuster, doesn’t it? Twi-thal Weapons? Twi-ders of the Lost Ark? The Twi-minators? Nope, can’t think what it is; we will have to proceed regardless.

We’ve already been treated this week to pictures of the aforementioned Twilight devotees lined up outside movie houses, waiting for the still-days off opening of the third movie in the box-office rampaging series – the David Slade-directed Eclipse – with all the steely determination of those waiting to snare the last few available berths in an underground shelter ahead of an unusually well forecast atomic apocalypse. But it’s not just the movies themselves which have proved bigger than that giant lizard that ate Tokyo – the tie-in soundtracks have also been runaway successes. Eclipse adheres to the formula set by its predecessors and comes to us in the company of not one, but two supporting records. One is a tedious old score with violins and cellos and all that sh*t that old people are into, while the other is a swoonsome selection of tunes by today’s most sizzlingly hot bands. Yeah, burn baby, burn! Woo! Ah!

Okay, okay, so soundtracks to teen movie events of the decade aren’t really designed for bitter, cynical reviewers, unless it is for the express purpose of providing easy, elephant-sized targets for us foul-hearted hacks to throw our venom-tipped darts at. They are instead firmly aimed at those adolescents who feel a bit funny in the tummy when Robert Pattinson gazes at Kristen Stewart with the smouldering look which won out in the extraordinarily competitive category of Best smouldering Look by Robert Pattinson at this year’s MTV Movie Awards.

Said adolescents are probably going to find plenty on the Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack to, well, if not quite enjoy – seeing as any adolescent worth their grumpy salt doesn’t really enjoy anything – then certainly to play at high volume and hack off their parents. The majority of the music here charts a vaguely ‘80s inflected path between uptempo pop catchiness and nocturnal atmospherics, a template exemplified by Metric’s opener, Eclipse (All Yours). There are appearances from acts who are creditable without being like, totally ugly; including Vampire Weekend (who appear to have lost it between albums one and two like a post-shark hop Happy Days), Bat for Lashes, and movie soundtrack regulars Florence and the Machine.

Some of the bigger names serve up the more tedious fare, with the Dead Weather’s Rolling in on a Burning Tire finding Jack White once again delivering something that is simultaneously technically accomplished and crashingly dull. For their part, Muse manage to make the cosmic gigantic sound as exciting as finding a piece of lint in your belly button, with their Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) coming over like something ABBA might have cobbled together after a late-night viewing of 2001. And while Ours by 2005’s hot tips turned 2006’s sh*t heaps the Bravery is surprisingly listenable, it is undone by singer Sam Endicott’s constipated vocals, telling of a tummy trouble removed from that experienced by the Pattinson acolytes.

Listen To The Twilight: Eclipse Soundtrack (Score):

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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Soundtrack (Songs) – Track List
1. Eclipse (All Yours) – Metric
2. Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) – Muse
3. Ours – The Bravery
4. Heavy in your Arms – Florence and the Machine
5. My Love – Sia
6. Atlas – Fanfarlo
7. Chop and Change – The Black Keys
8. Rolling in on a Burning Tire – The Dead Weather
9. Let’s Get Lost – Beck and Bat for Lashes
10. Jonathan Low – Vampire Weekend
11. With you in my Head – UNKLE (feat. the Black Angels)
12. A Million Miles an Hour – Eastern Conference Champions
13. Life on Earth – Band of Horses
14. What Part of Forever – Cee-Lo Green
15. Jacob’s Theme – Howard Shore

Leave your thoughts on the Eclipse movie and the Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack in the comments. If you’re looking for a particular song leave a description and someone normally replies.

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  • All Time Movies Fan said

    I don’t really understand why there is so much hype for this movie. Well, it is just another vampire movie. In-fact, It’s just a plain awful movie and there is nothing good about it. The visual effects are poor and the story itself is so mild. I have read the books and they are far better!

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    • jm said

      there’s nothing wrong in the movie…in fact only those with great minds can appreciate it…

      …just a comment..

      Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

    • Menrenee said

      No one said you had to understand, no one even cares if you do, or do not understand why there is so much hype for this movie. And yes, it is another vampire movie, why does this bother you? Get over it. Just because you don’t like the movie(s) doesn’t mean that everyone has to agree with you and not like them too. We all have our own opinions and as you so nonchalanly stated in your comment “It’s just a plain awful movie and there is nothing good about it. The visual effects are poor and the story itself is so mild.” If that is the way you feel, when can I expect your series of books to be published and turned into a four part movie franchise (lets not forget the impressive expert visual effects team you obviously plan to employ) complete with fans? It’s ok to have opinions, we all do, what is not cool is when you voice them and you don’t have enought tact to be polite about it.

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  • aksh said

    can someone can tell me in which site i can download the song of eclipse??

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  • Anna said

    haha. thx for this – v amusing blog!

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  • Agnes said

    I really don’t like Twilight at all.. I personally think it’s a bit stupid with a creepy sparkly old geezer who stalks highschoolers and watch them while they sleep(!). But almost all of my favourite singers and bands are on the soundtracks, so I have all of the CD’s.

    PS: I Believe the word you are looking for is Twi-Hard…

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  • jemand said

    all people cant be in a opnion so im respecting all the ppl and if you ask me how is this movie i think its the best example for the extraordinary imagination of pruduct.i’ve red the books of twilight and its other parts of books 3 times and i watched the movie 5 times and its showing that in fact there r a lot ppl like me loving this movie so im wating the same respect from the ppl who dont like this movie…

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