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The Last Airbender 2 – Sequel Plans

The Last Airbender 2 - Sequel
There’s been a lot of Last Airbender 2 talk in recent weeks. So what has been said and how likely is a sequel?

With a production budget of $150m, and $130m spent on marketing, Paramount want a worldwide take of $280m before greenlighting any Last Airbender sequel. The first movie has grossed $115m so far in the US and will likely finish around $140m, but it is yet to open in most major territories around the world. With the fanbase and the inflated ticket price of 3D, it may get within spitting distance when all is counted. Significantly, a Last Airbender sequel would reportedly cost less than the original movie.

But while a healthy number of people flocked to see it (based on the popularity of the TV series, Shyamalan’s name still being a draw, and the family-friendly subject matter), the reaction from nearly all was crushing disappointment. 92% of critics disliked or hated it. While the fans had this to say –

Remarkably, this reaction doesn’t seem to have phased writer-director M.Night Shyamalan much. Maybe he’s used to it after Lady In The Water and The Happening.

If he’s given the green light, he’s says that the main villain in The Last Airbender 2 will be Azula, the “only real, pure antagonist” in the proposed trilogy. Azula (Summer Bishil) had a brief role in the first movie. In the TV show the character is a destructive Firebending prodigy who becomes obsessed with capturing the Avatar. She eventually rises to the position of Fire Lord where she loses her sanity.

The elite female Kyoshi Warriors will also play a key role in any Last Airbender 2. They were initially in the first film, and M.Night shot a carefully choreographed scene with them, but he chose to cut it from the final print for being too “distracting from the movie”.

Tonally the second film will be “darker”, while the third will be “more ambiguous”. The 3D will be much improved, as M.Night plans to actually shoot in 3D this time, rather than convert after filming is complete.

So the question posed here is can a movie that is hated equally by critics, fans and general audiences alike, but that breaks even financially and has a director determined to push forward, get a sequel? Paramount will probably wait for Blu-ray/DVD sales before deciding. Watch this space.

What would you like to see happen in any Last Airbender sequel? How can they improve on the first movie? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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Source: MTV

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  • Mulk said

    if they make a second one I will lose faith in all things good in the world, that movie was absolute garbage, one of the worst movies i’ve ever seen, IF the do decide to make a new one it should be a remake of the 1st WITHOUT Shyamalan

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    • cheyenne said

      i totally agree with you because it was nothing like the tv series the names we wrong!! i didnt mind it but they should remake it with a much bettaa director!!! 😀

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      • sean said

        i think all of you are just being a bunch of little bitchs really look at dragon ball evolution now that is a movie they screwed up i watched avatar on tv a few years back and ya it didn’t keep with the show exactly but haven’t we seen worse for example x-men dragon ball z are just a few that they seem to really mess up i honestly think this one wasn’t bad and anyone that reads this i encourage them to watch this movie it is well worth it

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        • yeah right said


          I’m sorry, but comparing The Last Airbender movie to an x-men movie is like comparing a gourmet meal at a 4 star restaurant to a piece of garbage out on the street. There’s no way you can compare the two. Bryan Singer made the X-Men movies very exciting, there’s absolutely nothing exciting about TLA film! The filmmaking in TLA was awfully boring (despite the unfair representation of the casting). I didn’t give a crap about any of the characters. One of them could’ve died in a serious death, and I wouldn’t of cared. Even the special effects looked like it was done at the last minute and looked very fake. The movie felt like some random events with bad actors (though it may not be their fault). This movie was a complete waste of time.
          I agree about Dragonball Evo movie, that movie sucked balls.

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          • Jake said

            i think that was a good point about the x-men and other movies based on cartoons. i’m 21 i’ve never seen this tv show and i’m not really interested in seein it. but looking at the movie as what it is A MOVIE that is supposed to be based on the show i thought it was pretty good myself. i thought it DID have some good action the digital efx were great the, yes the plot was rushed but what movie thats based on a tv series or books isn’t???? of course it’ll be rushed and not in depth as much cuz they got like 2 hours tops to put it all in. good example harry potter films. great reads, amazing writer, but HORRIBLE movie’s. i can’t stand them at all. do i blame the poor director??? heck naaa man. those are very good and in depth books u can’t make show a book of any harry potters on film in 2 hours and expect it to be good. anyways point is i think M. Night did a great job on the movie, and yes some people will always expect something more. i myself even expect people not to be dumb enough to shave there head and paint it blue but hey the worlds full of let downs lol

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          • Pete said


            From what I’ve heard about Harry Potter movies is that the ones that were directed by Chris Columbus were said to be as closely accurate to the books as possible. J. K. Rowling asked the director if he can try not to make so many changes. The Harry Potter movies can’t be all that bad considering there are so many live action movies and they’ve made so much money especially the first one. The Last Airbender was nothing like the cartoon. The only similarities with the cartoon was the events that happened from the cartoon, but they were rushed and random. When I saw it, I was laughing at the dialogue, not because they were funny, it’s because they sounded like they were reading from a script and not really acting it out. The actors were terrible, not convincing at all except maybe Zuko and his uncle. The special effects were ok and some of the fight scenes especially the ending was interesting but they were kind of uninspiring and felt awkward to watch with the bending movements. My biggest complaint about this movie is that, you have to let the audience care about something, even if M Night has to create six movies, I rather seem some character development than not at all. Shyamalan wasn’t the right person for this film. He has his own style of filmmaking which doesn’t translate well if he can’t adapt it to a different style. He even admitted to Vulture Magazine saying he didn’t know how to adapt it without being him.

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          • Pete said

            BTW, just because it’s just “A MOVIE” doesn’t necessarily mean you expect people to like it if it’s poorly produced considering the popularity and success of the of the animated series. This sort of reminds me of Star Wars Ep1 The Phantom Menace movie (although even The Phantom Menace movie was much more exciting than this).

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          • Flex said

            This movie was garbage…waste of time, money, and daylight. M light Sham a crap needs to be replaced…He seriously messed up one of the best cartoon series since Dragon Ball Z. And both sucked in the theater. The characters were all out of sync, the story line left out crucial points from the original series, and everything was just wrong. The efex were the gum under my shoes put into a 3D lens and then magnified. The whole fire nation needing actual fire close to them in order to fire bend made me throw up in my mouth. It was just terrible…Start all over from scratch and do it rite this time, get it rite. People like new innovation, but do that with the effects, don’t destroy the beauty of the original cartoon, Saka was alway funny as -ell in the cartoon, the humor was off the chain, Aang sounded like boomer”ang” not like D”ung” just crazy…We need a new one…but please don’t waste time with crap…keep to the original

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        • Douglast said

          Ok here is the thing,

          Most people commenting here with a negative spin on this movie haven’t a clue what is involved in making something that was merely cartoon animation, into a movie with real actors. Ok a good cartoon wth a great story line, but a cartoon none the less.

          All the technical stuff aside, and compressing 14 cartoon episodes ( or there abouts ) into a two hour story with any cohesion at all is pretty much the work of someone with mad skills and more than their share of insight.

          I wouild have to say to the nay sayers if you can do better put up or shut-up.

          It is pretty easy, and takes an obnoxious ammount of ignorance to poopoo a movie when the most ammount of expertise, held by the critic is the ability to plop their slack jawed self down in front of a screen and gobble popcorn.

          Great movie, sequil, bring it on.

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          • Cilla said

            For your information, it was 20 episodes. And yes, any idiot would think that you can take all that information from 20 episodes and cram it into a 2 hour movie; however, movies can be lengthened. But that is beside the point. Saying that the director had to deal with the fact of converting a cartoon into a movie does not make it a good one and does not count as an excuse. Shyamalan chose to do this movie and claimed to be a fan of the show; however, he fell short of what he thought was going to be a great movie. It is not anything new that cartoons are converted into movies and there have already been really good ones based off of series that do not have an already established storyline like ATLA. And to say that it would be hard to take the effects in the cartoon and make it realistically believable in a movie is another dumb excuse as well. Technology has come a long way and Shyamalan was working with a really big budget. Unfortunately, he lacked the expertise in this movie genre which would have been more suited for someone like Steven Spielberg (just as an example).

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          • Jai said

            Well, i know exactly what it takes to make a film and all the hard work and technicalities that it involves. There was no excuse for the M. Night’s failure. None!

            I hated the movie -maybe more than – as much as alot of ppl did. However, the one thing that I did like was that the firebenders did need to have fire near them to bend it. I know it’s not like that in the series, but think about it.

            Waterbenders needed water, Aang always had air, and the earthbenders HAD to have actual earth. They couldn’t bend metal or wood if trapped or inprisoned. It made sense for firebenders to use nearby fire. That was the ONLY thing I liked about the movie. However, I will not waste my time or my money to see a sequel. It was too disappointing.

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          • good movie said

            u tell em it was a good movie to watch not great and a little off from the cartoon but a good movie in general come on part 2

            Thumb up 43 Thumb down 9

          • NewGuy said

            I must be the only one! I liked this movie. I have not watched a lick of the cartoon, and dont plan to. I happen to like the way M. Night tells the story. I think that the only ones hurting here (just like in any cartoon -to- movie situation) are the original cartoon fans.
            And this is coming from a die hard DragonBall Z fan. I was probably watching Dragonball while Avatar fans were learning their ABCs. Of course I absolutely hated the Dragonball Z movie attempt. (and the 2nd streeet fighter attempt too).
            But what I realized is that every director is going to make their own changes. The thing is, they have to make these movies to appeal to a wide range of viewers. not just the immediate fan base.
            So its understandable that Goku was a dweeb in the movie, and that the Piccolo(namkien) story is all jacked up. So then its understandable that abilities were changed where the fire nation cannot normally create a flame, it appears that only a master of the fire technique or during a comet can the fire nation members create a flame. This is logical and makes sense, it shows limits to fire powers. Rewriting the laws a bit is neccessary so that all viewers may follow and enjoy.
            Regardless of accuracy, a true fan amdmires anyone’s take on their favorite saga.
            To summarize.. true the acting was poor. That kid is phenomenal at martial arts, but clearly not acting. ..And also the plot could have been thicker, deeper. But all in all, it was a blast to watch; great special effects to match the concept. Makes plenty of since to a first time viewer. For that overall, I give this movie a 4 out of 5.
            Now if M. Night is going to do the second, then he’s got his work cut out for him to please the fans; apparently. But honestly; they’ll go see it anyways. Just like I’d go see another terrible attempt at a Dragonball Z movie – its because I’m a loyal fan of the show and like to watch it come to life.

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          • Dan said


            I love this kind of logic, I really do. So do you not hate any movie, ever? Because I don’t see you directing anything. That must mean everything is AMAZING because you can’t do it! Oh wait, life doesn’t work that way. Just because YOU cannot do it doesn’t mean that YOU cannot tell when it is crap.

            Even ignoring all the changes from the show and the shady casting, the fact is the movie was terrible. It was dull, dark, and all the actors sounded like wooden boards. Nothing about it drew me in, nothing about it was interesting.

            It doesn’t take skill to compress 14 episodes into a 2 hour film. It takes skill to do it WELL.

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          • Cory said

            This is in response to the guy who said people who complain about the movie don’t know anything except for complaining.

            I am not a professional writer, and I managed to make a 60 page script of the 20 episodes that I feel truly captures the presence of the first season of The Last Airbender.
            If you would like me to send you a copy, I would be more than happy to. I have the first and second seasons completed, coherently, and I feel very effectively. Please, if you want to read them, send me you email address and I will email these to you.

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        • Jason said

          To the bloke Sean who is into his X-Men movies, you couldn’t have been going to any great retaurants. The X-Men movies were a pile of crap and a major disppointment. It was far more enjoyable watching the Last Airbender compared to having to put up watching the X-Men (particularly the 3rd one)

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      • Hmmm.... said

        Woooow. Did you seriously say this movie was well worth it!?
        What was it worth? Yes, we have seen movies that sucked even more than this, but for you to even have to name such filth like Dragon Ball E, that already shows just how pathetic this movie was. Normally I say ” to each his own”, but your just an idiot! The acting was bad, the over-dramatic motions for bending elements was just ridiculous, and the CG-FX were poor at best. You need to go back under your little rock and finish up that Dragon Ball E movie of yours and don’t ever, ever give your thoughts about a movie again.

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        • Hmmm.... said

          So while all of you people make your truly ignorant excuses for this heap of crap, why don’t you look at movies that came from comics and cartoons that were done excellently? i keep seeing people say stuff like take things into consideration, but the simple fact is that movies from cartoons and comics have all ready been done very well. M. Night just screwed up, as well as the sorry cast he chose. Just look at the Marvel movies that have come out. All of them have done incredibly well, and that’s not only with fans of their comics, but with people who knew nothing about the comics as well. Bull crap like this movie and the Dragon Ball movie is truly garbage and there are no amount of excuses that one can try to make up to justify how badly they turn out. For those of you who say stupid crap like ” if you can do better “, shut the hell up! Just because we don’t direct, doesn’t mean we don’t know a good (or bad in this case) movie when we see one, especially if we have seen good ones.

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          • Kushane said

            I haven’t seen the series, but I thought the movie was good. Ok, some of the acting was really bad, but not all bad. The firenation dudes were good. I’d love a sequel.

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      • James said

        I aggree with Sean compleatly! Its not that bad you are all just saying that because the dumb critics said so.

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      • Zack said

        I liked this movie and so did my family, I hate the fact that we got the movie watched it loved it and we won’t even get to see the end of the story! Unlike others we never watched the tv series but that doesn’t matter the movie was a very good movie and I really hope they make the next one my family and i really want to see it. please make the sequel!! !!

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        • Rebecca said

          I never saw the tv series (didn’t even realise there was one until I started reading these reviews). I bought this movie through iTunes and really enjoyed it. I especially liked the internal conflict that both Aang and Zuko appear to struggle with. I don’t put great stock into graphics, and in my opinion too much CGI can ruin a movie; I liked what I saw of it in TLAB.

          I’ve got my fingers crossed for a sequal!

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        • Cory said

          Watch the series, from the first episode to the last. THAT is the true Last Airbender, and THAT is how it should be. When a KID is in charge of saving the world, he HAS to let off steam every now and then by BEING a kid. The Aang, or excuse me, ‘Ong,’ in the movie was NOT a kid, he was the most depressing thing to be on the face of the fictional world of The Last Airbender. The Aang, and that’s AYng, in the series is a true kid, who has problems dealing with his situation. Watch that series and you will see the AWESOME epic finale.

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        • Lisa said

          Me and my girls liked this movie too!!!!!!!!!!! we hope they make a sequal too, got to see how it ends!!!!!!!!! Never watched the cartoon either (daughter said it was stupid) Movie was great!!!!!!!!

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    • Saphfire said

      I personally didn’t see anything wrong with the movie. I absolutely enjoyed it. I guess I am just one of those people who has an open mind and not judge too quickly. Perhaps it would help everyone else out in life if they just stop and actually take things into consideration that the movie was made a best as possible. Not enough info? Then you try cramming it all in and see more confused faces….

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      • iJerbear said

        I totally agree with you

        The catoon was my favorite tv show on
        nick and i was excited they were making it into a movie.I know the plot was rush,but come on people. Its all about the efx! I didnt like were the story was going but i appriciate the fact that the director even made this movie possible at all.I think they should have cut it in half. It would be less rushed and cramed.Please dont screw up this next movie like you did the other one.I like Earth 😉

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        • Pete said

          But even the special effects seemed cheesy. They just felt awkward especially with the bending movements and weird camera angles. He could’ve made the effects seem real like X-MEN, Spiderman, or Batman films considering the budget. I don’t see how this is the best he can do when he had such a big budget for this film. It’s as if he just wanted to get the film done quickly as possible just to make money and not really care about the quality of the animated show. If you’re going to adapt a full feature from a popular show that was known for being high quality, you better at least let the audience care and be interested in something besides just the special effects (even if he has to make more films). That’s like buying a book or comic book with a fancy cover, but if it’s poorly written or drawn, you just wasted your money. This film could’ve had more people to be interested in the animated show, but do you honestly feel people who never watched the animated show to even bother watching the cartoon after watching the film?

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        • Luke said

          I wonder if people who say the special effects suck are people who had seen the movie in 3d at the theater. I just watched the movie for the first time on blue ray and thought they were really good.the action seemed the best part to me.I thought ang actor did a convincing soulfull performance

          Thumb up 16 Thumb down 3

          • Pete said


            I didn’t say the special effects were bad, but they seemed cheesy with the live action compared to X-Men or new Batman films for some reason.

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        • Cilla said

          That’s what Michael Bay said about Transformers 2 and it was total crap. The movie was not all about the special effects…or at least it should not have been. People generally don’t go to see a movie just for the effects, but for the story as well. The only exception would be sci-fi and I would not classify this movie as sci-fi. It is a children’s fantasy and it was a disappointment in trying to get the point of the actual story across (not to discredit Shyamalan for his story-telling). I liked his form of story-telling, but it did not work well enough. Animated Disney movies have more story to them and they do it in less screen time. And the special effects were not that good, seriously. The movie I’ve seen recently with the best effects (and was highly underappreciated) was the Wachowski Bros’ depiction of Speed Racer. You and many others can prove me wrong…but they really put a lot of effort into the effects whether or not some parts may have seem a bit too unrealistic. (And yes, transformers had really good effects as well. I could also mention Harry Potter, but they use similar effects in practically most of their movies so its nothing really really new).

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      • Pete said


        Many people were expecting quality filmmaking considering the original source material was known for being high quality. The casting of the leads were not fair especially since there is so much backstory to Native American and Asian ancestry. Sokka and Katara are Inuit (Native American) ancestry and Aang is of Tibetan origin. The old man at temple talks to Aang about the reincarnation of the Avatar by selecting certain items which is the same story about the Dalai Lama. Fire nation people are of East Asian ancestry, you can tell by their clothing, martial arts, there’s Chinese writing in the opening credits, etc. Besides the unfair casting, filmmaking was poorly produced. There wasn’t any character development. Even if he has to make more than three films, I rather see some character development than not at all. You have to make your audience care about something. TLA just felt like it was rushed with nonsensical cuts, useless 3D viewing, bad acting, run-on narration, mediocre fighting, and the special effects seemed cheesy even though they looked good.

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        • ane said

          @Pete……….You are right. Yes it is just a movie, and they only get so much time, but it’s still crap. As a professional director, he should have done a better job. Just like when a writer writes a novel, lets say fiction, the world they are creating has to pull in the reader. The audience has no clue where the plot is going, unless the director and actors do their job. No, this movie wasn’t that bad, but being based off the animated series, it had great potential. Earth is my favorite book, and if the M.Night does that book, I will Red Box that movie.(If I’m drunk enough.) I could have read a book. Or to kill less brain cells, I could have reread Twilight. But, TLA is mainly a kid-tween series, so if the kids enjoyed it, then that’s all that matters. (Even though I had to buy all three books on dvd to relive the actual events, cause I like the show even though I’m a young adult.)

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        • WBlack said

          @ Pete

          I don’t know about you and everyone else.. but I think you just want to trash anything that wasn’t better the X-Men. If you could cast better then these people.. then I think you should sign up for acting class and cast in the movie. I bet you couldn’t do the martial arts they had to learn. And the bending.. they made it more interesting that they had to know a form to bend. It would have been very gay if they could bend just by moving a finger. By doing martial arts they showed they were alike. They learned the same things.. just to bend different element. So I think you should look deeper in the movie. Stop calling it garbage! All that does is make you a ignorant person. X-Men was easier to make then this movie. 80% of X-Men movies were made with the computer. This movie.. people learned the art of martial arts… which isn’t that easy. I’m still learning after 6 years.. and I know I still have tons more to learn. So you need to give them props for the effort they put into the making of this movie. So stop slandering other peoples thoughts about the movie.

          Thumb up 11 Thumb down 2

          • Pete said

            Kiss my ass, because everyone knows M. Night screwed up, he even admitted it to vulture interview!

            Thumb up 3 Thumb down 11

      • Nicole said

        I love it the movie in general just wish soooo bad it was not so much information crammed in one movie. I spent an hour explaining what they were talking about to my husband. If you are not familiar with the show you are lost from the start and if you are you are disappointed over the lack of info. I am looking forward to the next one maybe they have learned from there mistakes.

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      • Cilla said

        @Sapphire….You guess you’re just one of those people who has an open mind? Frankly, I really don’t care if someone likes or hate the movie because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but to say that someone doesn’t have an open mind because he or she thinks the movie is crap is just an example of you not having an open mind yourself. If the person does not like the movie then there are reasons and you cannot discredit the person for not having an open mind unless the person cannot give you any credible reasons for their opinions themselves. Not simply to convince you that the movie was horrible, but to justify their opinion. And simply, you have not justified why you think the movie was good other than to discredit those who think it is bad. I, myself, had a very open mind about the movie. No, I did not go and see it when it opened in theaters because I heard so much negativity about it (mainly before the movie premiered in theaters) that I was not convinced to go and spend my money on something that may disappoint me. I am not somebody who just simply go movie viewing just to see what is out, I have to really want to see a movie and I was not interested mainly because I felt personally insulted by the choices made for the casting. However, this did not deter me from ever seeing the movie. I couldn’t wait for it to come out on DVD so that I could rent it and watch it. I just got it the other day and although I was tired and needed to go to work early the next day I stayed up to watch it.

        Needless to say, I was disappointed. No, the movie was not a total crap. I appreciated Shyamalan’s way of using story-telling in the movie; unfortunately, that was the only positive I could find about the movie. I am someone who watches a lot of action movies and no one can convince me that the fighting sequences were really good. They were disjointed and looked more like fight rehearsal shots rather than the finished product. The special effects, not being awful, were not all of that. It was like watching the person pulling off a pose and then choice element just magically move trying to feign the idea that it was the person causing it to move. Airbending proved to be the most convincing, I guess because it required less visual treatment. Waterbending was a close second followed by firebending. Earthbending just looked plain terrible. I was not convinced that those earthbenders could actually control earth. The acting was not very convincing, the worst being Rathborne as Sokka. Sokka was a comic relief character with a very skeptic and sarcastic nature. I can understand Shyamalan’s need to minimize the humor, but he completely diminished Sokka’s character as a whole. Rathborne’s acting did not make it any better and any attempt at humor on his part just went over my head. There was a reason Sokka was the way he was and I felt as if this was not explored at all in the movie….hence what most people’s complaint is about: lack of character development. That does not require the use of additional screens and extending the length of the movie as opposed to what most people think. This requires good direction, great writing, and excellent acting.

        I can go on and complain about the many characters that were not included in the movie, but that’s just pointless. To a person who has not seen the series, those characters would not be missed. Even though a lot of those characters did play certain major roles, their role in the movie does not actually affect the overall main plot. I also want to mention that bending is a major part of the series, as if you hadn’t known already. I just don’t understand why they decided to make the movie more kung-fu related instead. I don’t have a problem with that since that was the inspiration for the original creators, but it does not make sense to take a series about people that can manipulate elements through the use of various styles of kung-fu and make it into a movie about people who can do kung-fu and as a result cause an element to move. I doubt you’ll understand where I am coming from, but the movie lacked a decent amount of bending to me and instead showcased more on the fighting art of kung-fu: the exception being the final battle at the Northern Water tribe. Lastly, my biggest complaint about the movie will always be about the casting. No I will not give a lengthy speech about the unfairness of not using Asian-American or Inuit-based actors or whether or not I think Shyamalan and Paramount are a bunch of racists. Simply, I do not know nor do I understand their reasoning for doing it. However, I will say that simply saying that they used Asian and other ethnic actors to portray the cultures of the different nations and especially casting Dev Patel as Zuko is a dumb excuse to something that they know that they knowingly and personally did. Not to discredit Patel, I think he actually portrayed Zuko quite well; however, I am still utterly not pleased. So what if they made me believe that the culture of the film was highly diverse and Asian-inspired? It did absolutely nothing when I look at the main characters and all I see are a bunch of White-American children acting as if they fit into Asian society. It was just another way of forcing American viewers to associate White-Americans as the heroines in society. That story is old and I am tired of it.

        So there….I may not have convinced you that the movie was horrible, but I gave you my reasoning in order to justify why I thought it was not as good as people try to make it seem just simply because they wish for an ATLA movie. Believe me, I am a major Dragonball series fan and I have been waiting forever for a movie and unfortunately, I thought that the movie was a huge disappointment…for many reasons other than what most people say because most Americans seem to be ignorant of the fact that there was actually a Dragonball series before Dragonball Z…which was what the movie was based upon. However, I was pretty lenient towards it because it took so long just for them to create a movie. And somehow I doubt anyone will really attempt to cross that road again unless they continue to re-birth that franchise. The same could be said about Harry Potter. I read all the books and really love them. I think the movies absolutely do not justify the books; however, I have seen every movie and like every single one of them in their own way. I believe despite the many changes, and the omitting of important plots and events that causes fans to create uproar, the movies were a huge success and utilized every dime awarded to them to make the best of them. I cannot say the same for The Last Airbender. I understand movies will never be the carbon copy of their original literary predecessors, but I think I said my peace about why this movie was not a really good one and why in many cases it disappointed the fans.

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        • Pernimami3 said

          @ Cilla
          Well put! Loved your comments and covers everything I thought of. I just watched the movie and really liked some aspects but not all. Some action parts were nicely made some were not. My son and I do karate so we enjoyed those bending movements but only for that reason. I think it needs some tweeking here and there to make it more successful. When I first started watching it, I was surprised by the casting and it’s a huge mistake they made…so how do you fix it? Not sure if they can…
          Again, I really like your points and are the only comments I enjoyed about the movie. I love these kind of movies so I’ll probably watch the next…but this one left me wanting for more…

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    • Nicole said

      I cant belve that you would think that the movie was BAD!!

      Thumb up 16 Thumb down 3

      • Fern said

        I loved the last Airbender and I can’t wait too see if another one is coming out. It is a lot better than most movies that are being made these days.

        Thumb up 19 Thumb down 2

    • Brianna said

      I LOVED THIS MOVIE. Granted i didn’t know about the series until this movie came out so as someone who had never heard of it and didnt know anything about it i really enjoyed it. i really hope that they make a sequel just cuz i don’t know what happens next and i think that it was a really good job. maybe if i had read the manga first i would have thought different but I LOVED IT A LOT AND I THINK THERE SHOULD DEF BE A SEQUEL!!!!!

      Thumb up 16 Thumb down 2

      • Pete said

        The animated series isn’t a Japanese manga, it’s not technically anime (originated in the U.S.), it’s just the style is similar.


        Fans of the show have the right to be upset considering the live action film would’ve not been made if the animated show didn’t get picked up by the fans.

        Thumb up 2 Thumb down 4

      • marissa said

        saw the series before the movie and even though i know what happens i want there to be a sequal because i really enjoyed the movie and it was alot like the 1st season so they should definitly make a sequal.

        Thumb up 13 Thumb down 1

      • Fern said

        I saw the cartoon and I still love this movie. There are worst movies out their.

        Thumb up 14 Thumb down 1

    • shoot said

      I just stayed up and watched the last air bender and I thought it was rather good. Its only u freaks that have no lives and no girlfriends and that know halo charecters by name thart thinks its a bad movie. You all need to go catch a star wars convention and leave the film induatrie to the pros. Losers

      Thumb up 13 Thumb down 1

    • J@M!E said

      Just because it does not follow the series part by part does not make it a bad movie! You can criticise something from every movie made from a comic or series- none are perfect. He is looking at the big picture and making it enjoyable for even those who have not the seen the previous cartoon series. Everyone i was with had not seen it prevoiusly and enjoyed it very much!

      Thumb up 15 Thumb down 1

      • Lanette said

        I agree..I LOVED the cartoon series, and thought M. Night did a good job in the movie.. just watched on rented blu-ray and will be purchasing. Actually hope M. Night gets the green on Sequel.

        Thumb up 15 Thumb down 1

    • Randy said

      I just finished watching the last airbender and I thought it rocked. Hurry up and make a sequel M.

      Thumb up 14 Thumb down 1

    • Krystal said

      Katara was to wimpy, Sakku was to grown up and not joking enough, Aang had lil tattoos not just a blue arrow, they moved way to much before they did any bending,Appa looked washed up, Momo was never men-chined, the avatar state sucked, Uncle Iroh looks not at all right and so on and so on…

      Thumb up 2 Thumb down 10

    • Sarah said

      I find it funny that everyone wants to compare it to the TV series. Of course it’s not going to be like the series, it’s 20 episodes squeezed into one movie. Go into the movie like you’ve never seen the series.
      Everyone I know that has NOT watched the series loved the movie.

      Thumb up 12 Thumb down 1

    • melanie said

      Wow I can’t believe how many people didn’t like it. I am not a fan of the original as I am an older person who took my daughter to it but I really enjoyed it and it has made me interested in seeking out the tv show. I thought it was excellent and would love to go see the next one.

      Thumb up 12 Thumb down 1

    • brittnay said

      Get over it you stupid cry babies. Over all it was a good movie and that is what you need to think about. I watched the cartoon and yes the movie wasn’t perfect but look at the Twilight Saga the movies are sooo much different from the actual books. So stop your dumb crying and enjoy the movie. You people have a lot to complain about over a movie that most of you enjoyed. If you don’t like it don’t watch the next one and watch something else. Grow up a little bit kaythanks

      Thumb up 10 Thumb down 2

    • Alana said

      I watched the series and still love te movie remake. I think people are just way to sensitive with remakes. By making it a variety of differen races, Night has made it a much more political film. Stop being so sensitive and consider WHY the changes were made. I can’t wait for the second part!!!

      Thumb up 12 Thumb down 1

    • WBlack said

      I agree with everyone here. The martial arts was good while the names were said wrong. The movie was rushed. They kicked out so much of the tv series. They should remake it.. but remake as a longer file. Making up for everything they left out. Make it like the length of Titanic.. then it could show everything they missed. Sad part is the 2nd one they would try to make the rest of the tv series. They need to make it like the books and show. Bad thing is it came out on my birthday.. bad birthday gift!! Well the thing they have to look at is time line of the show to the time line of the movies. MAKE IT MATCH!! I’ll give it to them for putting Oppa in it. But they need MoMo in it all the time!! They did make the characters look like the tv series. I’ll that to them too. But it all comes down to remaking it.. and make it continuo to the next and the next.. like the tv series.

      Thank you everyone for reading my post too.

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    • ryanhense said

      The best way to make it better is very simple,just change the director with the professional one,replace the wrong cast like zuko,fire lord ozai,put the cast to rightfull character like in the anime , simple ,right 🙂 ?

      Thumb up 1 Thumb down 6

    • Twitch said

      I can understand a good book u read sucked as a movie because it didn’t happen how it should have. But like all things the act of change or a sense of change can be a bit abrasive and it apparently it has considering… However your reactions to this movie is compromised. If u will for example take people who watch and worship a cartoon “mostly from a comic book” that may have had a story plot at first, then take that fan based show that i’s spiting out money u will find a dozen or so writers every week pulling ideas out of there ass to keep these fan based people watching the cartoon…. Now like i said cartoons usaly come from a comic book which is some one else pulling a story out of his ass the cartoon its self would be insulting to the comic book fans would it not? Now you tAke us that never even heard of this tv/comic/movie and have us watch it we are saying hey not bad didn’t really get it all and now cuse the crap head maker cut the story off in the middle idk what happens next… So what I’m saying is don’t take ur miss guided anger out on the guy who made the movie or the actors in it… It was a low budget to start off with and considering 
      We have jack ass on the 3d screen???  the general population that dosent watch the cartoon wouldn’t sit through a lord of the rings type movie…  Be kind to some one and end ur life now if all u can do is cry about ur favorite children’s cartoon / comic / movie didn’t exceed ur childish standards.

      Thumb up 3 Thumb down 1

      • The Truth said

        The Directors of the Lord of the Rings did a awesome Job! They would do way better with this movie and that is a fact.

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    • Nathan said

      M. Night is a good, director, but a crappy writer. I’d see a sequal, but only if the writers from the show write it, or at least supervise the writer, not M. Night

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    • Chris L said


      Thumb up 2 Thumb down 7

    • Jamie said

      I disagree, thatt was a good movie! Yes, a lot of info waas untold, but itf was still pretty awesome in my opinion and I hope a 2nd one is made!

      Thumb up 8 Thumb down 2

    • Sarah said

      Okay you guys are all very close-minded. First of all, if you watched the tv series at all you would understand that the whole story will not fit into one single movie. Like it said in the beginning..BOOK ONE: WATER. Obviously everything cannot go into that one movie. Also, thats what they mean when they say “based on the series.” For all you morons out there, that means it isn’t the actual story, but derived from the story. Yes, alot was left out, but thats what happens when you’re BASING the movie on the something. Not to mention that it always happens when trying to make a whole series into feature films. Take the Twilight Saga for example. If you had read the books before seeing the movies, you would see what a horrible job they did in making them into movies. The Twilight movies are seriously lacking the quality the books hold. I read all four books before I saw any of the films and loved the story. After watching the first three films, I felt as if those 8 hours of my life had been wasted. Granted, I am looking forward to the last two movies, as I’ve heard they will be better than the first three, but I’m certain they will still not be nearly as good as the actual books. The Last Airbender the tv series was very good, I watched with my kids. And when we saw the movie I was a little dissappointed in what they left out but it happens. You all are haters and if you’d just have open minds you would see that the movie as it is; A MOVIE; BASED on the series, not the actual series; was very good. Grow up and quit complaining because I can bet every one of you will watch the next one.

      Thumb up 5 Thumb down 1

    • fg said

      was not a damn thing wrong with the movie , I bet 90% of the spolied little morons bitcjing about it never even seen the tv series . freakin losers .

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  • MyMorningJoe said

    I think they should do the last airbender sequel with a different director!

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 5

    • Rico K said

      I definitely have to agree. M Night sucks major sweaty b**ls. He should get out of the movie biz because I don’t know one movie that was exceptionally good which he directed. Please, if anyone from Paramount is reading this, I strongly suggest you guys produce a sequel to TLA, but be smart enough to realize that the failure of the first one was all the director’s fault. TLA had great potential, but M. Night really screwed up. Give the opportunity to another director, and I say you find out if Peter Jackson would be interested.

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  • robinclank2 said

    well i liked the movie and im a fan of the show. i didnt judge the movie like some crazy fanboy.i would go as far to say that 75% of the movie is supported by events that occured in the show. yes of course there are changes to the movie but when it come to the main events and major plot points their all there in some form or another.

    (No, I’m not on “crack”, fyi. I loved the movie, It’s an opinion, get over it, people.)

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    • harobed said

      robinclank2 is right the movie is awesome. i think too many people went to the movie thinking it was going to be exactly like the tv series but to do that would have been impossible and i think the director did a great job making the movie as good as it was, i know the names were wrong but you have to get over it people nobody is perfect. I personally would see the movie again, and i can’t wait to see the next one if/when it comes out. 😛

      Thumb up 6 Thumb down 1

      • Justafan said

        I also agree that it was good. Although I had never seen the animated series before I watched the movie but I did enjoy it. It was good story and they followed the story. I would stay that I would be disappointed if they made the movies darker. One of the good things about the animated series is that it was lighter instead of so dart and therefore to go darker on the next movie I think would be a bad idea.

        Thumb up 4 Thumb down 1

        • mike said

          yes but the second season had alot more darker moments there for it should be a bit darker. i feel the first movie was good for what it was. it was more like a live action highlight reel than its own movie though in my eyes. i feel with the second movie he should defitnally steer away with the highlight reel. maybe make the movie a bit longer, and focus more on the character development. i mean if this movie wasnt based off a cartoon would it have been as jumpy as this one. they just jumped from place to place with no middle ground. just one fight after another. but they have to continue the series. they cant make one movie and stop. there are 3 books so there must be 3 movies.

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          • jacob said

            i think mikes right. it jus seemed as if they were jumping from scene to scene and the only thing that supposedly kept the story together was the girl tellin it inorder to fill the gaps. they should have taken alittle bit longer to get the feel right.they could have done better.and i dont think m.nights layed back cool feel is good for action scenes, thats why when they were fightin, the scenes were good bt it kinda felt like a performance on stage.

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    • sean said

      see this is what i mean you can really tell the true movie fans and i love the comments by the above that i stuck 75% to the show i wasn’t a hardcore fan of the show i watched it but that is about it and i loved it and WHO CARES IF HE SAID AUNG INSTEAD OF ANGE dear sweet lord give a gf and get a job

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    • david brantley said

      Hello All,
      I am a 33 year ole father and never really got into the cartoons untill my kids got the avator (last airbender series).
      TO my amazement i loved the cartoon and ended up with all of the books.Now with that said the movie came out and i was excited to see it.I bought it right away stayed up all night watching this film there were plenty of eye brow raising questions on why and why not but i myself thought the movie was well planned out although its not identical to the series none of them are.Questioned the differences in names and the lack of bending in the movie but i believe not to put to much in the first movie were the second will be boreing and a runn on of the first.so with that said i loved the movie and will encourage the film makers to do a 2nd and finish the 3rd regardless of what ill news they get from 100’s of over educated critics who think the movie should be a spitting image of the series…..

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      • weezy said

        I have never seen the cartoon, the ads are what intreged me to watch the movie. As a first-timer to the last airbender, i found myself and my family lost through the first-half of the movie. We like the story and would like to see the sequel, but would like to see more cohesion between scenes and story. I understand the fire nation is cracked(or seems to be)but there was not enough of a backgound in the beginning to make any of the characters all that important. Whoever wrote the script is the one to be crucified, for not following the storyline to begin with. Things can be edited to keep the story line and action together and keep the time frame. The movie feels lioke the person who made the script did not care about the story or have any feeling what-so-ever, they just put things on paper to make someone else satisfied and not even happy. My 5th grader puts more care and cohesion into what she writes than the person who wrote this script(sorry). It’s good to give opinions but give solutions too. Chose someone else to write the script, actors do what is put before them (though there are bad actors) but if you give bad bad will come out.

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  • Frank said

    I personally would like to remake the movie myself! Call him Aang, don’t call him AUNG! Call him the AVATAR not the AUVATAR! Call Sokka SOKKA (pronounced Saka)! NOT SOKKA (pronounced SOOKA). Bring the characters that are unique and are APART of the show into the movie!!!! I will make the movie enjoyable!!!!! Momo would be in the movie, Appa wouldn’t look like a Bull Dog with White Fluffy fur! Aang would be a decent actor. I plan on doing this (to bad I don’t have 150 Million dollars on my hands.

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    • Kate said

      Look, guys, even in real life, names are mispronounced. I watched Book One when it was aired on television, and I admit that though this movie could be better, it wasn’t as horrible as everybody seems to make it out to be.

      Also, stop telling these people to get lives. Clearly they’re passionate about this. I’m the same way with Harry Potter (btws, Chris Columbus and Richard Harris made the first two movies so fantastic.)

      Yes, some of the graphics seemed cheesy, but, think about the special effects that are needed to create the water bending the way it is portrayed in the cartoon. Yes, the FX are good in other movies, but it takes a lot of time and money to make them that good.

      I agree M. Night could have definitely put more effort into this, though. The characters were very impersonal, and I think that could have been corrected if they focused more on character development instead of FX.

      HOWEVER On a whole, this movie was good, and I definitely want to see the other two Books be created. They may definitely want to find a director who is much more used to action movies that get your adrenaline going, though.

      But seriously people. Real life can only do so much. It can’t replicate cartoons, because cartoons are fantasy.

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    • Someone said

      Yes – they should mispronounce all the names the way they did in the original – sheesh.

      Still, I think they should remake #1 with a new director. They have everything to gain by starting again from scratch.

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  • Mulk said

    Damn straight frank!

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  • Jenny said

    i really liked the movie. I am a fan of the show. though i did not like how they did not prenounce the names right. For last airbender 2 i would like them to improve that and go with the show.

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  • Water Tribe Guy said

    If they are to make a Last Airbender 2. I’d be fine with M. Night directing it. Have someone else write it, preferably Mike and Bryan spearheading the writing. Also get Sifu Kisu to help with directing the CG for the bending arts. Although, a remake would be nice; perhaps even a computer animated remake with the original voice actors as well? Also recast Zuko, they did in Twilight, they can do it here.

    Bumping it up to PG-13 would help a lot! If kids are watching Ironman 2 and Transformers they can handle a bit more violence and scary sequences in the second Airbender movie. Also PLEASE change AT LEAST Sokka’s name back!!! T_T A little more character development and Aang and Appa time would be nice too.

    I’m a huge fan of the series and it sucks to know that there is more overall awesomeness in a 23 minute tame episode of Avatar than in the movie…Also PLEASE make it longer! Perhaps that could fix some of the HORRIBLE pacing issues!! If a sequel is created, I only hope that Mike and Bryan can play a bigger part, and that more emotion is put into the characters.

    also IT’S AANG!!! LIKE BOOMERANG!!!! =3 (Also, I better see the Cabbage Guy or the Mouth Foamy Guy)

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    • LexxYLou said

      WOO for the Cabbage Man!! I don’t know why everyone’s freaking out over this, it’s just a movie. And of course it’s not going to follow the series exactly, that’s not even possible without making it ridiculously long.
      But I would agree that pronouncing the names RIGHT would be a good thing! And whoever said to re-cast Zuko, I could live with that as well.
      But in all honestly, calm down people, you all sound obsessive and kind of stupid. If you have such strong opinions over a simple movie, you have bigger things to worry about..

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      • Cory said

        This is my opinion of this movie.
        For one, the actors WERE decent, just of the wrong race. If actors are given BAD direction, well, TLA will be born.

        Also, for people who think that you CAN’T make a movie out of a series without it being ridiculously long, okay, it might be a little longer than 90 minutes, but FOR TLA, ANYONE would be willing to see ALL those moments come to life on screen.
        I wrote a screenplay myself (I am not a professional) and it was 60 pages for the first movie. You just take out the superfluous stuff. For example, at the beginning, when Aang and Katara go to the wrecked Fire Nation ship and set off an explosion, and THAT is how Zuko knows where they are, I have them penguin sledding and Aang gets super excited and jumps high up into the air, and Zuko sees THAT, and knows it had to be the last airbender. That cut out a significant chunk of that particular episode, and made it go faster, but still had fun, and had the major plot points.

        Also, when they go to the Earth King (his name escapes me right now) and the king wants to force the Avatar state, Aang has the dream THAT night about how he SHOULDN’T try to force the Avatar state, and tells the king the next day, and THEN the whole thing with putting Katara in danger happens. Taking a lot out, but putting the MAIN parts in!

        It’s possible, and snippets here and there make it manageable without completely putting the middle finger up to the fans who loved the playfulness and non-Americanness of the show.

        That’s all I got. I DO like M Night Shymalan’s PREVIOUS movies, my fav.s are The Sixth Sense, Signs, and The Village. NOW, I hesitate when it comes to his movies, because he did such a terrible thing to TLA. Not only did he butcher the screenplay, but he made it so that it will be a long time before a GOOD movie is made of it. Just like what happened with The Golden Compass, even though that wasn’t a bad movie, because it was ‘controversial’ nobody will touch the other books…

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    • ane said

      OMG, I forgot about Cabbage guy!!!!!! Please have more humor in the next one. Aang looked so depressed and like Kristen Stewart in real life, when she always looks so uncomfortable everywhere.

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    • Wicked_Lovely said

      I loved the movie and i would really like a sequel. I thought the fight scenes and the special effects were great. I loved the way they blended martial arts with magic to make the bender fights.

      That saying I can recognise that some of the writing was really quite bad. I love M. Night’s movies, so i would be happy to see him direct the next one but i wouldn’t be unhappy if someone else put their own stamp on it. If anything get new writers at the very least. But it would be a shame if they just left it to rot without trying anything, this series has the potential of being fantastic.

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    • The Truth said

      I bet my bottom dollar that Donnie Yen would do a greater job with this movie!

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  • AvatarFan said

    Dear god and all that is holy, what is wrong with M. Night Shyamalan? His piece of crap movie is universally hated and panned by fans, critics, and even kids who don’t know any better hated it. WHHYYYY the hell does he want to do a sequel? Does he not see that we all hate him and his cruddy work? Does he not see that no sane person would let him touch any more of the Avatar series with a 10 foot pole?

    I don’t normally wish people physical harm, but does he not see that we all wish someone ran over his fingers so that he could just stop writing? He’s a friggin 1-hit wonder and if it wasn’t for The Sixth Sense, I would consider him on par with Uwe Boll.

    Like I don’t even understand why he even tacks his name to movies anymore. His name serves as a red flag for me to stay the hell away.

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  • Austin said

    What this movie needs is a do-over with a different director, not a sequel. And it also needs a Restraining Order from M. Night Shyamalan ASAP! If they make a sequel with M. Night, I won’t see it. He is a douche!

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  • Austin said

    I couldn’t agree more with you guys. I’m huge fan of the series and I never liked the idea of M. Night directing this movie because I saw Signs and The Happening and they are just awful, awful movies. Does anybody know if there is like a reaction from Michael and Bryan (ATLA creators)? I really would like to know their reactions on this mess of a movie. I don’t believe that they agree this movie is good. Can someone please let me know if they react to the movie.

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  • AANG OUTLAW said


    M.Night FIRED!!! and Peter Jackson HIRED!!!(:Yes im from NZ:), after all he is doing HALO, YA KNOW what i’m saying At least Someone else who can justify the series for all its FANS, by doing the movie IN ACCORDANCE to the series What’s so FreakN Hard about THAT!!!
    I Agree with Frank, Water Tribe Guy and the Rest of Y’all who are on the same wave-length 😉

    ATLA Series * * * * * 5/5
    ATLA Movie * 1/5
    DO tha Math,
    Read Between The Lines
    Keep It Real


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  • Veryfew said

    So much so everyone is concerned of M.Night direction ..the hoops & the blah blahs bluffing idiots..calling end to his movies direction ..& so on.First of all there are 80 odd countries great fan based international audiences …who bothered of nothing but watching movie for their crap time at schools,office or work are nothing to do with so called bad..worse..great. Just watch it & shut the f^k up!

    & to Last Airbender 2 just shut of..watch it when it hits screens near you…earn yourself few dollars then loosing your head for some one who is minting millions of dollars on your graves.LoL

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  • Rachel77 said

    OMG I can’t believe this is a debate. Summit has made three of the worse movies ever getting cheesier with each movie and yet they plan two more based on the absolute most boring book ever written Breaking Dawn. I truly hope The Last Airbender makes 380 mil.

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  • Renee23 said

    I can’t believe how low you guys are. You have never created anything so it seems like you should attack anyone that can. M. Night Shyamalan is an incredible director and if all of you could think for yourself you might see this. Instead you jumped on the bigot bandwagon- hate everything M. Night Shyamalan does. The movie has made 133 million and has only opened up in 7 overseas markets. Which means a whole lot of people liked it.

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    • Avatar Lover said

      Your dumb. The only reason the movie was watched by SOO many people is because its based on a popular television series.

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      • logic said

        People will enjoy this movie because it has a good story and badass action scenes with great cgi. Sure the acting was a little off in places, awkward pauses from Katara anyone? She couldn’t have raised here eyebrows anymore when speaking…. but there were also the actors that really shined like Dev Patel, as well as the uncle. Aang wasn’t the greatest but he had the perfect look for the role, which went a long way.

        The environments were nice and music was solid. Like any movie you can sit and criticize it all day long, but none of the fanboys posting here have made a movie, and 99.9% never will. So come off of your lowly horses, sit back and enjoy a great piece of film.


        It’s a freakin’ film, if you want a cartoon go watch one. Come off it Fanboys!

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        • Mark said

          I am a huge fan of the TV show. I bought all episodes off Itunes and watch them quite a bit. Remove the problems with the names (Ahng instead of AAng was the worst), the acting was fine with what they had to work with. (The poorest casting was Admiral Zhou. Must have been a friend of MNS). My problem with the movie was that there was no character development. In any book or movie, character development is one of the main pieces that have to be there – and there really wasn’t any. I have no idea who Aang, Katara, or Saka are. What would they do in this sepcific situation. Without character development, you have nothing.
          Another part that I am upset about is many of the very important pieces of the movie are missing. There is no connection to the past Avatar’s, instead, Aang has a connection to Roku’s dragon? What is the Avatar state. Is it a connection to Roku, or Roku’s dragon. Can he control the Avatar state? Looks like he can in the film. So now we have removed a ton of the best story writing for garbage. What about even the slightest notion that Aang is interrested in Katara? That is totally missing from the Movie. So what is going to happen in book 2 and 3 when this suddenly appears? Or is MNS going to leave that all out as well? What about Aang’s avertion to killing? We saw he had an avertion to using Water Bending in the movie, but we have no idea why. And Aang’s avertion to killing is at the heart of the third book. We also don’t see his aversion to using Fire Bending, which is also an important part of book 3. MNS must break the next 2 books into 4 movies in order to address some of these problems. Otherwise, he might as well re-write the whole story line and call everyone by a different name, and call the movie (The Last Guy that can move Air with his mind) because it will be nothing like the TV series at that point.

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    • Surf said

      Or maybe it sold so much because despite the directors horrid directing the fans of the series want to support it… Honestly if you haven’t watched the tv series then stfu. Your opinion fails for ignorance.
      The entire thing would have been better if the shows creators had been given the chance to help..or you know if he would of at least made sure to keep crucial rolls involved… Where the hell are the kyoshi warriors… Where was bumi! Hell where was ROKU? Seriously. If he’d actually watch the series an you know TRY to make it more then a quick dollar in his pocket then I’d say he has potential…
      I say yes to a second but either remove m. Night add mike an brian into the making of it or make the movies more then three! And for heavens sake get some real character development or don’t frikkin bother!
      Oh and it’s effing Aang NOT Uung!

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  • Fairtrade said

    I really like the MOVIE. It has its charm, very good action takes, LOVE the music, the cast is great. I enjoyed it very much because its entertaining.
    I find the comments here are not about the movie but about the person who made the movie. There has been a campaign to discredit Shyamalan for who he is then what he has achieved in the past.
    Despite all these negative comments, the movie is making more money, and we all wonder why !!! Like the user Austin would not mind a sequel but change the director, that is an example of a troll who is against ‘non’ white directors making it big in hollywood. SHAME on you Austin, loser like you should know that Sign and happening made more money then you will ever dream , LOSER!!!

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    • Pete said


      One reason it’s making money is because of marketing. With over 100 million dollars spent on marketing budget, plus charging extra for useless 3D viewing, it’s a no brainer that it’s making money. Also, just because people are upset with the director doesn’t necessarily mean they hate all of his works. So what if people are blaming Shyamalan, he did it to himself. Instead of trying to adapt a beloved animated series (that was well liked by kids as well as adults) into live action, he’s actually made it worse…makes the cartoon look bad.

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      • tamika said

        I never watched the Avatar’s sequels on the Nick channel( Cartoon versions)….I really like the movie, but did like the cartoons better once I seen it….I do, however, still like the movie and I want to see the Earth and Fire movie version. That is true that some movies are better, but I didn’t think it was horrible at all. I can’t remember the water bender’s name, but the brother was not as funny in the movie as he was in the cartoon.

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        • Rena said

          I really liked the movie. I thought it was creative and action packed! My three year old daughter even liked it and usually she does not get into the adult type movies. There are a lot of movies that are derived from cartoons and books I have yet to see a movie that completely follows the originals so why don’t you all just appreciate the fact that they did as well as they could, and encourage them to do a sequel maybe they will learn from this one and do better on the second! Instead give them advice rather than criticize them; for example make the water benders brother more comical in his actions. any way my point they could have made Aangs pet a flying donkey or something so considering they didnt, got the characters pretty darn close, and followed the main story line, I think we should give them tips and advice as fans of the last air bender.

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          • E said

            I thought The Last Airbender movie was pretty good, even if it did cut some parts out of the series. But also keep in mind that it takes alot to make any movie. Finding the right actors for the parts, sets, costumes and filming. Plus maybe this was some of the actors’ first time doing a film, perhaps they were nervous. I remember when I first started acting and singing on stage, I was terrified. Also just because you thought this movie was horrible, doesn’t mean you have to critisize it harshly. This took a lot of time and effort, just like other films such as Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Avatar, and Star Wars. Be sure to appreciate that we even have this type of entertainment. I like TLA movie and I hope they make a second and third film.

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