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The Last Airbender 2 – Sequel Plans

The Last Airbender 2 - Sequel
There’s been a lot of Last Airbender 2 talk in recent weeks. So what has been said and how likely is a sequel?

With a production budget of $150m, and $130m spent on marketing, Paramount want a worldwide take of $280m before greenlighting any Last Airbender sequel. The first movie has grossed $115m so far in the US and will likely finish around $140m, but it is yet to open in most major territories around the world. With the fanbase and the inflated ticket price of 3D, it may get within spitting distance when all is counted. Significantly, a Last Airbender sequel would reportedly cost less than the original movie.

But while a healthy number of people flocked to see it (based on the popularity of the TV series, Shyamalan’s name still being a draw, and the family-friendly subject matter), the reaction from nearly all was crushing disappointment. 92% of critics disliked or hated it. While the fans had this to say –

Remarkably, this reaction doesn’t seem to have phased writer-director M.Night Shyamalan much. Maybe he’s used to it after Lady In The Water and The Happening.

If he’s given the green light, he’s says that the main villain in The Last Airbender 2 will be Azula, the “only real, pure antagonist” in the proposed trilogy. Azula (Summer Bishil) had a brief role in the first movie. In the TV show the character is a destructive Firebending prodigy who becomes obsessed with capturing the Avatar. She eventually rises to the position of Fire Lord where she loses her sanity.

The elite female Kyoshi Warriors will also play a key role in any Last Airbender 2. They were initially in the first film, and M.Night shot a carefully choreographed scene with them, but he chose to cut it from the final print for being too “distracting from the movie”.

Tonally the second film will be “darker”, while the third will be “more ambiguous”. The 3D will be much improved, as M.Night plans to actually shoot in 3D this time, rather than convert after filming is complete.

So the question posed here is can a movie that is hated equally by critics, fans and general audiences alike, but that breaks even financially and has a director determined to push forward, get a sequel? Paramount will probably wait for Blu-ray/DVD sales before deciding. Watch this space.

What would you like to see happen in any Last Airbender sequel? How can they improve on the first movie? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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Source: MTV

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  • Patrick said

    I never knew there was a show, so I never had anything to “reference” the movie to.

    As a big fan of fantasy and sci-fi movies, I think The Last Airbender was great. I liked everything about it. I mean, there could have been some better character development, but the idea and concept where there. I enjoyed the movie, but like I said before, I didn’t even know there was a TV show on this.

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  • Cheya said

    kinda upset they rushed it. Was upset that the earth bender boy was suppose to be a girl and blind duh. But I guess that’s what happens when you put a sucky director/writer to do a good series like this. I mean lady in the water sucked and so did the happening one of the worst movies ever!! But other than that I enjoyed the efx. And I am hoping to see a sequel just make it better! =)

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  • mark said

    i bought the the dvd for myself and my grandkids. Although i found the movie disappointing because of the firelord and aang fight never took place. i found the movie very interesting and can’t wait for the sequels to come out. There is a lot of great possibilities to come from the first movie. Remember Star Trek had to start somewhere. Look where it has gone. Again i look forward to your next movie. I’m 60 yrs young and love these kind of films.

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  • RAM67 said

    I have watched the cartoon series with my 6 yr old and anyone expecting a match for match concept between the movie and cartoon is being totally unrealistic. Any movie based on a TV series or book is never gonna be the same as the original. In order to do that you would have to have a film split into multiple two hour showings like “The Stand”, “The Langoliers”, “Rose Red”, “It”, etc. and even then if you know these stories and even with the highly extended movie lengths they still can’t completely cover the original story plots. Also this isn’t the first film based on a TV show or book that has modified the pronunciation of words or names. All these cry babies that are complaining about the plot being a bit rushed, a word/name having a different sound, not hearing the name of a creature not even vital to the plot, or not seeing a certain person/group in the original film, etc. need to grow up or try to direct the sequal themselves and see how long they can keep the job. I bet that if most of these cry babies actually did their homework they might discover that the real pronunciation of Aang’s name in the movie is more in tune with its actual origins. I also bet that if they look into the international market they might find (unlike themselves) a totally positive reaction to the film (especially in the Asiatic countries like Japan, China, and Thailand).

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    • Pete said


      Well, you must like poorly adapted films because the critics and audiences at best gave this movie an average “C,” so there’s obviously something wrong with the filmmaking, just look at imdb, yahoo, rottentomatoes, etc. There have been quite a few successful films adapted from popular books and animated series into live action like The first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman movies (exception of Batman and Robin), first 2 Superman films and new one, Spiderman, X-Men, Harry Potter etc have all been successful and even the Transformers movies were far more exciting than this. If you say the character’s names are pronounced from the actual origins of the culture, why aren’t their races as well? There were very few east asian actors (considering the cartoon was about east asian and native american cultures) and none of the leads went to those actual descendants or even look like them.

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      • Johnny said

        Pete it seems that you don’t get it. The Avatar world is not asian, but was based on asian culture. Now the movie might not be perfect but at least make the series know to the whole world. To tell the ENTIRE SERIES ON LIVE ACTION, THEY WOULD BETTER HAVE DONE A MINI SERIES ON TELEVISION. Now that would have been a good thing but also might lost the opportunity to see our beloved characters on film. Hopefully M. Night will get a second shot at the sequel and make it longer and better.

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  • Rafael said

    I like the movie too! It was fun but not as great as the series!
    It had good elements and parts from the series! But Shylaman cut to much of it too!
    I think the actors playing Saka and Katara should be replace in a sequel because they don’t look convincing! The guy playing Saka was too old and he looks stupid playing the character and trying to mimic him! The dialogue was as bad as the series but for a cartoon is a fine but for a live action movie the transition was bad! I was surprised Night did that cause one of the strenght of his movies are the way he developed the characters! So am hoping he pass in writing this movie!

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  • queenvee20 said

    Things that could be done to improve the 2nd film:

    Who cares what the “general audience” thinks MNS? Correct pronounciation of the characters names is crucial

    Incorporate the love interest between Aang and Katarra, Sokka and Suki (once she’s introduced)

    Exceptional casting for Mei and Ty Li (Azula’s trifecta)

    More character development from here on out…

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  • bz said

    the biggest problem with this was that it was rushed. it was an 86 minute movie. thats why so many parts were missing. if they’d added even an extra 30 minutes to it to make it an even 2 hours it would have been so much better. also. there was virtually no 3d at all. if he really took the time to do a second one right, it would work.

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  • Mark Sully said

    -I am a fan of the series even though I began watching the series in late 08. I feel that all the hatred of this film is old news but I figured might as well comment. SORRY FOR LENGTH

    -I havent seen the movie but when its on demand in the future I might check it out, but all the critics and reviews giving detailed reasons for why they disliked the movie seriously discouraged me from watching it sooner. -People say that if you didn’t vote then don’t complain about the outcome, but I think enough people have watched it for me.

    -I feel they should throw away the first movie or learn from the regretable mistakes and turn the second movie into a far more likeable piece of entertainment. Maybe they should get a new dedicated staff to truly turn this into a 3 movie epic that will stay true to the fans and show that a movie based on a animated series can be great.

    -The turn out in the theatres might be HUGE if people here of an epic remake with a big budget, with hands on help from the animated series creators.

    -Too much thought was put into the creation process, one example is the names being pronounced differently, the saying is “if it aint broke dont fix it”, and there was nothing wrong with how it was done in the series.

    -I’d like to keep the actors in the event of a remake(no need to punish them for the poor movie) and mold them into the characters that made the series so likeable.

    -Bottom line for possibly my only comment is that a movie with a rediculous amount of potential shouldn’t have been wasted like that. There is a lack of detail in my overall comment because I think there are enough reviews out there.

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  • Tyler Yenkala said

    M. Night has had some bad movies in the past but this was the biggest upset to every true fan in the world. Someone Like Peter Jackson, George Lucas, or James Cameron would be suited to do this film correctly *hint hint*! M. Night Left out sooooo much compared from the amazing spectacular cartoon, to the stupid bull crap film he has set upon the world. First off, get the names right! AND don’t leave out MOMO! Kyoshi Warriors have a major role though out the entire story line, not once were they included! The architecture of the Northern Water Tribe city was cool I will admit…BUT like Roku, WTF M. Night!! He is one of the biggest roles in the series and a badass, you screwed him up so badly! Instead of putting all of Book 1 into a less than 2 hour movie; why don’t you make a longer movie! That would’ve been smart to include more footage and detail into the movie. Ozai wasn’t supposed to be introduced til later, AND he is supposed to be a buff, long-haired villain, as well as zhao! All i know is that you screwed up the movie entirely and you fail as a director. This series is one of the biggest cartoon epic stories of the world, and of course, you direct it. Thanks for nothing, quit filming, OR let a more amazing director such as peter, george or james re-do the trilogy after your done so that we may enjoy the movie the way it is supposed to be like! Goodbye.

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    • Tioqo said

      Is anybody taking the time out to consider that the directors are limited because of the lack of resources available from the studios. The studios don’t always dish out the best to the creatives because they want to see how good the first one will do. I’m definitely sure that had they been given a decent budget they would have extended the time as well, but it’s Not the directotr’s call like everyone assumes.

      You can’t compare films like that. So c’mon peeps, a round of applause to this guy, he tried hard with what he had, if you compare this movie to others like harry porter & LOTR, try comparing the budgets and you’ll get the difference. The longer the film the bigger the budget required as well.

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      • Johnny said

        Well said Tioquo, M. Night trie hard to make this movie work. He even had breakfast with the creators of the show. He showed them the outline of the movie and the creators saw that it was about an 10 hour movie and needed to be cut. But M. Nigth said that he love every material of it but had to cut it out because of the budget. Now the studio is not helping either. The reason the movie was cut off is because the studio wanted to convert the movie into 3D at the last minute. Now that was A BIG MISTAKE, because they should have plan for it from the very beginning. M. Night could not said no like the Warner studio that cancell the 3D covert for Harry Potter pt. 1. The studio is the one who makes these calls, hopefully they will be wise and plan for BOOK 2 very carefully.

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  • Mikeymike2000 said

    I thought the movie was awesome. if they make a second like the first i will definetly buy both of them. Dont understand everyone else’s deal but screw everyone who thought it sucked. Really cool, movie not a 10 but 8 for sure, at least.

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  • bec12201970 said

    You cannot compare a movie such as The Last Airbender to movies such as X-Men and Batman. For one, budgets are all the same. And as for another, the point of view of the director is completely different. I liked the movie. I thought it was pretty good and I look forward to a sequel. However, I hope it isn’t as rushed, there is more to the Earth tribes than the water tribes so maybe they should split it into 2 movies. I don’t know, that’s just my opinion.

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  • khna said

    This movie script was so but so garbage. I mean is not that the special effects where bad just everything else from bad actors to poor story telling. I felt disappointed at this movie that I wont watch the other ones. Maybe they need a real fan to do the movie (director). You need someone who loved the animated series to do a great movie.

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  • David said

    This makes the second time my family and I have watch The Last Airbender and we all have enjoyed it time and time again. I never watched the cartoon series but, I am totally satisfied with this movie and we all looked forward to a sequal.. come on already let’s get on with the making of the earth movie.. rock on fans…

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  • Chris said

    I liked the movie, I think M. Night did a great job. It followed the tv show as close as it could with the running time of the movie. And it was 100x beter then the Dragon Ball movie. I can’t wait for part 2. Great Job

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  • Kristin said

    I loved the Movie!! I didnt know anything about it, until the movie came out and i cant wait to see the next one!!

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