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Eat, Pray, Love Soundtrack

Eat Pray Love Soundtrack Song List - Listen Here & Download
The Eat Pray Love soundtrack. Welcome ladies & gentlemen to the advent of Travel Porn.

Eat Pray Love is based on the relatively well written autiobiographical book by Elizabeth Gilbert, the first chapter of which begins with the line: “I wish Giovanni would kiss me. Oh but there are so many reasons why this would be a terrible idea”. This then is not Hemmingway. Neither should it be, some of you might be saying, although others will be saying Jesus is there nothing in the world of film or literature aimed at women that isn’t entirely centred around kissing men, and/or handbags. If you are having feelings similar to this, there is nothing to worry about, it is simply a recurrance of Sex And The City Fever. You are not alone.

In Eat Pray Love handbags and expensive shoes have been replaced by Hinduism and Julia Roberts, and a love of all things superficial and expensive replaced by an almost sexual appetite for the pleasures of quitting your job and travelling to India. As the film opens, good ol’ Julia decides she’s tired of being with men (can a woman in a major Hollywood film please decide something that isn’t about whether or not she wants to be in a relationship with a man? Please?) and of having a job and she wants to go travelling. So she goes travelling. She learns things. She talks to a wise Asian man. She rediscovers her sense of self. Jesus. Come on everyone, come pay eight quid, or ten bucks, or twelve euros (delete as appropriate), to watch someone more attractive than you quit their job, go travelling, and have a simply smashing time. Move over torture porn, travel porn is here, and it hasn’t got Eli Roth anywhere near it. What more could you want?

What’s that? You’d like sixteen tracks of relaxing tunes with some Indian percussion rhythms to make you feel like you’ve gone travelling without actually having to quit your job or even leave the house? Well, sorry, the Eat Pray Love soundtrack only has fifteen tracks. You ask too much sir.

But feat not, those fifteen tracks are loaded with so much soulful relaxamating vibrations that you may drown in your own pleasure juices. Two of Neil Young’s best (and most obvious) tracks, Josh Rouse, Joao Gilberto (listening to whom is like being given a sensual massage by somebody’s uncle), Kenny Burrell, even an Eddie Vedder collaboration with Nusrat “Jeff Buckley Loved Me” Fateh Ali Khan. And there’s a Sly & The Family Stone track for a surprising moment of funktasticness in between all the chillaxing.

It’s off the relaxed Richter scale. It’s like having honey dribbled into your mouth in a hot bubble bath whilst getting a neck massage in candlelight as a demure French woman reads your favourite childhood book to you in dulcet tones and a kitten strokes your eyebrows. Extreme audio pleasantness.

Which all threatens to tip-over into sick-making, except… it’s got Neil Young and Marvin Gaye and Sly & The Family Stone. So, what can you do? These people knew what they were doing. Porn is nice.

Except the final Eddie Vedder track, which includes the lyrics I feel part of the universe, and my emotion so submerged, and has a bongo percussion backing, which is substantially sick-making.

Listen To The Eat Pray Love Soundtrack:

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(Or if you’re in the UK it’s here for mp3s, here for cd)

Eat Pray Love Soundtrack Song List
1. Flight Attendant – Josh Rouse
2. Last Tango In Paris (Suite Pt. 2) – Gato Barbieri
3. Thank You (Fallettin Me Be Mice Elf Agin) – Sly & The Family Stone
4. Der Hölle Rache Kocht In Meinem Herzen from “Die Zauberflote (The Magic Flute)”
5. Heart of Gold – Neil Young
6. Kaliyugavaradana – U. Srinivas
7. The Long Road – Eddie Vedder, with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
8. Harvest Moon – Neil Young
9. Samba Da Bençáo – Bebél Gilberto
10. Wave – João Gilberto
11. Got To Give It Up (Part 1) – Marvin Gaye
12. ‘S Wonderful – João Gilberto
13. Better Days – Eddie Vedder
14. Attraversiamo – Dario Marianelli

Leave your thoughts on Eat Pray Love and the Eat Pray Love soundtrack in the comments. If you’re looking for a particular track leave a description and someone normally replies.

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  • Adrienne Jenkins said

    Love the Eat, Pray, Love Theme Song featured in the movie trailer (Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine)

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  • Joan said

    What is the song that Felipe plays on his stereo just before he sweeps Liz into the bedroom for the first time?

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  • Kay said

    whats the song that was playing before felipe forced liz off the road

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  • Alyssa said

    My friend used her Iphone app for that song and it came up as being S’Wonderful, it’s on the soundtrack. To me though it still doesn’t completely sound like the one that is played on the tape and I really want to know if that’s the song.

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  • Sasha said

    Hey Kay – it’s Samba Da Bencao by Bebel Gilberto

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  • Aliyah said

    there was a song when she got to india and was in the taxi. i want to know what the name of it is help, anyone?

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  • princess said

    When she gets into india and was in the taxi the song that was playing is called “boyz” by M.I.A

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  • Timi said

    To Kay and Alyssa:

    The original song is called S’wonderful by Joao Gilberto.

    But it was also re-sung by his daughter, but the name of the song is different.

    The daughter’s version is called Samba Da Bancao by Bebel Gilberto.

    Bebel Gilberto’s version is also part of the soundtrack for the movie called Closer – ironically starring Julia Roberts. The song was played in the gallery that Julia Roberts’ character was opening.

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  • Meli said

    Hi!! I am looking for the song that is played when She and her husband are in the car, when they are speaking about going to aruba. It is a well known song of the nineties and it says something with Wonder…

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    • niki said

      The song played when Julia is in the car with her husband is
      ” Dreams ” by ” Fleetwood Mac

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  • Don said

    I wonder what is the music in the movie’s preview soundtrack, a woman’s song??

    I appreciate it

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  • Alan said

    I have just come back from watching this movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it.I don’t know who the critic is who wrote the long stuff at the top, but please, it is a film, escapism. We know we won’t be able to afford this, that we will have to get on with our dull & dreary lives. I know that Gladiator wouldn’t have happened, nor most films that I watch. I go to be entertained, & I was.

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    • bianki said

      the song playing in the bar when she met david is flight attendant by josh rouse

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  • berrypie said

    hi (:
    i was wondering which song was played , when liz met david at the bar . .

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  • vanessa said

    What’s the song played when she dances on the beach with the topless guy? really good tune but can’t find it!

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  • Bibo said

    Can anyone help me find the name of the song featured in the movie trailer…it is not “dog days are over” it have something to do with New York city…thxxx

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  • Chris Neilan said


    That’s a perfectly valid point. I usually take it as my role as a critic to point out what’s going on underneath the layers of fabrication, and my opinion is that essentially Eat Pray Love is selling a vastly simplified and, I think, pretty disingenuous idea of self-discovery.

    I think it’s a critic’s responsiblity to be an incredulous dissenter, hence I usually offer the alternative view to that of received wisdom.

    Enjoying the film as pure escapism is totally valid. That said, I would say that I wasn’t talking about the events in a film and whether or not they have actually happened, but rather what that film is using those events to say, and Gladiator is an extremely well realised redemption tale.

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