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New Live Action TMNT Gets Michael Bay & Iron Man’s Mouth

New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movie 2012 - News
You’ll be seeing a new, live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film in 2013, and it’s written by the guys who penned the first Iron Man film. Yes, live action. You are not having a bizarre hallucinogenic dream.

Apparently Viacom’s Nickelodeon bought the global rights to the entire Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise, including all films, TV shows and games, for a crispy $60 million from, um, Viacom’s Paramount Pictures. It’s all a bit incestuous.

The producing team of – deep breath – Platinum Dunes’ Michael Bay, Andrew Form, Brad Fuller and original producers Scott Mednick, Galen Walker and Maria Norman are seeing the movie fast-tracked (i.e. rushed beyond all reason) and want a first draft of the script by October so they can attach a director and go into production asap. In order to accomplish this, they’ve turned to Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, writers of Iron Man, a new, unproduced Punisher, a new Highlander and the future Buck Rogers movies. Put like this, maybe they are a good choice to handle a nerdy franchise such as this. Still, rushing films never ends well.

Source: Deadline

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  • Joker said

    I’m glad the turtles are coming back to the big screen. They were always one my favorites. I’m pretty sure Bay and the Iron writers will do this franchise no wrong.

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    • yungnatureboy said

      im sure that bay will f it up like hes doing the transformers changing the look and putting the focas on the human s more than the robots they just should have remade the transformers cartoon movie into live action or anything good lol bay dont need to touch it the 1st turtle movie is a classic …

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    • TMNTFAN4LIFE said

      “Michael Bay will do no wrong.” My ass! Guess what that dumbass just announced? THAT THE TURTLES WILL BE FROM AN ALIEN RACE! How is that not doing the TMNT no wrong? Effe Michael Bay!

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      • OLD GENERATION said

        you guys need to really if nick did buy this (which im starting to believe they did from their new cartoon) then it wont go good but it will be interesting to see what nick does with a already been chewed up and digested(abc….d) movie franchise like this.

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  • James Clark said

    I just watched “Let The Right One In” last night and the reason why I’m bringing that up is because it was done right. It wasn’t rushed and it didn’t have Michael Bay attached to it. I really want to see a good TMNT movie, but it needs to be done by someone who is more concerned with plot and dialog than just blowing things up.

    I know this is a kids type of franchise and action is important, but we are beyond the days where “cheesy” is acceptable, we want depth and we want to care about the characters. With the rush on the script, it leaves very little time for rewrites, which is when a lot of the depth of the movie can be added in.

    I really hope this movie doesn’t suck, but it probably will.

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    • yungnatureboy said

      i think ur right its a kids franchise but we grew up wit it so you will have grown ups that will watch it more so than kids .kids will want the toys and games well want a good movie wit no bay hes already messed up the transformers now this oh noooooo..

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    • NerdKore64 said

      You’re wrong. That is a common misconception. TMNT is not a children’s franchise. So many people look at the 1980’s TMNT cartoon and think that’s what the movies were based off. That is not the case at all. TMNT originally came out as a comic and it was dark, gritty and geared toward adult’s. That’s what the first TMNT movie was based off of, not the bastardized 80’s cartoon. The sequels to the original TMNT movie had to be toned down because the parent’s complained about the violence and adult situation’s. The parent’s wanted the movies to be more like the cartoon, so the producers got pressured into making kid friendly sequels which weren’t as good as the first TMNT movie. I believe this movie should be more darker and geared towards adult’s with a Dark Knight/Batman Begin’s edginess to it. With that said, do more research before you get on here announcing that the TMNT franchise is only geared toward’s children, because it is not.

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  • si said

    Talk about polishing old turds…….I hoped we would never see those horrendous green freaks again.

    Has originality ceased to exist….all we seem to get nowadays is remakes of remakes or reimaginings.

    Surely there are some new ideas or characters to base films on.

    After watching the original “Highlander” last night I was struck by two things:-

    1/ Christopher Lambert is the worst actor I have ever seen.

    2/ Both the dialogue and action sequences are terrible.

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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      @Si – Highlander is brilliant and terrible at the same time. eg Christopher Lambert is hilarious in the interrogation scene, I don’t know if it’s intentional.

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    • Garland Bennett said

      I am getting sick of these remakes. There is no need to make another one. The old one was as good as it was back in the 90s. Just let it be stay as good as it was back in the day when chessy is acceptable and we all were just entertained.
      If you really feel the need to make a remake, then instead of that, why don’t you just make an remake faithful to the original comic where the original shredder is an alien rogue whose taken the name of Oraku Saki as the “Shredder” instead of the other way around.
      If your going to really go that route, why not just do that instead. I mean, at least we’ll really feel what the true personality of the characters were and get to see the turtles for what they are back in the day and that was back in Mirage Comics, where they were pretty dark but had a lot of character development.
      So to put this all in a nut shell then…make the story dark, those type of messages are known for having great depth and character development.

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    • NICK ROWE said

      IM A HAARDCORE TMNT FAN….and If Bay can turn a gay show like transformers into a great movie like he did then i hope he can translate the turtles into BAMF’s like they should be…not a kiddy movie. people from 28 to 21 will idetify with the move the most because we grew up with them…i hope that the movie incorperates the original concept but ads some bad ass elements such as the turtle actually using the weapons they carry around…i want to see leonardo cut someones ass up…regardless if i can get to a theatre when it comes out i will be there! TURTLE POWER

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      • paul said

        i am a old tmnt fan also a transformers fan and yes i did not like the movie all though i did like howthey did on prime but the thing people r missing is far frome what they r saying i mean is it that hard to see yea u can have a movie that sucks realy bad but what can make and break a movie and cartoon is how much they chang how the characters look like i mean look at the new cartoon that just came out splinter is messed up loland there heads look like they r on crack lol my thing is when u have a good thing y chang it yea guve them some new bad ass wepons or new vilen would be nice but dont change what they look like thats what i didn like in he new cartoon but ask ur selfs realy itf they stuck with the same characters on how they looked and yea meessed up the movie that would be beter then messing up buth of them i mean really turtels in time was not as great but it was still cool watching them on the big screan y cause they didnt change how the looked i think peopl get so mad at the movie they for get that and say the movie was crap hell look at hell boy that realy sucked lol i just hope they dont changed how they look thats all i hope so i can injoy that much of the movie its turtle time go green machine

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  • si said

    I totally agree and as much as I moaned about the film….I was still glued to the screen. But there is always this problem of revisiting old favourites in that it eats into any nostalgia we initially had.

    Still a great story and on this occasion I look forward to, shall we say, a more realistic and serious approach to the forthcoming remake..just keep the Queen soundtrack please.

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    • GORAPH said

      GORAPH!!! I HAVE A ROOM DEDICATED TO THOSE B.A. TURTLES IN MY HOUSE LMAO. DONT WORRY THOUGH I STILL KEEP THINGS IN CHECK LOL. The point I want to make is that I am electric with enthusiasm about this new film. I’m one of those fans that loves to eat up content and I can’t wait to get my hands on another TMNT MOVIE for crying out loud!!! I am so excited. BTW I will be (at the very least) equally offended if my green bros. do not get treated correctly in this film’however, EASTMAN is on board and I do not see any reason to believe that he would sell out his mutated children so let’s have some faith in BAY an co. and hope for the best. I understand everyone’s concerns but feel as though we should encourage this shift of the media’s lens back on our fav boys. BTW if there is anything to get up in arms about it would have to be the new series which I will still watch and will likely also love despite creative differences. I JUST LOVE THOSE DAMN TURTLES!

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  • Black Anime said

    I don’t wanna see Michelle Bay have anything too do with this movie lol…..ima die hard TNMNT fan and I would hate too see it blown up…whoever did secret of the ooze should do it that in my heart that was the best…did that have vanilla ice in it?? Lol anyway no way bay

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    • turtleguy86 said

      BLACK ANIME. Hell yes. The Turtles are AWESOME. I have been watching turtles since I was a kid and still collect anything I can get my hands on of the turtles. The 2nd movie was awesome. I would have to say it was the best so far.

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      • Ico said

        no one will ever make a better turles movie then secret of the ooze they shouldnt even try!!!!!!

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  • CptJack said

    How Dare You Guys. I’m 23 and I remember the TMNT being the coolest funniest cartoon and movies when I was a kid I looked forward to 1,2 and 3 I couldn’t wait to see what happened next and I still have lost that childhood wonder. So bite your tongue, Turtles Rock, AND……..GO NINJA GO NINJA GO!!!!!

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  • Rob said

    Haha! I couldn’t agree more with CaptJack! I too am 23 and have always been a turtle fan! Yea they’ve been done before and I think these new-age fast forward cartoons are garbage, but I’ve always loved the live action, and was always wanting more. Especially after 3, kinda wish I didn’t waste my time. I just want a new live action so the turtles don’t go out with that as a final film… God it was bad. Anyway it’s a childhood memory that Ill never loose and it’s cool to see new takes on it as I get older. And in my opinion, the first film was and still is amazing. It was a lot grittier and the suits were wayy easier to watch. Kind of beleavable even. 2 & 3 just went down hill with both the suits and the cinematography. They were way too rubbery and the mouths were so jumpy, and edgy, kind of let me down. And Bay…. Yea he rushes his projects and they end up being cut kinda ruough but his films are entertaining. As for the rest of the team, batman begins and iron man staid true to the story and were badass so Im eager to see what happens. Anyway I think I’ve said enough. I’m out.

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  • Anon said

    No, no, no, and NO. TMNT does NOT need a reboot. If anything, explore what Karai said about the return of an enemy from their past in the final moments of TMNT. We’ve seen their origins already in the first 2 movies, we don’t need to see another one!

    F*ck Hollywood and their need to reboot everything. At this point, movies have just about lost their excitement…

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  • jayjay said

    Omg the turtles i grew up in the 90s so yea they was big i have the very first movie memeroized it was the best and i wanna c my heros in a half shell come back to live action

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  • Franz said

    This movie HAS to bring Baxter Stockman. Baxter HAS to be present. Krang is a good character, but Baxter is REALLY important because he has always been absent. I have enough of Shredder from the past movies.

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  • Matt said

    Michael Bay Should NOT Be Allowed to Make A Ninja Turtle Movie!! Let alone any movie! Seriously, I mean Look what he did to Transformers!! He has proven himself a failure and has already raped my childhood enough!! Ninja Turtles like Transformers is a beloved Part of my Childhood! The First Original Ninja Turtle Movie 1990 is a classic very underrated movie! I highly doubt anything will even remotely come close to it especially if Micheal Bay has anything to do with it!! The guy needs to be stopped!! What has happened to movies, music, and culture now days!! They all lack any kind of feeling, soul, passion, or humanity to them! Heck what has happened to this country!! Everything is SO Backwards today!! Everything that I grew up with learning and knowing to be true has all been shat on! And even the little things that I enjoy like my favorite childhood classic movies are being crapped on too!! So sick and tired of it!!

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  • bigperm said


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  • NICK ROWE said


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  • jared said

    Why does everyone hate micheal bay so much? I’m sorry but i personally didn’t hate the original transformers so much…why do you need a complex story line when you have robots that can transform into dodge challengers? lol…it was a complete mind f*ck on the big screen and loved it..not everything these days has to be metal gear solid story line…sometimes i just like a good movie without having to think alot…btw lets not forget Armageddon, that movie was pretty cool too.

    Now if i had to choose anyone to make a tmnt i guess it would be tim burton because he does epic things with mystical stories but i think we should give bay a chance as well…after all, burtons produced about a billion films now so maybe it’s time to pass the torch…I just pray to Jesus and Chris Farley that this will not go in the direction of the newer and overly masculated animated tmnt which completely ruined them…i find it funny though how mikey is still the same…they didn’t get to him yet! Oh and i thought the animated movie of them in the early 2000’s was pretty good, so i still have high hopes…TURTLE POWER!

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  • njnkdsdad said

    Personally I am frickin’ thrilled anytime the turtles come back!I loved them then (comics, cartoons, movies) and I am eager to see how much better it’ll look with all of the advancements in movies. So bottom line if you’re gonna harp on something us true fans will enjoy then shut up and don’t watch the movie!My son is growing up loving them just like I did and he’s just as excited as I am.It’s a franchise for all ages.

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