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Going The Distance Soundtrack Song List - Listen Here & Download
The Going the Distance soundtrack. Let’s say you were going to make a movie, with your ultimate aspiration being that you would get super-rich and start getting invites to the kind of parties where they serve sushi off the toned derrieres of underwear models and dwarves scurry round with complimentary bowls of cocaine strapped to their skulls. Now, to facilitate the opening of the door onto this world of Olympian decadence, from what type of film would you choose to make? Science fiction blockbuster? Action extravaganza? Humble rom com?

Hey, don’t roll your eyes at the latter suggestion. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again till I’m blue in the face; while romantic comedies might not generate the supernovas of buzz that the perceived big boys do, they offer the genuine advantages of relatively low production costs and big fat profit margins, meaning that when something like The Proposal hits, it hits big. Chemistry of the leads is, of course, perceived as the critical factor as to whether a rom com comes up gangbusters at the box office, and in this area Going the Distance is able to call on the charms of Justin Long and Drew Barrymore. Those two are a couple in actuality too, and they and their new movie’s backers at Warners will no doubt be hoping that the attempt to transfer this genuine chemistry to the big screen comes out more Bogie and Bacall than Bennifer.

The story treatment for the Justin ‘n’ Drew characters is that they are endeavouring to make their relationship work over a long distance, though hopefully Long’s Garrett and Barrymore’s Erin are not the stereotypical participants in an LDR that you meet in the real world – those masochists always seeming to revel in the gloom of their spells apart, moping around as if their love affair is somehow more pure, true and infinitely holy than those of everyone else who wasn’t so effing stupid as to go out with someone who lives more than a ten-minute bus ride away. The tunes on the soundtrack to Going the Distance seem to have been selected in a bid to capture the ecstasy/despair dichotomy at the heart of the long-distance relationship, with most exhibiting some kind of bittersweet quality; a vulnerable sense of fun. Plus you can imagine most of it playing over montages of Drew rushing to meet Justin or Justin rushing to meet Drew.

And while things don’t begin in particularly auspicious manner, with neither of the Generationals’ piano-led Either Way or Georgie James’ Places doing anything to distinguish themselves from your average slices of radio-friendly pop-rock, things pick up after that; Albert Hammond, Jr.’s In Transit sounding pleasingly, and utterly unsurprisingly, like the Strokes, all chiming guitar lines teased from the upper end of the fretboard. The Cure’s Just Like Heaven is duly called into the fray, and although Could We is perhaps not the mightiest of Cat Power cuts, her voice is such a perennial wellspring of magic as to ensure repeat plays. Once past the soundtrack midpoint, jaunt is increasingly subsumed by tuneful melancholy; however a pair of sucker punches remain, in the twin shapes of Eels’ growling Prizefighter and an insistent Passion Pit remix.

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Going the Distance Soundtrack Song List
1. Either Way – Generationals
2. Places – Georgie James
3. Hey Na Na – Katie Herzig
4. In Transit – Albert Hammond, Jr.
5. Just Like Heaven – The Cure
6. Don’t Get Me Wrong – The Pretenders
7. Spitting Fire – The Boxer Rebellion
8. Could We – Cat Power
9. Cold Flame – Band of Skulls
10. Prizefighter – Eels
11. The Reeling (Groove Police remix) – Passion Pit
12. Harold T. Wilkins, or How to Wait for a Long Time – Fanfarlo
13. Here Comes a Regular – The Replacements
14. If You Run – The Boxer Rebellion
15. Learnlilgivinanlovin – Goyle
16. Half of Something Else (acoustic version) – The Airborne Toxic Event

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  • Bernhard said

    Hey, i just wanted to know if anyone can tell me what the song, that plays during the credits, is called.
    Thanks 🙂

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  • Rafael said

    Yeeeees! same question please! what´s the name of the song that plays during the credits!?

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  • Rocio said

    I wanted to ask the same thing!! i thought it was Pearl Jam!! 🙁

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  • Lexi said

    haha i was looking for that song too, i found it out, it’s number 16 on the track list “Half of Something Else (acoustic version) – The Airborne Toxic Event” 😉

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  • evy said

    Hey can somebody tell me the name of the song of the begining… when the movie is starting with the maps and the planes etc.. thanx

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    • Kyle said

      Either way by Generationals but too bad I can’t find the song to download 🙁 its very catchy and good.

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  • ich said

    whats the name of the song in the intro. it sounds old in my ears but i din’t found lyrics and the song is not in the list.
    any ideas?

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  • kenny said

    Either Way – Generationals
    the song in the beginning.

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  • Jay said

    Anyone tell me the song thats played on the end credits??? Really catchy!!

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  • Kelly said

    Is that a real band thats playing when they go to the concert? If so, who is it?

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    • Jon said

      Yes kelly it is a real band they are the same name as they are in the film, recent movies are used to showcase new and upand coming bands.

      google them they have had a few albums out int he lats 5 years

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  • Erica said

    The song played during the credits is called ” Jolene.” Not like Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”, I know Zac Brown Band comes up as a singer of the song, but I’m not sure who sings it during the credits.

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  • Tabbi said

    So what’s
    The name of the song they played a club version of in the scene where they have already fought after her visit and she out but back in bay area?

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  • kris said

    What song is playing right before their big fight? It`s the one thats playing when she gets to his apartment and sees all the candles, etc.?

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  • Who cares said

    I’d like to know the name of the song they sing at the bar. The day after that they go to have breakfast and the waitress recognize them from the newspaper.
    Sorry if my english is not so good, it’s not my mother language.
    I’ll wait for an answer, thanks.

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