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Resident Evil: Afterlife – Soundtrack

Resident Evil: Afterlife Soundtrack Song List - Listen Here & Download
The Resident Evil: Afterlife soundtrack. Here you go film fans, another leery and desperately inept action horror shoot-em-up cry-from-boredom dear-god-who-is-financing-these-things type effort based on a video game, that looks like a video game, and is less scary than the video game it’s based on. A film which manages to make the end of the world as dull as an episode of Joey. Thank you very much Paul W.S. Anderson. I bet no-one thought Event Horizon was destined to become anyone’s unrivalled crowning achievement back in 1997, but there it is, sitting on his CV between Mortal Kombat (thank you once again, Paul, for your contribution to the popular arts) and Soldier (which even Kurt Russell doesn’t remember). This is one more artistic triumph that we can thank the utterly pointless technological “revolution” that is 3D for. The sales potential of a three dimensional scantily clad Milla Jovovich seems to be the only reason that anyone could have possibly green-lit this tosh.

The soundtrack to this creative abomination has been provided by tomandandy, a duo of composers who have previously provided the soundtracks to the remake of The Hills Have Eyes and Roger Avary’s debut feature, Killing Zoe. “At every turn, director Paul W. S. Anderson encouraged us to avoid cliché,” say the boys, which is rather like being advised on the dangers of abusing a position of power by Robert Mugabe. “He encouraged us to explore the edges of noise and modern sound synthesis… we developed an aggressive palette of heavily distorted sounds and complex metric structures”. Which is all very nice, except that the result sounds like a bad Nine Inch Nails album. Without the songs. It’s twenty tracks of thunderous clattering nu-metal noise. Tedious doesn’t describe it.

Their press release states that tomandandy have worked with Lou Reed, David Byrne, William Burroughs (que?), and Laurie Anderson. It doesn’t make clear what projects they worked on together, but I can only assume tomandandy make an exceptional cup of tea. Dreadful.

Listen To The Resident Evil Afterlife Soundtrack:

You can download the Resident Evil Afterlife soundtrack as mp3s here
Or get it on cd here

Resident Evil: Afterlife Soundtrack – Track List
1. Tokyo – Tomandandy (4:32)
2. Umbrella – Tomandandy (1:20)
3. Damage – Tomandandy (1:02)
4. Cutting – Tomandandy (1:12)
5. Twins – Tomandandy (1:47)
6. Exit – Tomandandy (0:47)
7. Far – Tomandandy (1:07)
8. Flying – Tomandandy (1:58)
9. Memory – Tomandandy (3:17)
10. Los Angeles – Tomandandy (2:09)
11. Binoculars – Tomandandy (2:53)
12. Prison – Tomandandy (1:58)
13. Discovery – Tomandandy (1:10)
14. Hatchet – Tomandandy (1:23)
15. Axe Man – Tomandandy (3:07)
16. Arcadia – Tomandandy (4:21)
17. Up – Tomandandy (1:39)
18. Party – Tomandandy (0:54)
19. Promise – Tomandandy (2:12)
20. Resident Evil Suite – Tomandandy (4:33)

Leave your thoughts on Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D and the Resident Evil: Afterlife soundtrack in the comments. If you’re looking for a particular track leave a description and someone normally replies.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    I always thought Robert Mugabe is quite similar to Wesker. He wears shades sometimes too.

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  • Alexander Spencer said

    When I first heard this in the movie I was like holy crap this is badass! I already got a copy reserved when it comes out.

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  • Stanley L. Walker said

    Loved the film! The action was incredible and Milla and Ali kicked all kinds of ass! The Army of Millas was just too freakin’ cool for words! Very well done!

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  • Chris said

    you gotta be kidding me right?? excited about this movie… wow… speechless

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  • Matthew Snider said

    This looks terrible. So terrible it was only shown as a screening in 12 cities around the US. If it only hits the big 12 then it is bound to suck!

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

    • critical said

      failure dude its already ranking high from how many people who watched it and there income for this movie skyrocketed if you would stop being so negative about rumors like “the big 12” thing which is not true at all trust me then maybe you mgiht like some movies

      Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  • Joker said

    Not bad. But the Iron man 2 soundtrack is still my favorite.

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  • bml said

    Yeah, I love Milla Jovovich, I don’t know who could play this role better than she 🙂

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  • The Illusive Man said

    While it’s true that Afterlife is getting bad reviews by critics, it is already the 8th most watched film to ever be released in September. And it already broke point and the sequel has been approved by Screen Gems.

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  • Mike said

    Hey guys, the song that plays in the end of the movie during the generic……can’t find the name of the band.


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  • Mike said

    I found it…….A Perfect Circle – The Outsider!!!!!!!

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  • Eli said

    What’s the name of the song in afterlife when thde two Alice jump threw the window and use the ropes with the hooks in the I think its an elevator shaft or huge air shaft?

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  • The Illusive Man said

    Eli, the name of that song is called Twins.

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  • ishq said

    hi guys i really want to know the name of the song when they r trying to kill the chairman in the ship, its the last part of the movie

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  • The Illusive Man said

    ishq, the name pf the song during the fight against Wesker is The Outsider (Resident Renholder Mix) by A Perfect Circle.

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  • Gamereternal said

    I can’t believe this bs. This movie is a mockery of the brilliance that is the RE series. For those of you that are actually paying to see this movie. The RE movies are nice and all but aren’t even in the same galaxy as the games they’re based on. For all who are actually thinking about paying to see this, do yourself a favor. At GameStop you can get a used Gamecube for 30 bucks, buy yourself a used GameCube and pick up the original Resident Evil for less than twenty bucks and each game in the series is about that with RE4 being 14.99. I know it’s a lot more expensive than paying ten or so bucks to see the movie but play through the first RE remake on GC and you’ll quickly see how truly horrible the films are compared to Shinji Mikami’s masterpieces.

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

    • Anthony payne said

      Hey I think this movie was ok but they made it too short and too fast they shouldn’t have taken her powers and they should of had a big battle at the end with two people that are powerful. They pretty much rushed the movie threw stuff together and took stuff away catch my drifft.

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