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The Town – Review

The Town Movie Review 2010 -
Our The Town review.
Director: Ben Affleck
Starring: Ben Affleck, Rebecca Hall, Jon Hamm
Release Date: UK – Friday / US – Out Now

The Town is the second film from director Ben Affleck, whose previous movie Gone Baby Gone deservedly garnered high praise. The titular town is Charlestown, renowned for its large number of bank robbers – more so now that this movie has been made. The Town is about one such bank robber, Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck), and the dramatic changes in his life when one robbery in particular fails to go according to plan. The movie opens with the heist in question, it’s fast, fierce and cold. It’s here that we are introduced to Claire Keesey (Rebecca Hall), the manager of the bank, who in an unplanned move is taken hostage by Doug’s best friend and partner in crime Jem (Jeremy Renner). In an attempt to ensure this unforeseen occurrence doesn’t cause the gang any trouble, Doug follows Claire and engages her in conversation, but their encounter initiates an unlikely romance.

As Doug and Claire’s relationship develops their unique dynamic is explored in a number of interesting and entertaining ways – Claire confides in Doug, unwittingly having the man that harassed her confront the effects that his actions have had on another person. At the same time, Doug’s criminal mind leads him to doing unconscionable things in the name of love. Affleck handles the narrative with wit and flair, and draws great performances out of all involved. Jeremy Renner’s character is a little more one-note than the character he played in The Hurt Locker, but that is more than made up for by how committed he is to the character and the chemistry he has with Affleck. The rest of the supporting cast also do fantastic work; Jon Hamm as the FBI agent in pursuit of Doug’s gang and Blake Lively as the single mother Doug loved and left particularly stand out.

The Town Movie Review 2010 -
Whilst The Town fails to match the moral complexity and emotional impact of Gone Baby Gone, it’s equally successful in its world-building and has an authenticity that recalls Affleck’s directorial debut, aided no doubt by Affleck’s familiarity with Boston. Affleck also has an eye for interesting faces, populating the screen with actors that all have a lived-in look and extras that are real townsfolk. The Town is brutal entertainment, it has excellent atmosphere, pace, and great characters that make it a worthy follow up to Gone Baby Gone.

Rotten Tomatoes: 93%
Our Grade: A-

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  • mulk said

    i honestly thought this movie was going to suck, i may consider spending 8.50 to go see it now

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  • dnwilliams said

    awesome mulk! hit us back with your thoughts if you do.

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  • Joker said

    Just came back from seeing this. It was amazing definently one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Ben Affleck deserves an Oscar. not for acting, but for director. The whole cast was great. Jeremy render has showed once again that he is one of the best. Rebecca hall was great too, really a breakout performance. It was kind of strange though for Jon hamm because he rules on mad men but just seemed so minor. Blake lively couldn’t have looked hotter. Um who else… Chris cooper was good for the little screen time that he had. Who really broke out was Pete postelwaithe as the murderous florist. Man he played that role. The other thing I really enjoyed was that there was a strong story to match a strong cast. You didn’t really see that in 2010 with the exception of a few films like toy story 3,inception,Alice just to name few. More satisfying than Takers. Really, see this movie. J meister gives it an A+.

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  • mplo said

    The Town is overrated, with a mediocre cast and mostly terrible acting. I liked the beginning of The Town, with the showing of Charlestown and the first heist, but after that, The Town began to go rapidly downhill for me. Ben Affleck tries too hard to be the cool tough guy, and his romance with Rebecca Hall is very teen-like, with little or no chemistry to it.

    I also might add that Doug and Claire, to me, because more and more annoying and unsympathetic as characters as the film went on. Sure, Claire started out as an innocent victim, as she was traumatized by an armed bank hold-up and abduction, neither of which were her fault, but the fact that she fell in love with Doug, who turned out to be one of the guys who caused her so much grief and misery in her life was beyond stupid.

    The movie would’ve been better if Doug and Claire hadn’t gotten off so easy for what they did. Doug should’ve been forced to serve some long, hard time in a federal penitentiary for his crimes, and Claire should’ve been criminally prosecuted herself, or at least been put on probation for abetting an armed felon and wanted fugitive, thus allowing him to elude the law, and for receiving stolen goods (Doug’s ill-gotten money that he left in Claire’s garden before going on the lam from the law to Florida).

    It’s funny how so many people fail to realize the kind of person that Doug really was…a sociopath who exploits the women in his life for his own ends, as well as being a career criminal, and that Doug had merely put the romance moves on Claire in order to oh so subtlely warn her not to talk to the Feds, or else! Inotherwords, he had complete control over her.

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  • mplo said

    I realized that Doug MacRay was a sociopathic criminal from the get-go in this film. The following link and list of sociopathic traits fits Doug MacRay perfectly…to a tee:

    “.More often than not, the typical psychopath will seem particularly agreeable and make a distinctly positive impression when he is first encountered. Alert and friendly in his attitude, he is easy to talk with and seems to have a good many genuine interests. There is nothing at all odd or queer about him, and in every respect he tends to embody the concept of a well-adjusted, happy person … He looks like the real thing.”

    And from Dr. Hare’s (‘The Hare Psychopathy Checklist’) Checklist:


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