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Top 5 Bartenders In Movies

Top 5 Best Bartenders In Movies
So I was invited with a bunch of other bloggers to go down and attend the launch of the Stella Artois’ World Draught Masters. There was a promise of a lot of free beer, a swanky location, meeting other blog guys, so I thought what the hell, I’ll shoehorn it into a top 5 somehow.

The Stella Artois World Draught Masters finals are happening in Old Billingsgate Walk, London on 28 October, where bartenders from across the world will compete to the pour the perfect pint. Marc Stroobandt, a Belgian man who left law school to study beer, demonstrated to us how to do it:
– Use a clean and rinsed branded glass.
– Open the tap in one quick action and let the first drops of beer flow away.
– Hold the glass just under the tap without touching it at a 45° angle.
– Lower the glass to allow the natural formation of the foam head.
– Close the tap quickly and move the glass away so beer doesn’t drip into the glass.
– While the head foams up and overflows the side of the glass, smooth it gently with a head cutter.
– Clean the bottom and sides of the glass.
– The right amount of foam is usually about two fingers.
– Present the beer on a clean beer coaster with the logo facing the consumer.

I used to work in a pub and did none of these things properly.

I then chilled with my new friends from Hecklerspray.com and Run-Riot.com and talked about exciting blogging stuff like server crashes and wordpress plugins.



Sometimes there’s a fine line between a bar and a strip club – this is dancing all over that line. The women of Coyote Ugly seem to spend more time on the bar setting fire to it and shouting Woooo than serving behind it. Certainly not the sort of place to go for a quiet drink if you can’t fight the moonlight one evening. All in all these bartending staff are slightly too attention seeking, and the place is a health and safety concern.


Top 5 Best Bartenders In Movies
While his drinks skills may fall a bit short, Moe does succeed in providing a free speech atmosphere that has customers returning. He also knows everyone’s name – bonding is important in a good bartender. So much so that he’s stuck a shotgun in most of their faces at some point or other and they still come back.


Top 5 Best Bartenders In Movies
Having looked closely at the scene, Wuher is the only member of staff on duty at the Mos Eisley Cantina and given the incredible variety of species, languages and mouth shapes it must be an enormous amount of work.

Top 5 Best Bartenders In Movies
Close inspection also shows tall plastic beakers, short round beakers – pretty much a different beaker size for every customer, so he’s obviously across stock and has a lot of washing up. Wuher does lose points for being prejudice, shouting “Hey we don’t serve their kind here” at C3PO as he waddles in. So possibly homophobic.


Top 5 Best Bartenders In Movies
You’re looking at the best goddamn bartender from Timbuktu to Portland, Maine. Or Portland, Oregon for that matter. Smartly dressed, he knows the correct form and technique when serving a Jack Daniels to Jack Torrance, as played by Jack Nicholson. Lloyd knows to be very agreeable. The customer is always right. The cost of one drink (- your soul -) is a bit high, but it’s nothing compared to the prices in central London.


Top 5 Best Bartenders In Movies
At the beginning of the movie Tom Cruise wouldn’t have made this list if it was a top 50 (anybody want to see that?) but by the end he’s been trained and knocked into shape by Australian Bryan Brown, and now sits at the top of this list, grinning broadly. Cruise inspired thousands of people to try spinning drinks in the air with almost always disastrous consequences, but he showed the flair on the job that’s necessary to add a couple of pounds to the price of a cocktail.

Honourable Mention – Elvis Costello in Spice World

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  • Thom said

    “The right amount of foam is usually about two fingers.”
    That just sounds wrong, other than that, great top 5. Nice to see Wuher getting some appreciation 🙂

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  • Movie Mole said

    Great article. I have to agree with all of your choices above. I am not a huge Tom Cruise fan but he did an exceptional job in Cocktail. I had to laugh at the Moe selection but your site is good for some laughs.

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  • Chris Neilan said

    I used to be a friendly neighbourhood barman (no, really) and I can let you all in on a few trade secrets: the right amount of head on a pint of lager is roughly 5% of the total liquid, or about the width of your fingernail. Also if you want to get a drunk out of your hair quickly, never disagree with them. Just say ‘yes’ and ‘I know’ and smile a lot as you walk them gently to the door. And big groups of violent lads are best dealt with by the door staff, and being a barman is an excellent way to meet women for several key reasons.

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  • Sergio said

    it all just adds up. the amount of foam depends largly on your customer, if he’s the benelux just as the ladd from belgium is. than yes about the width of 2 fingers foam is the right amount, yet if he’s British I do believe they prefer their beer with the least amount of beer, and just to give an example most german customers perfer the beer to have taken a bit of time to “breath” as in the foam dying off.

    eastern europeans are even more favourable about the last example of beer. the taste of the same beer varies strongly on how you make it.

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  • Brodie Scotts said

    Completely disagree with Tom Cruise at the top, every time I go to a bar with bartenders like him I wind up thanking them an hour after ordering my drink. “Thanks for the show but I came to a bar to get drunk, just give me my beer before I decide to jump your juggling a** and take it from u!!!”

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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      Fair point. There are a lot of tossers behind the bar I could do without.

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