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Guess How Much Money Resident Evil: Afterlife Has Made?

Resident Evil - Box Office ResultsResident Evil: Afterlife – possibly one of the greatest films of the year, nay, of all time – has certainly proved how excellent it is in the worldwide box office.

After a reasonable start in the US, the perfect – absolutely perfect, no flaws in it at all – film has so far grossed $58 million. Considering its budget was $60 million, that’s none too shabby. Consider further that it totally won’t surprise people to learn that it cost $60 million and that it absolutely does not look like it was made in a weekend in someone’s shed, oh no.

Internationally, the film has been doing very well for itself. Afterlife has grossed around $183 million from all the territories it has been released in. Of note is the Japanese accumilation, which is where the flick grossed its widest amount so far, with $45 million. This means that Afterlife is the highest-grossing of all the Resident Weavil movies and that the four films total gross is in excess of $500 million. This is not a sign of the coming apocalypse, it just means that more people have good taste.

In other news, apparently Resident Evil: Afterlife is based on a series of games for the Microsoft PlayStation 1 about mutated monkeys and stuff. Weird how a practically unheard-of game can turn into a multi-million dollar movie franchise.

Sources: Variety

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