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Jackass 3D Soundtrack Song List - Listen & Download
The Jackass 3D soundtrack. The hapless propensity of Star Trek’s the Borg to be repeatedly thwarted in their nefarious schemes by a gaggle of middle-aged men dressed in various shades of long john may have made a mockery of their frequent proclamations of “Resistance is futile,” but there is one tribe for whom that catchphrase is not a hollow cry. Yes, while you can coldly intellectualise the Jackass gang and their boneheaded, bone-breaking antics from afar, you can sneer at how base it all is, turn your well-read, highfalutin nose up at Johnny Knoxville and his disciples, the fact is that when you watch a man sat on a portaloo being fired skywards on a bungee rocket, as happens in the trailer for Jackass 3D, there is no way to stop the laughter. Literally no way. You’d have more chance of wearing a moustache and no shirt combo with as great a degree of manly panache as Mike Haggar.

However while there can be little quibble with the lowest common denominator mirth-inducing powers of the Jackass TV show and offshoot movies, a grey cloud of suspicion must be seen to loiter over any accompanying soundtrack. Why? Because the annus mirabilis of the whole phenomenon was around 2002, when American rock music was momentarily dominated by overgrown fratboys in shorts too long to be shorts but too short to be trousers and little beards perched on the tips of their chins like slumbering robins.

Those fearful of an onslaught of brainless rock will therefore be immediately concerned by an early appearance on the Jackass 3D soundtrack from those one-dimensional juveniles, Twisted Sister. There are pretty witless contributions too from Sassafras, Bam Margera associates CKY and Weezer, who having just been made subject of a $10m offer to split up seem likely to secure a few more donations towards that total courtesy of Memories.

It’s not all an arid cultural wasteland in the world of Jackass though. After all, troupe member Chris Pontius even showed up in this year’s Golden Lion winner, Somewhere. And Karen O – critical darling, Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ frontwoman and Jackass producer Spike Jonze’s erstwhile other half – chips in with a number here, just as she did for the second movie. Entitled If You’re Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough, it’s a jaunty, countryish number that gets more shambolic as it winds along, O’s world-weary vocal performance ultimately being drowned out in a raucous barroom sing-along.

There is mildly wacky country both from Roger ‘King of the Road’ Miller and Knoxville’s cousin, Roger Alan Wade, as well as stop-start rockabilly from the Blasters, and rough and ready American punk from the Smut Peddlers and the Gang Green. Punk too is ostensibly the mode of attack from England’s Cock Sparrer, although in truth their I Got Your Number is as much Squeeze-esque power pop as ragged thrash. Rounding out the variably schizoid mix is the genius, off-kilter sweetness of Melanie’s Brand New Key – something else which is decidedly hard to resist.

Listen To The Jackass 3D Soundtrack:

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Jackass 3D Soundtrack (Songs) – Track List
1. Corona (Jackass Opera Mix) – Squeak E. Clean
2. The Kids Are Back (LP version) – Twisted Sister
3. If You’re Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough – Karen O.
4. Memories (featuring the cast of Jackass 3D) – Weezer
5. Party in my Pants – Roger Alan Wade
6. Invisible Man – Smut Peddlers
7. I’m Shakin’ (LP version) – Blasters
8. I Got Your Number – Cock Sparrer
9. You Can’t Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd – Roger Miller
10. Been Blown to Shreds – Sassafras
11. Brand New Key – Melanie
12. Alcohol – Gang Green
13. Afterworld – CKY

Leave your thoughts on Jackass 3D and the Jackass 3D soundtrack in the comments. If you’re looking for a particular track leave a description and someone normally replies.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Love Jackass for so many reasons. One of the few shows I used to go out my way to watch. At the end of the day it’s just great comedy. The pale imitators that cropped up only highlighted how it wasn’t just about the stunts, it was the inventive humour in the stunts, the rapport and the comic timing of the performers. I wouldn’t buy the music personally but it fits.

    I met Steve O when I was a TV researcher, he has small chunks of hair missing from the top of his head, from years of hitting it on things and setting fire to it. He was drunk on our show, probably high, and everyone was extremely nervous.

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  • julia said

    what is the first song to play at the end credits?

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  • Randall BusTard said

    The opening credits’ (first song) is from Twisted Sister’s 2nd LP, “Stay Hungry.”

    On another note, I did not hear Gang Green’s “Alcohol” when I reviewed the movie last Friday. I am an old east coast hardcore fan (Gang Green is from Boston in the early 1980s, when there was also a significant sXe scene there to repudiate in an obnoxious fashion) and I am certain that the song was not there. if so, I’d like to know during which scene it played.

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  • leeroy jenkins said

    what about the song where they were dancing?

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  • Randall BusTard said


    Less WoW, more OED; this is beginning to sound like Trade Chat. The opening credits roll is “where they were dancing,” and the question about “[[that] song” was answered before you asked it.

    As for the end credits’ first song, I still can’t remember it.

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  • bam fan said

    the end credits song is afterworld by cky

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  • capt.ron said

    What’s the song when knoxville is painted rainbow dodging the bull?

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  • Tearawy said

    LOL omg wow is everywhere ….go TRADE SPAM

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  • Daniel said

    What song plays during the montage of childhood pictures or the members??

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  • Marty said

    what was the name of the hip hop song old man johnny sang? Doesnt seem to be on the soundtrack.

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  • Wayne said

    The song you are looking for is Memories by Weezer. Love that song!

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  • Laurence said

    I can’t find a song:( It was played during the credits, There was a sentence I’m getting nowhere with my so called friends! It was a sort of country song!

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  • Mark said

    What is the song playing when the guys run through the hall of tasers?

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  • jackass 4D said

    the song where they blew up the pinata and were disappointed for a second but the entire room exploded
    its annoying me that i cant figure out the song title

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  • NeO said

    @ Leeroy, the song is called Boom Boom Pow and its played by Balck Eyed Peas.

    @ Randall, stop trying to seem smart with no fundament…read the request better before you start criticize.

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