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Box Office – Paranormal Activity 2 Has Biggest Ever Horror Opening

Paranormal Activity 2 Box Office ResultsSomething strange has happened at the U.S. box office and it’s even more scary than a sheet falling off a bed and a door closing. Paranormal Activity 2 has just had the biggest horror opening ever, $41.5 million, beating the $40.5m record held by Friday The 13th. Paranormal Activity 2’s production budget was just $3m…

Not only that, but the film opened on midnight on Thursday to the tune of $6.3m, the highest-grossing R-rated midnight opening ever, besting Zack Snyder’s naked blue man film Watchmen, which used to have it with $4.6m.

Clint Eastwood’s spiritual drama Hereafter was the only other new opener this week and that took a decent $12m. Well, decent if it’s held up by word of mouth, which it probably will be.

Elsewhere Jackass 3D continued to generate a ridiculous amount of money ($87m total), making all those producers slaving away on lavish costume dramas wonder if they shouldn’t just attach a rocket to their ass. And to Johnny Knoxville the message is clear – the public won’t accept you in everything else, this is your role in life, they don’t care if you’re nearly 40.

Bruce Willis starrer Red continued to do solid business with its cast of old pros.

The Social Network has been friended by older audiences and is performing very well for a drama.

Meanwhile new Spider-Man leading lady Emma Stone is quietly becoming a star. Her leading role in Easy A has done incredibly well, taking $54m so far a budget of just $8m.

US Box Office Results – October 22-24, 2010 (Studio Estimates)
1 Paranormal Activity 2 – $41m / budget $3m [-new-]
2 Jackass 3-D – $21m / total $87m / budget $20m
3 Red – $15m / total $43m / budget $58m
4 Hereafter – $12m / budget $50m [-new-]
5 The Social Network – $7m / total $72m / budget $50m
6 Secretariat – $6m / total $37m / budget $35
7 Life as We Know It – $6m / total $37m / budget $38m
8 Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole – $3m / total $50m / budget $80m
9 The Town – $2m / total $84m / budget $37m
10 Easy A – $1m / total $54m / budget $8m
11 Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps – $1m / total $49m / budget $70m
12 My Soul to Take – $1m / total $13m / budget $25

Source: Deadline, BoxOfficeMojo

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