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2012 Movie Highlights

2012 Movies | Top 20 Best Movies 2012.Assuming your taste is mainstream, these are odds on to be the 20 best movies of 2012. In short, this year is the largest ever for comic book movies and the number of exciting titles easily blows last year out of the water. Let us know what you think are the top movies of 2012 in the comments.

The Dark Knight Rises
Starring: Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Director: Christopher Nolan
Release Date: 20 July 2012

Best Movies 2012
It was a brave move naming a Batman film ‘The Dark Knight’, since it didn’t have the word ‘Batman’ in it. There’s nothing bold about the title here. That aside, this is easily the year′s mainstream highlight, the film that is going to dominate coverage. The plot involves the whole of Gotham descending into anarchy and mob rule, while Batman is put out of action. Tom Hardy looks imposing as Bane but his vocals seem a little incomprehensible, Anne Hathaway plays an angry-looking Catwoman who steals from the rich, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a beat cop and Marion Cotillard plays a Wayne Enterprises board member. Director Christopher Nolan has made it clear this is the final chapter for his Batman, so expect fireworks and major character death, probably. Can’t wait to see it.

The Avengers
Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo
Director: Joss Whedon
Release Date: 4 May 2012

Best Movies Of 2012
Running The Dark Knight a close second for hype will be The Avengers. The line-up includes Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Nick Fury, Black Widow, and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner). Mark Ruffalo is replacing Ed Norton as The Hulk. But who are they going to fight? It’s a challenge to find a credible threat that requires their combined effort – they’re turning to outer space for that, with a big dose of Loki megalomania thrown in. Director Joss Whedon has a daunting task on his hands, but as a former Marvel writer and a pro at ensemble films, he has every chance.

The Amazing Spider-Man
Starring: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Irrfan Khan
Director: Marc Webb
Release Date: 4 July 2012

Best Movies 2012
Spider-Man gets a slightly uncalled for reboot that takes him back to high school. 27-year-old Andrew Garfield (The Social Network) is the new Peter Parker and Mary Jane is nowhere to be seen, replaced by Gwen Stacey (Emma Stone). This time Spider-Man has to face down against the Lizard (Ifans). Martin Sheen is Uncle Ben, who has to be shot dead again. The director of 500 Days Of Summer takes over from trilogy director Sam Raimi. They’re also going for a lower budget, so expect more character work, less morphing sand.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Starring: Martin Freeman, Sir Ian McKellen, Andy Serkis, Richard Armitage
Director: Peter Jackson
Release Date: 14 December 2012

Best Movies 2012
Hobbit Bilbo Baggins (Freeman) begins his journey to the Lonely Mountain accompanied by a group of dwarves to reclaim a treasure taken from them by the dragon Smaug. The first movie in what has now become ‘The Hobbit’ Trilogy. ‘The Desolation of Smaug’ follows exactly one year later, and the final chapter, ‘There and Back Again’ comes six months after that. Sir Ian ‘Gandalf’ McKellen returns, as does Andy Serkis, Cate Blanchett, and Hugo Weaving. Also in the mix are smaller roles for Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, Ian Holm, and Christopher Lee. Some have had their fill of ‘Lord Of The Rings’, but after a 9 year break most will be pretty excited to see this particular story finally done right.

The Bourne Legacy
Starring: Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton, Joan Allen
Director: Tony Gilroy
Release Date: 3 August 2012

best movies 2012
Matt Damon’s not in it. The character of Jason Bourne is not in it. Damon and previous director Greengrass were determined to end the series with the third movie, but the studio wants to continue the franchise, as it has made them too much money. This is not a sequel or a reboot, but a standalone story about another agent (Renner) trained by the murderous shadow government operation Treadstone, who went through experiences similar to Bourne’s or the character played by Clive Owen in the original movie. Rachel Weisz plays the love interest. Edward Norton is the antagonist. Matt Damon is not ruling out returning to the series at a later point, so this could act as something of a set-up for that. New director Gilroy adapted the original trilogy and directed Michael Clayton, so it’s actually in pretty decent hands.

Starring: Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes, Albert Finney
Director: Sam Mendes
Release Date: 9 November 2012

New 2012 Movies
MGM’s bankruptcy troubles are behind them so Bond is finally back in production. The plot sees him question his loyalty to M when her past actions bring serious consequences to the present. After MI6 itself is attacked, Bond must seek out and eliminate the threat. Bardem plays the main villian. Fiennes’ role is undisclosed. Young Ben Whishaw is the new Q. China will be one of the locations. Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Jarhead) directs from a script by Wade and Purvis, who’ve been the main writers on every Bond since TWINE. Quantum was a stumble from Casino Royale, taking the freshness and packing it back into the Bond formula. Hopefully they have learnt from their mistakes. 2012 will be the 50th anniversary of Dr. No and the franchise.

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  • Lorraine Kay said

    I think Christian Bale is a big mean saying he wont play if Robin is there.

    What has Robin ever done to him?

    Peace out x

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    • jd said

      There was a difference between dark knight and batman. Robin was never in the Dark Knight comic book

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  • PeniBoss said

    Wicked. 2012 is looking like one hell of a year.

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  • Streamline Putcher said

    The best movies of 2012 will be Dark Knight Rises, Avengers & Django Unchained. The world is going to end anyway so hopefully I will have the chance to enjoy.

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    • Steven said

      just so you know… the myian calander didnt have a leap year… so by there calander the world ended about 7 months ago… you’re good

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  • Bruce said

    Prometheus! I couldn’t care less about the rest. Everything on this production seems to go in the right direction. The cast, the work in the studios and what has been revealed about the story. It could turn epic, in a way I can’t imagine the other movies.

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  • batin said

    Big big backtrack for Spiderman. they create 3 awesome movies with a great spiderman and mary jane…and they come back with this???!! not very thrilled. Theyd have to make one heck of a storyline for me or anyone else to be wooed.

    why do they keep on changing the hulk? only thing worse than a prequel is the changing of a superhero. keep it simple people. mark ruffalo? seriously? I loved edward norton.

    the only upcoming movie in 2012 I’m kind of excited about is Dark Knight Rises, only because I would love to see how Anne Hathaway portrays Catwoman. Never seen her do an action flick, aside from Get Smart. She beautiful but she’s gonna have to hit the gym 7 days a week if she wants to look anything like Halle Berry.

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    • Cher said

      Batin I’m with you. I loved Edward Norton as the Hulk. Why? Because he really is your “every day average joe” with a gentle demeanor. Such an unlikely superhero that it works.

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  • Ben Dover said

    2012 (movies wise) will be epic! 2 reasons:
    1. The Dark Knight Rises – Batman actually looks hopelessly outnumbered… How will he overcome the 3 headed-villain attack? (Bane, catwoman, Ra Al’s Ghul?)
    2. Taken 2 – Liam Neeson back doing what he does so well…

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  • Don Silman said

    1. The Dark Knight Rises: Christopher Nolan will End his fabulous Trilogy with The death of a character. Perhaps the Highest box office release for years.
    2. The Hobbit: who wouldnt want to see more Beautiful LOTR in 3d?!

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  • panos said

    (1) Brave (2) Madagascar 3 (3) Snow White And The Huntsman will be the best 2012 movies.

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  • Cursum Perficio said

    I am looking forward to Prometheus and The Hobbit…kinda obsessed with both…they are going to be the highest grossing methinks…

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  • Bone said

    The top movies in 2012 worth talking about – (1) The Dark Knight Rises bc of the awesome Dark Knight movie, awesome director and awesome cast. (2) Prometheus, since Ridley Scott is a legendary director and his return to space will be even more legendary!!!

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  • Dmoz said

    This year will be epic mainly because of
    1. Django Unchained
    2. The Hobbit
    3. The Dark Knight Rises
    4. Prometheus
    5. Lincoln
    Highest grossing movies’ll probably be The Hobbit or The Dark Knight Rises.
    Personally I think Tarantino will break new ground with Django like he did with Pulp. Inglourious Basterds was and still is my favorite movie from a couple of years back.

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  • Pea Nis said

    The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises will be the best movies of 2012, but I’m anxious to see the new Spiderman. I know theres no Tobey or Sam Raimi, but this one appears to be taking the same path as Batman Begins, which I think did pretty darn good.

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  • jd said

    I say Dark Knight Rises will make the most money. Then the avengers and do not know after that. but the Expendables 2 will be awesome film

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  • Catalyst said

    Well, top is clearly The Dark Knight Rises, leading the a-team cast, it’s going to be exciting. But there are some honorable titles nonetheless, including The Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, The Pirates! Band of Misfits, Men In Black 3, The Avengers, Resident Evil Retribution, Brave, Prometheus, Jack the Giant Killer, The Raven.. And others.

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  • Joebob said

    Avengers :: looking forward to it.
    The Hobbit :: About damn time!
    Dark Knight Rises :: Wasn’t going to watch, but now I’m intrigued.
    Amazing Spider-Man :: Dear God why?
    Skyfall :: Not another Bond movie with Daniel Craig! He’s got to be the worst bond ever! Ralph Fiennes should have been cast as Bond!!!

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