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Burlesque Soundtrack Song List - Listen & Download
The Burlesque soundtrack. Of all the fantasy musical pairings I’ve ever imagined (Jimi Hendrix and Kermit the Frog being the all-time top) somehow I have never quite got around to putting Cher and Christina Aguilera together. Amazing, I know. Yet here they are, impinging into my life and yours, on the soundtrack to new movie Burlesque, in which they also both feature in an acting capacity. Or at least we’re told it’s Cher and Aguilera. The soundtrack sleeve makes it look like the younger singer has been paired up with a lacquered waxwork of Frank ‘n’ Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

You get ten tracks here, two trilled by Cher, eight honked by Aguilera. Yes, honked. It might be as obvious to say that the artist occasionally known as Xtina is prone to overegging her singing as it is to note that Dimitar Berbatov really doesn’t work hard enough when he’s not got the ball. But just because something’s obvious doesn’t necessarily make it any less true. Because while there is no denying that Aguilera possesses a splendidly strong and clean voice, again on this soundtrack it too often seems she only has one setting – foghorn. The result is often less like listening to a young woman parping out a pop song and more like hearing the cries for help of someone trapped at the bottom of an almost incalculably deep well.

Take the opening cover of Something’s Got a Hold on Me, for example. It does eventually settle down into a tolerable sock-hop shuffle, but not before Aguilera has strained even sinew trying to blast the wax out of your ears with her booming cannon of an intro vocal. Pause for Cher’s Welcome to Burlesque, which has a slight Balkan feel to it, before Aguilera comes back hollering like a banshee on Tough Lover. This time there’s no respite, she keeping the volume dial turned up to 11 from start to finish. It must be exhausting for her and, to be truthful, it’s more than a touch wearing to listen to, particularly when she aims for the stratospherically high notes, Mariah Carey-style.

Softer is But I Am a Good Girl, although for some reason she lisps the whole first verse, as if her lips have been reduced to a ruptured mess of jelly by the sheer force exerted on the opening few numbers. Good Girl is big and brassy, without being much fun purely as a listen, with those brass-soaked breaks sounding as if they should have a stage act attached. The moaning outro of that number feeds into the groaning intro of Guy What Takes His Time, but her singing is actually tolerable here, as she quits trying out different personas or trying to stretch herself, instead concentrating for the most part on delivering an effective vocal on a track that is pure Jessica Rabbit cabaret.

Express, the lead single from the Burlesque soundtrack, is the most modern sounding thing here, boasting a 21st century hum and a chorus that recalls Aguilera’s hit Dirrty. However, from that relative high, what comes next is like a tumble through the Time Tunnel, as Cher returns with You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me (no-one thought they had, Cher. You’re like the Michael Myers of pop). Penned by power ballad powerhouse Diane Warren, it comes complete with a soggy I’m-a-survivor sentiment and a humongous key change at the last. Westlife are probably already working on their cover version.

Aguilera gets to wrap proceedings up, with The Beautiful People. And yes, it is a version of the Marilyn Manson song, albeit in the way that Aslan the big pu**y is a version of Jesus Hieronymus Christ. Flicking back and forth between stabbing guitars and tinkling pop, like the oppositional faces of Janus trying to read a copy of TV Guide at the same time, it is a little bit demented.

Listen To The Burlesque Soundtrack:

You can download the Burlesque soundtrack as mp3s here
Or get it on cd here
(Or if you’re in the UK it’s here for mp3s, here for cd)

Burlesque Soundtrack (Songs) – Track List
1. Welcome to Burlesque – Cher
2. Something’s Got a Hold on Me – Christina Aguilera
3. Tough Lover – Christina Aguilera
4. Long John Blues – Kristen Bell
5. Diamonds – Christina Aguilera
6. You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me – Cher
7. Express – Christina Aguilera
8. But I Am a Good Girl – Christina Aguilera
9. A Guy Who Takes His Time – Christina Aguilera
10. Bound to You – Christina Aguilera
11. That’s Life – Alan Cumming
12. Spotlight – Christina Aguilera

Leave your thoughts on Burlesque and the Burlesque soundtrack in the comments. If you’re looking for a particular track leave a description and someone normally replies.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    It’s true, she does honk. And there is a lot of Jessica Rabbit cabaret going on here.

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  • Mars said

    I might be only one of a handful of people who actually liked the songs. I enjoy all genres of music and cabaret is on the list. Saw the movie and enjoyed every minute of it. Nice to Cher in a movie again. Her dry humor shined and she played the part of the aging cabaret owner very well. Christina surprised me; not with her singing because she’s great but the girl can act, as well. Totally believable character in the movie. Most critics gave this movie two stars, at best or a grade of “C” but I loved it and left the theater feeling like I wanted to dance. It’s been a while since I’ve actually seen a movie where someone wasn’t oozing blood or the whole story was centered on some sappy love story. It was fun, fun, fun and I’d see it again. Worth the ticket price.

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    • Kesha said

      I enjoye the movie very much. What made it a good movie in my opinion was the music. Cher’s YHHTLOM was one of the best songs but I enjoyed Christina’s Express and Bound to You the most. Like a previous reviewer said I left the movie feeling like I wanted to dance.

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    • Peter said

      Most critics only gave this movie 2 stars because most critics are completely out of touch with what most people find entertaining and enjoyable.Critics also panned Saturday Night Fever and Grease when they first came out but both movies went on to be box office hits and are now considered musical classics.The theater I saw Burlesque in was almost full and I could tell that everyone in the theater really enjoyed the movie.I too left the theater feeling like I wanted to dance.

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    • Susan said

      I have watched this movie so many times I have my favorite somgson my playlist and have gone so far as to set the timer so when its on showtime it comes on on a loop… I adore Cher… and have only just recently come to realize no matter how much I don’t like Christina.. her voice is amazing…

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  • Stephanie said

    I’m looking for the song that played half way through the movie when Ali was on the back of Jack’s motorocylce and she loses her scarf. It’s sung by a different artist that’s not in the movie and I cannot find it anywhere! Anyone know???

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  • Ta'Zauhna' Smith said

    Show me how to burlesque

    the song that jack wrote and ally preformed at the end of the movie

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  • Sheila said

    Does anyone know what the names of the songs were that were NOT sung by Aguilera?

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  • KIM said


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  • Janelle said


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  • JoAnn said

    MARS said everything that I would say. Pure enjoyment and the music is still on my mind. Will buy the DVD.
    I loved the movie and will definitely see it again.

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  • Debbie said

    How can I get a list of all the music that was played in the movie Burlesque?

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  • Alison said

    asleep from day- Chemical Brothers

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  • KIM said

    Ali, Thank you soooo much! your the best!!!

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  • Digital said

    This soundtrack was outstanding! Xtina again proves why she is the vocalist of her generation.

    Paul Martin, Im sorry you didnt enjoy the Burlesque soundtrack, but im even more sorry that it seems your idea of talent is the likes of Ke$ha.

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  • Paul Martin said

    Crikey, Digital, have you been rifling through my record collection? I certainly don’t dispute that Christian Aguilera has got talent – as I say in the review I think she’s got a really strong voice. But personally I’d prefer it if her vocals weren’t quite so full-on as they often are. I want to feel like my ears have been soothed with silky butterfly kisses, not like they’ve been blown out by the noise of a diesel locomotive thundering by.

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  • Lynn said

    Anybody know the name of the tango song that played during the credits?

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    • Digital said

      Yup, its called “Jungle Berlin” or “Jungle Fever”. Ive sourced the file under a few different names.

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  • merja said

    I’m looking for the song that is played when ali is finally allowed to dance on the stage, it’s a song and it has the word home in it. really hope you know what it’s called because i’m desperet to find out

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