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Tangled Soundtrack Song List - Listen & Download (Disney Movie)
The Tangled soundtrack. Quantifying Disney animation soundtracks is a tough thing to do – like an earnest uncle trying his inept best to connect with the kids at a family get together, they simply can’t be judged by regular standards. They are enshrined by their intention, by their innocence, by the fairytale majesty they aspire to. By any regular standard, Elton John singing Can You Feel The Love Tonight is simply not a reason to be cheerful. But the addition of cute animated lions, a role in a satisfying family friendly narrative, and the historical connotations of Disney grant such slushy ballads a kind of glistening eternal youth quality. We sing along because they make us happy, and our happiness is as if from childhood, and all is right with the world. Cynicism has little role to play in such contexts.

The thing is, ten year olds don’t have a lot of disposable income, and the vast majority of Tangled Soundtrack CDs are going to be bought by people old enough to grow facial hair and/or listen to Tori Amos, so let’s be sensible about this: the slushy pop balladry on the Tangled soundtrack is slightly more crappy than the slushy pop balladry on every other Disney animation soundtrack album, and significantly more crappy than the high watermark that is The Lion King.

And in a cinematic landscape in which animated features have their own Oscar category and are now regularly touted as possible Best Picture nominees (film critics being so baffled by the emotional resonance of the opening sequence of Up that they completely overlooked the fact that the Best Picture award probably shouldn’t go to a narrative largely concerned with comedy talking dogs and a zany chase sequence aboard a zeppelin) the viewing and listening public should be able to expect a little better. The Shrek films changed the game for animated soundtracks, combining genuine pop-rock sensibilities with venerable contributors (Eels, The Proclaimers, Weezer, The Carpenters) and successfully transferring the jaunty comedic appeal from the films, thereby appealing to both kids and adults. The Tangled soundtrack combines the slushy-pop-balladry talents of Alan Menken (Oscar winner for his soundtracks to The Little Mermaid, Beauty And The Beast, Pocahontas and Aladdin) with the vocal “talent” of trivial tween drivel queen Mandy Moore. It has none of the humour or vitality that makes the Shrek soundtracks stand out, and is essentially, insufferable predictable twaddle.

But of course, if the kids like it, then vocally disapproving of the Tangled soundtrack will earn you a place in that special room in Hell, reserved for cynical urbanite malcontents who have lost all traces of their souls. Go ahead, pull up a chair, you can sit between pre-denoument Scrooge and The Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and talk about how much you hate Hakuna Matata.

Listen To The Tangled Soundtrack:

You can download the Tangled soundtrack as mp3s here
Or get it on cd here
(Or if you’re in the UK it’s here for mp3s, here for cd)

Tangled Soundtrack (Songs) – Track List
1. When Will My Life Begin – Mandy Moore
2. When Will My Life Begin (Reprise 1) – Mandy Moore
3. Mother Knows Best – Donna Murphy
4. When Will My Life Begin (Reprise 2) – Mandy Moore
5. I’ve Got A Dream – Mandy Moore
6. Mother Knows Best (Reprise) – Donna Murphy
7. I See The Light – Mandy Moore
8. Healing Incantation – Mandy Moore
9. Flynn Wanted – Alan Menken
10. Prologue – Donna Murphy
11. Horse With No Rider – Alan Menken
12. Escape Route – Alan Menken
13. Campfire – Alan Menken
14. Kingdom Dance – Alan Menken
15. Waiting For The Lights – Alan Menken
16. Return To Mother – Alan Menken
17. Realization And Escape – Alan Menken
18. The Tear Heals – Mandy Moore
19. Kingdom Celebration – Alan Menken
20. Something That I Want – Grace Potter

Leave your thoughts on Tangled and the Tangled soundtrack in the comments. If you’re looking for a particular track leave a description and someone normally replies.

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  • Ashlee said

    wow buddy…get a heart. the music is good.

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  • chris neilan said

    Who needs a heart when you have a discerning critical faculty?

    But seriously, the music isn’t good out of context, unless your idea of good music is Mandy Moore. It’s atypical cheery pop which does it’s job for a Disney family animation, and is not a patch on classics like The Lion King or the Shrek soundtracks.

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    • Bri said

      Okay one, Shrek wasn’t Disney. Two, it had no original songs with lyrics except for Robin Hood’s song. Three, it’s not a classic, it was made less than ten years ago.

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  • chris neilan said

    Hi Bri,

    1) No-one said Shrek was Disney. What it is is an animated film franchise with some extremely successful and enjoyable soundtrack CDs attached. Which was what I said in my review.

    2) I never made any claim that the Shrek soundtracks contained original songs. The comparison was of musical quality. The original songs on the Tangled soundtrack are atypical cliched pop music.

    3) Being considered ‘classic’ has no in-built time limit. Since you’re talking about a cinematic movement in animated features which were kickstarted into a new era as recently as Toy Story, you have to take into account the short life-span of the new movement of animations, as well as the influence the specific film (which, in Shrek’s case, is massive). I think you’d be hard pressed to find a film critic who did not consider Shrek a modern classic.

    Thank you for your comments.

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  • Rina said

    Hmm.. I’m old enough to remmeber when Boy Bands and Teen Pop Princesses were the rage and Mandy Moore was trying to pop into the scene with her music. I remember one of her videos. Never much cared for her then. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of TANGLED for years now since I first found out about it. Rapunzel is my favorite fairy tale and is one I related to very closely so I was extremely excited. I was at first disappointed with the choice to cast Mandy Moore over Kristen (whom I adored) but after seeing the movie.. I think she did well with her music and her voice work. She fits that character and makes her more “human”. Her voice has flaws and is not perfect, so her songs and voice work sound like a real, young girl who’s not professional. I wouldn’t choose Mandy Moore as any great singer, but I think she did very well for this Disney film.

    I haven’t heard the soundtrack on it’s own aside from what was used in the film that I heard but I think the music is good. I like most the work that Alan Menken has made for Disney but these seem so much more “alive” than the really sappy gushy you’ve gotten from his past works. So I fail to see how it can be “insufferable predictable twaddle”.

    I didn’t think the SHREK music was all that great..but then I don’t much care for the SHREK series in general either. *shrugs*

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  • Shannon said

    First of all…let me say that I’m a professional opera singer and I hold a Master’s Degree in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy, I’m 30 and I listen to a lot of genres such as jazz, pop and alternative. I saw Tangled last night with 2 friends; a fellow opera singer and a professional musical theater singer and we were all delighted with this soundtrack. In fact, I looked over at the girls at one point and said,”Thank God…Alan Menken’s back!”.

    Disney music, since Snow White, has lent itself well to Broadway styled music. I’m guessing your harsh criticism of Disney music may be because musical theater isn’t your your thing and that you prefer more of a modern song selection…and to each his own. I, however, prefer original composition to throwing in random songs…sure I liked how songs were used in Shrek but Tangled is more of a traditional-style fairy tale and I appreciate how the score reflects that.

    “Mother Knows Best” is a great villainess song that shows a lot personality. I’d rank it right up there with “Little Girls” from Annie and “Poor Unfortunate Souls” from The Little Mermaid. A great character piece! “I’ve Got a Dream” has a catchy tune and great comic lyrics and I absolutely loved the ballads. Is Mandy Moore the trained professional Kristin Chenowith or Judy Kuhn(Pocahontas)is? Absolutely not. But she does have a beautiful lilting quality to her voice and a nice warm tone…this is a good fit for a Disney princess.

    As for only kids liking Disney songs..you must not get out much. My grandma tears up when she hears “When You Wish Upon a Star” and when I go to Disneyland (that’s like, twice a month since I’m a Passholder) I constantly see people of different ages and cultures singing along to music throughout the park. I’ve seen middle aged men and teenage boys singing the words to “Prince Ali” and “Under the Sea”…and they look like they are enjoying themselves. So instead of being so hateful about a timeless music genre that is Disney…maybe you should step back and consider how this “slushy” music has lifted people’s spirits for generations and give it some respect, even if it doesn’t fit into your personal tastes. There are plenty of movies for you with your type of music. And maybe some of us want to channel some childhood into our adult years with Disney magic…I get enough cynicism and grief during the work day.

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  • chris neilan said

    Hi Shannon, thank you very much for your comments, I think your differing viewpoint is exactly the kind of thing these comment pages are made for. Let me respond to your perfectly reasonable and well argued response to the article:

    Like you I’m a professional (film critic and writer) and like you I hold a Master’s degree (in screenwriting). I value originality and emotional authenticity above most things in music and in those two respects the music on the Tangled soundtrack is massively lacking.

    Original composition versus “throwing in random songs”: any film which threw in random songs for it’s soundtrack would get a pretty harsh review (see most of my reviews on this site), and certainly that’s not what the Shrek films did (for the most part). Personally I value a choice selection of great songs that match tonally the feel of the movie over the creation of inherently cliched and sentimental original songs. The songs on the Tangled soundtrack are lowest common denominator saccharine balladry, and I think only someone with a taste for saccharine balladry could argue otherwise – I don’t see for instance any Deftones or Howling Wolf or Neil Young fans arguing for the inherent musical value of these songs (whereas I am a fan of all the above and would argue for the inherent value of the Shrek soundtrack CDs). If this were a cliched heavy metal soundtrack to a terrible horror film I would criticise it in much the same way, whereas if it were a somewhat innovative or convincing heavy metal soundtrack to a horror film I might praise it. I think the issue here is not the validity of my criticism but rather that I’ve criticised something to which you are inherently favourable.

    And I certainly never suggested that only kids like Disney songs, I would never make such a sweeping generalisation – I did however hint towards the fact that this soundtrack in particular seems targeted directly at younger consumers. And you’re right, I don’t get out much, I spend most of my time working, however I would say that suggesting that anyone who holds a differing opinion to your own does so because they don’t get out much is a pretty depressing way of viewing the world. I’d also say that a Disneyland pass holder may be somewhat biased when it comes to analyzing a Disney soundtrack.

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  • Millie said

    I thought the soundtrack was great. I agree it was a little poppy, but it’s upbeat and fun. Seriously, I think it was meant to be fun and not analyzed for originality. Cliche, sure. But isn’t that the point of Disney movies? A plethora of cliches with one or two stand outs?
    The soundtrack fits the slightly silly, cheerful mood of the movie.

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  • Sarah said

    so do you need to be a professional to comment on this site… coz frankly this was one of the best movie’s that I’ve seen in a long time… and i thought it was one of the best soundtracks as well… it had AWESOME songs for sing-a-longs and isnt that what you want from dinsey movies??? well its the only reason why my mates and i watch them is for some good old singing of tone times… plus who watches dinsey music structure or what ever you want to call it… you watch it because either your a child at heart (that would be me) or you’ve got child that you want to stop whining and to stick them infront of the stupid box for a hour and a half… just saying

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  • Doowaney said

    wow you people are a bunch of freaks! they are just songs…dont kill eachother over them…Gosh!

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  • Violet said

    I love this movie and the music!!! Also I like shrek!

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  • Lauren said

    I’m not a professional anything (I’m 15 and I must admit I do have a soft spot for Disney movies), but for what it’s worth, I really like the soundtrack. I saw the movie the other night with a friend and I really enjoyed it, and the soundtrack, although a little poppy, suited the tone of the movie. It’s reminiscent of the older style of disney soundtracks, and, frankly, I’ve really missed the way they sounded.

    And I understand what you mean about the music being very cliche and all that, but I think that’s what Disney really needs – to go back to the fairytale movies that everyone loved.

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  • Kei said

    The movie was fun and whimsical…so was the soundtrack. Though I never did care for pop music, a little bit of pop would never hurt anyone.

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  • Lobna said

    very nice movie tangled

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  • paingtha said

    It is so amazing movie. And the soundtracks are great. I like “I see the Light” most.

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  • chris said

    I just watched tangled today. Mandy Moore sounded a bit sloppy but that made this Disney flick more realistic (at least magic with a touch of reality that there is NO SUCH THING AS PERFECT). The world out there is in chaos and Tangled and its music made me escape the harsh reality. Mandy Moore is most perfect for the film. This type of Disney music won’t hurt its viewers and listeners. That’s for sure.

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