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Tron Legacy Soundtrack Song List - Listen & Download (Disney Movie)
The Tron: Legacy soundtrack. If there is one thing which I enjoy doing to try and fill the black and empty abyss that is my free time then it is imagining movies I would like to see made. And if there’s one particular type of movie I would like to see made which I enjoy imagining about when I am attempting to fill the black and empty abyss that is my free time then it is movies where my star plays multiple characters. You know the kind of thing, a Rocky vs. Rambo movie, or a remake of Collateral with Travis Bickle as the cab driver and Jimmy Conway as the gun-toting fare. Or the ultimate: Threegal, in which Steven Seagal is cloned twice in order that he can devote the kind of attention to playing blues guitar, saving the baby seals and marketing his Lightning Bolt energy beverage that such a trio of equivalently noble callings deserve.

Something of this variety, albeit perhaps not as dizzyingly exciting as that latter conception, comes to pass in Joseph Kosinski’s Tron: Legacy, where Jeff Bridges is pitted against a version of himself who has passed through the special effects fountain of youth. Those wrinkles and eye-bags have been digitally scrubbed in order that Bridges be reshaped into a form resembling how he looked 28-years ago in the original Tron, and this use of 21st century tech in order to hark back to the ’80s is reflected on the soundtrack to Tron: Legacy. Composed and performed by French dance duo Daft Punk, it is a masterly retro-future confection, an epic sci-fi symphony imagined from a past-point back when computer processors had all the chug of a dormouse’s fart. Sneaking in right at the end of the 2010, this is quite probably the best mega-budget blockbuster soundtrack of the whole year, leapfrogging Hans Zimmer’s Inception at the eleventh hour.

Daft Punk’s foremost accomplishment is to construct a soundtrack that both works as a coherent whole and also has individual moments of dazzling brilliance. Although good as many of the tracks are, some on the first half of the collection do pass by frustratingly swiftly. For example, the synth lattice of Son of Flynn or the understated John Carpenter cool of Armory are like guests leaving the dinner party before the main course has been served, so ludicrously briefly do they hang around. If there’s a grumble to be had about the Tron: Legacy soundtrack it’s that the French pair behind it could have perhaps explored the themes they touch upon at greater length. But then again, they have got so many tip-top ideas to whip through, you can forgive them for sometimes rushing by at light-bike pace.

There is an effective half-time break, the proceedings going mellow with the strings of Adagio for Tron. This is a temporary lull however, as the dancefloor pump is cranked right up with End of Line and, in particular, the spiralling frenzy of Derezzed. And the latter stages of the soundtrack are as adroitly balanced as what has come before, with more reflective tracks such as Solar Sailer offset by the intensity embodied in the end titles theme.

Listen To The Tron Legacy Soundtrack:

You can download the Tron Legacy soundtrack as mp3s here
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Tron Legacy Soundtrack (Songs) – Track List
1. Overture – Daft Punk (2:28)
2. The Grid – Daft Punk (1:36)
3. The Son of Flynn – Daft Punk (1:35)
4. Recognizer – Daft Punk (2:37)
5. Armory – Daft Punk (2:03)
6. Arena – Daft Punk (1:33)
7. Rinzler – Daft Punk (2:17)
8. The Game Has Changed – Daft Punk (3:25)
9. Outlands – Daft Punk (2:42)
10. Adagio For Tron – Daft Punk (4:11)
11. Nocturne – Daft Punk (1:41)
12. End of Line – Daft Punk (2:36)
13. Derezzed – Daft Punk (1:44)
14. Fall – Daft Punk (1:22)
15. Solar Sailer – Daft Punk (2:42)
16. Rectifier – Daft Punk (2:14)
17. Disc Wars – Daft Punk (4:11)
18. C.L.U. – Daft Punk (4:39)
19. Arrival – Daft Punk (2:00)
20. Flynn Lives – Daft Punk (3:22)
21. Tron Legacy (End Titles) – Daft Punk (3:17)
22. Finale – Daft Punk (4:22)

Leave your thoughts on Tron Legacy and the Tron Legacy soundtrack in the comments. If you’re looking for a particular track leave a description and someone normally replies.

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  • Sheridan said

    Bought this a few days ago, my only soundtrack purchase this year. There are definitely copycat moments (from the likes of Inception) and some generic tracks, but overall it’s a great score that sometimes kicks into gear in a really awesome way.

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    • dnwilliams said

      Pretty sure they were working on this soundtrack before Inception. More coincidence than copycat.

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      • danner said

        Composer Hans Zimmer has revealed his score for ‘Inception’ was born from Édith Piaf’s ‘Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien.’

        “”All the music in the score is subdivisions and multiplications of the tempo of the Édith Piaf track.” -Hans Zimmer

        Now that is a pretty DAMN cool idea, and it worked !!!
        Daft Punk has worked on the Tron soundtrack since late 2008. The reason for them not being on tour for what seems an eternity. They sure as **** didn´t “steal” anything from the Inception score…

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        • Sheridan Passell said
          Sheridan Passell

          Fair enough. Just for the record, the scoring of a movie isn’t done until very late in the day. While they may have done a lot of prep, completed a lot of tracks, they need the finished movie to work off too. You can’t score a sequence blind. That all happened after Inception came out.

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          • Anonymous Film Score Buff said

            Folks, a few things:

            1) Hans Zimmer is “on retainer” with Disney Pictures (ie. all the Pirates of the Carribean movies).

            2) Hans Zimmer “composed” the music for Inception.

            3) Daft Punk is on their first foray into film score composition. So, obviously they are going to seek advice and inspiration.

            4) Daft Punk did just that with Disney providing those needs through Hans Zimmer and Harry Gregson-Williams and Hans production house. Much of the score was “assembled” by Hans.

            5) IMHO, Hans is the first film composer to implement “collaborative” composition, as in he doesn’t really do it all himself. He has an “army of composers at beck and call in his production house. You’ll see that in many of his films it was Hans, Harry, Nick Glennie-Smith and once in a while, James Newtown Howard, that were actually the collective force behind a score “by Hans Zimmer”. Many of those film scores (try Crimson Tide, Gladiator, Peacemaker, all Pirates of the Carribean, Inception, the recent Batmans) sound almost exactly the same. If you like watching a lot of films, go to IMDB, search for Hans Zimmer and watch a few. You’ll hear what I mean… 🙂

            6) My whole point is that you should expect a lot more films, especially these “dramatic” and “hero” type of movies to have the same kind of score “flavor” due to Hans’ style of “assembly-line” composition for mass consumption, which is now becoming the generic and formulaic norm used by movie studios these days.
            It’s should be no surprise that even film scores are no longer immune to “homogenization” like the rest of the genres of music, in general, all “sounding the same”… >:)

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  • Tron Legacy Soundtrack said

    I just listened to the soundtrack and I can say that I’m impressed

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  • ohna said


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  • richard gonzalez said

    just sit back and tap the sky don’t cause a ripple or things get distorted and enjoy awsome track can’t find it in my area.

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