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X-Men: First Class – Classy Images?

X-Men: First Class Pictures
It’s been a week of X-Men: First Class images. Let’s have a look at what’s been revealed.

It started with this look at the cast in costume, in a row (standing in a line, not arguing).

X-Men: First Class Pictures
X-Men: First Class Pictures

The horrible photoshop job depicted Magneto, Moira MacTaggart, Emma Frost, Azazel, Beast, Havok, Angel, Mystique and Professor X himself (Tell us which third of the characters you don’t care about/haven’t heard of/are excited to see in the comments).

It’s weird as hell to see Magento and Xavier in uniform. Not that they’ve never worn uniforms, it’s just that the whole teacher/student dynamic is messed up a little if the teachers wear school uniform, right? Emma Frost is half naked, which will no doubt please fans of the character and fans of January Jones alike, but it will be interesting to see how a superhero that REALLY looks like they’re in their underwear comes off onscreen…it’s quite surprising they felt the need to stay true to the character there. You can quite clearly see Havok has a symbol on his chest, so the costumes are somewhat personalised, which was the case with Bryan Singer’s X-Men uniforms, but it was less pronounced, and quite easy to ignore with black on black designs.

The reaction online was pretty weak. So the next day the director claimed he had “no idea” the studio was putting the image out and that he was shocked himself by the poor photoshop. Then a load of new pictures were released in quick succession, hoping to erase the memory of the first -

X-Men: First Class Pictures
X-Men: First Class Pictures
X-Men: First Class Pictures
X-Men: First Class Pictures
X-Men: First Class Pictures
So what do you think? Is this 60s-set reboot looking a bit Casino Royale, or a bit Austin Powers?

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  • Sheridan Passell said

    Can somebody put Magneto’s helmet on straight please.

    I’m disappointed that Mystique seems to have such a big role in this, I didn’t think she was a particularly interesting part of the first three movies.

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  • Joshua Blaney said

    my opinion by seeing that photo of all the xmen im pretty excited they seriously stay true to the original comic books look, those costumes is how i know xmen and what i grew up on. the only thing so far i dont like is 1 and it was mentioned already is the photoshop look and 2 why the hell they made Beast look like a Blue Wolfman and 3 i could’ve sworn angel was suppose to be a guy.. all in all im still excited to see how this will turn out

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    • Julie said

      Angel: Buggy girl – mutated in a cocoon. (seriously.)
      Archangel: Warren, the boy who grew Angel wings during puberty.depending on the story line ( comic book, cartoon, movie, etc) His father is always someone important with lots of money.

      I’ve been telling my friends that this movie is really and truly geared toward comic book fans – I don’t remember Azazel ever coming up in any of the series, or even as an obscure video game villain.

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  • Thom said

    I got really worried when I saw the bunch of Comic-con rejects in the first image but the second batch of photos has restored faith.
    I especially like the picture of practising his eyebrow raising exercises in his fingerless gloves ;)

    I am really loving the 60s look but the most exciting thing about this film is that it’s directed by Matthew Vaughn. I’m hoping for some great action scenes but also good non-cheesey humour

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  • Alex said

    Sorry, hold on, they are going to set it in the 60s? With the bloke from 300 as Magneto and whosits from the Last King of Scotland and Wanted as Professor X?

    In the 60s?

    Why not just reboot the series do a proper continuity from when Xavier is about 40 – leg crushing, FBI intrigue doing a retrospective on the whole Mactaggart love in, Hydra in Israel bit and do a proper X-Men origin?

    But truly – in the 60s?

    Oh, and they look like *#@$!

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  • Mulk said

    now as much as i would like to out this movie down because of how poorly acted out it will be i also must point out that Kevin Bacon is in this movie… and also i think i’ll like it just cause its about the X-Men and i cant help myself

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  • si said

    January Jones would look hot in a Mcdonalds uniform. Can’t wait to see her as an X-chick

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  • Joseph Z said

    Blaney: Angel is a guy.(his name is Warren) Angel is a codename.
    Angel Salvador (codename Tempest) angel is her true name. she has wings like a bug.

    I do agree beast looks like a wolf man, but it also look like he growling, So I not to worried.

    I can go on on all the stuff they have left out and or forgotten about, that they might bring up in this new movie(which i excited about anyway).

    1st. If there bringing in Azazel, who is nightcrawlers dad. in the comics mystique is nightcrawlers mother(which they did not adress in X2)

    2nd. Hank McCoy(beast) has a cameo in another X-man movie where is is on t.v. on the news which he is in a human form.

    3rd. Havok is Cyclops brother, who is younger than cylops in the comics. and this is suppose to take place in the 60’s. is havok is in his late teens/early 20’s that mean havok should be 50-60 years old, in the previous X-men movies right?

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  • Thom said

    Some slightly classier posters have been released (for the UK at least) here http://bit.ly/gZ4Af4. The text is a bit cheesey IMHO but the images are quite good

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    • Sheridan Passell said

      They’re cool. Remind me of some of the Inception posters, might be the dutch angle and hands in pockets.

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