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Is This The Worst Trailer Ever Made?

I know some of you are pumped about Iron Man, Indy 4, The Dark Knight, but here’s one that may have slipped under the radar –

Here are some typical comments from the youtube community:


“Wow this looks like a coffee commercial.”

“I need to see someone punch someone else in the head.”

“If this movie makes one dollar… I will kill myself.”

“Where can I see this?”

Me & You, Us, Forever will be released in cinemas on February 15th. Just in time to miss Valentine’s Day.

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  • James said


    I’ve been tracking this movie for a bit. This trailer makes me hope that finally, FINALLY, we have a film gloriously bad enough to create a worthy double feature for Troll 2 (and no, Manos: The Hands of Fate is not worthy).

    Go to this film’s website, the filmmaker is the worst sort of hack: the one who thinks he’s talented. He based the story off actual events and picked the lead actress because she looked like his old flame.

    Yeah, you heard right. An actually 40 year old filmmaker who still holds a candle for his 17 year old high school flame, writes a script about a 40 year old man who is holding a candle for his 17 year old high school flame . . . and then casts an underage girl that reminds him of her.

    Creeeeepy. It is the most latently pedophiliac (word?) website on the internet that doesn’t require you to be 18 to log on.

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  • isabella gucci said

    Awful stuff..it looks cheap and dated.

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  • Dwindle said

    I can’t believe her name is “Aswad”.

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  • James said

    Surely that’s a joke trailer?! It’s so bad!

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  • Morten said

    wow, thats was bad? just look at it! it makes you feel your life is a mess

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  • Ass Wad said

    Wow, Lavalife commercials are mor excitig than this. The phone scene reminds me of those 1-900-hot chix phone services..

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  • Dated is in red for no reason said

    So they were together for 2 years and 4 months but then 28 DAYS LATER THEY BROKE UP

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  • amanda said

    Ahh! I mean, what….. ahh! Must now go and kill all involved in this movie! AHHH!

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  • Amanda said

    It’s definitely not a coincidence that the lead actress’ last name is “Asswad”.

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  • batin said

    I was waiting for him to murder her or something. But yes, horrible. No plot whatsoever. What are we in the 1920’s with a silent film? They didn’t say one word, didn’t notice it til I suffered through it twice. The comments are hilarious. Makes “Gigli” look like the best movie of all the time.

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