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Percy Jackson Follow Up In Development

New Percy Jackson Movie - Release Date & Details
Fox has put the sequel to Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief in active development and could shoot it as early as this summer. The screenwriters of Ed Wood and Agent Cody Banks are adapting the second novel of five, subtitled The Sea of Monsters. Chris Columbus is unlikely to direct, say the L.A. Times, but would stay on as producer. The lead cast members, including Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson, would return.

With a $95m production budget the first Percy Jackson barely scraped home in the US ($88m) but performed fairly well internationally ($137m), doing just enough overall to prompt a sequel.

The huge legion of fans are desperate for another movie but also very upset at the radical and unnecessary changes made in adapting the first movie (something J.K. Rowling seemingly stopped Chris Columbus doing on Harry Potter). The studio would be wise to listen to the unanimous feedback and make this movie more faithful.

If it is filmed this summer, Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters‘s release date would be some time in 2012.

Source: L.A. Times

UPDATE (OCT 2011): The release date has now been confirmed as 16th August 2013. It’s definitely happening.

Here’s the official movie synopsis –

Percy Jackson, the son of Poseidon, continues his epic journey to fulfill his destiny, as he teams with his demigod friends to retrieve the Golden Fleece, which has the power to save their home and training ground, Camp Half-Blood.

UPDATE MARCH 2013 – The trailer has been released! Click the button below to watch it:

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  • Dawn Wilson said

    I don’t know how they can work this sequel since they BLEW the whole storyline with the first movie. What a shame. The books are great.

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    • Evan said

      Yah,Iknow man i love both book and movie but the blot was messed.Also Annabeth is soposed to be blond.

      Ps:i do agree in putting clarisse in. I wonder what she would look like.

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      • maryia said

        i wish i could be Clarisee

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        • kay said

          i hope they make the lost hero i really wish i could play piper i wouuld be great for the part i am half native amirican and im pretty good looking and im a great acter i stared in a lot of school plays and my dream teacher thinks ill be a great acter one day oh b the way therre werent musicals if they were i would not have been in them cause i cant sing and by the time they make the movie i will be the right age for the part

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          • tony said

            but they cant go out of order thr lost hero will have to wait till after the fifth percy jackson movie if they countinue with them but i hope they do them all

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      • Hayden said

        I think they messed it up a little to much but still they should keep going but add in the other inportant characters
        Clarisse, Beckendorf, Silenia(I just want to see what she looks like), Etc.)

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        • Rowan said

          I think that they messed up the characters a lot because 1st of all they are supposed to be in 6th grade and they look like high schoolers, 2nd annabeth is a blonde not a brunette and there are tons more but i cant think of them right now.

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          • Harrison said

            You realise they can improvise like, say annabth dyed her hair blonde in film two or add in the characters its not hard, and I know my word doesn’t count but its really hard to act in a film, be greatful that someone a director took the time to make a good book into a very good film, it doesn’t go off the story that bad, at least they can recover in film two, this movie is amazing?

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          • marialyn soriano said

            oooohhhhhhhhhh yeah, yeah.. sure annabeth was blonde
            but did u see the movie of harry potter??/ daniel radcliffe is blue eyed guy but the Harry Potter in the book is supposed to GREEN EYES… but it didn;t ruined the MOVIE after ALL…. ALEXANDRA DADDARIO doesn’t need to dye her hair because she got all ANNABETH CHASE’s move even her attitude… even LOGAN LERMAN as Percy JACKSON, he’s a perfect.. he got all he’s freaking attitude and craziness and his supernatural powers… oh dear, i’m just wishing there’s a fan who can like the movie WELL….

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          • travis said

            i think they messed up way to bad to even try and continue as much as i would have loved to see the books i loved reading become movies i think they should stop rethink the ideas they had and possibly start all over from the begining in a few years

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          • Nathan said

            Considering the stereotypical ideas of Athena being a brunette, I suppose it makes sense that they made her a brunette, But I wish they kept to the storyline

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        • Thomas said

          I hope that they stay true to the book with this one as I’m really looking forward to seeing Percy Jackson2!!!

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          • steven said

            personally i love the whole series even the next series of the lost hero iv already read the next book….id love to see them make another movie but the messed up reall bad and not just on the characters percy caan breath underwater not have to get wet and tall to any kind of horse……and where is koronos in the book hes the bad guy not cant spell it so pluto….just on that they messed it up too bad…..good movie but compared to the book its a joke

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        • zach said

          they have to add silena, she plays a big part (Spoiler)…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. remember, she’s kronos’s spy. if they dont add her, they COMPLETELY screwed the pooch.

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      • Random person said

        Omg I know Annabelle was supposed to be a blonde no wonder it didn’t sell well in the US and J.K. Rowling was smart to make sure Chris Columbus didn’t ruin the first movie. And if one of you directors read this sentence you should follow it. Annabelle should not have a bizarre accident to change her hair yellow she should say that her natural hair color is blonde and get her to put in gray contacts! I are you guys that dumb. Don’t change Tyson OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!L

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      • Samo said

        do you reckon they will have tyson?
        they better he was funny in the book

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    • Jessica said

      I know right the plot was MESSED UP! The books are awesome and im currently reading the last book oh and annabeth is not a redhead! p.s 5th book- Beckendorf: ” Oh and I guess you don’t want me to mention that little scene to annabeth” Percy: Don’t even think about it

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    • Sargent Calin said

      I thought the movie was ok here is some plot hole. Annabeth was supposed to be blond, no Clarisse, no mr D (diyonisus), Annabeth was to quick to say Luke was guilty, percy was mortally wounded by luke at the end. Also not a plot hole but I always thought of Grover as white but I really don’t mind just a query. Thanks i’m Sargent Calin.

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      • Jade said

        I see why they made Grover black though. For the sake of hollywood, they had to keep some form of a diversity -.-

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    • Luisa said

      I love the series, and the whole Percy Universe. The new book is great as are the Kane Chronicles. The Movie was great on its own, but as it was based on the book I hated it.
      Harry Potter was altered, and small changes were made, but The Lightning Thief? HORRIBLE!
      They Dropped:
      the Twins from Hermes cabin
      and SO many more!
      They changed Grovers dream. Instead of getting a search license he became “Senior Protector”
      I like the movie on it’s own, but really? Compared to the book it SUCKS!
      If they make the sequel they better not butcher it. Really!

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      • Jessica said

        I totally agree

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      • Caitlin said

        The movie was “based on” the book.
        Which means it’s not an exact copy, because they can’t add every little detail.
        Yes, the plot changing went a little far.
        Yes, they shouldn’t have changed it THAT much.
        We get it.
        Get over it. It happened. Move on.
        You can’t get everything you want in life, esp. a movie that is exactly the same as the book, word for word.
        So stop bi***ing about it because that isn’t going to help anything (i’m saying that to everyone)

        Yes, I agree, they changed the plot too much, and that they should make sure to stick to the story this time but extremely minor characters that don’t really have anything to do with the development of the story aren’t a MUST.

        Be happy they even MADE a Percy Jackson movie.

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        • bea said

          omg i <3 the percy jackson books in movie but if they could keep the same peole but add more cause i think all the people should be in the movie… πŸ™‚ :p

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        • Leah said

          OMG you are totally right.
          All I am reading is people bitching about the colour of Annabeth’s hair…does that take away from her character? No! Sure they twisted the plot – a lot – but it’s a movie guys. More people will see it than wil read the book, and the book is actually very complicated, if you were a non-reader person who saw it and it was word for word out of the book, you’d be quite confused. The movie isn’t gonna say out loud: “Kronos was controlling Ares who got Luke to steal the lightning bolt to start a war between the gods so he could sneak out and rule the world, and then luke decided to work for Kronos” It’s a lot to process as a viewer for enjoyment (I say this as a film student). So stop freaking out about tiny details and start enjoying it!
          I love Percy Jackson and can’t wait to see the next movie!

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      • Demifan said

        I totally agree with you. The movie was awesome on it’s own but based on the book? No way.

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      • tony said

        true they messed it up a bit and i hope they do the kane chronicals too as long as they dont butcher it lol

        Thumb up 7 Thumb down 13

    • Ashton Wells said

      I don’t know how their going to make it because they messed up the first movie so much. You can’t make sea of monsters without Clarrise and mr.d

      Thumb up 14 Thumb down 3

    • A.C.ROX! said

      thank you!!! how can they work a sequel in if the G.P. says when he turns 16 etc. and he’s like, idk, over 16 in the movie! they messed it up!!! not to mention how A.C. is supposed to have curly, blonde hair, but that’s just a minor detail along with Ms. Dodds being the pre-algebra teacher not the english teacher…

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    • carl said

      I completley agree! I loved the books and was angered because the storyline was NOTHING like the book! I dont know about you guys but even the small things like Annabeth having BROWN hair and BLUE eyes when she is supposed to have BLONDE hair and GREY eyes! Another thing is that LUKE gave Percy a SHIELD when ARES was supposed to give Percy a BACKPACK! And what about the flying shoes that almost kill Grover! I think they should have either made it RIGHT or not have made it at all!!!

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      • kay said

        i have no i deal how there going to make a second movie let alone the rest of the series. they said in the last movie he was 16 and in high school so i dont know how there going to do book 5 and the great prophecy i think he should just start all over and make it right and how did they forget about clarisse

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      • Sabina said

        Okay we pretty much all argee that the books are better. there were alot of characters missing and a lot of details wrong. but they might be able to fix it. One of the bigest mistakes was the underworld. In the movie the underworld was all fire and torture. in the books its dark and gloomy and black and just plain depressing. they’re were alot of thing wrong i just hope they can fix it.

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    • Taylor said

      well question for all of you complainers, who would watch a movie like this if they are in the 6th grade? High School relates to audience better and more than likely that would be the age range for people watching it. BTW they can’t make the movie word to word from the book that would be boring and stupid. The books are great and so is the movie. Deal with that they did and move on!!!! Blonde hair vs. Brown hair is it really that big of a deal I mean really…get over it. I’m sure the next movie will be just and probably even better that the first.

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    • Austin said

      I know right like they changed it all up with the pearls and they didnt even metion Clarisse. Anabeth should be blonde and the 3 headed monster is supposed to be in the 2nd book/movie.

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      • marialyn soriano said

        i remember some of the details that they changed the CHIMERA into HYDRA because some of the viewers will be scared so much if they was the real identity of the monster.. so they change it…
        BTW..they make an AWESOME JOBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB and there’s nothing u could bout it
        i remember the movie of TWILIGHT series, they followed all the scenes and WORDS in the books that’s why it’s very DULL and BORING, absolutely… i’ve watch some of the movie that i’ve most admired in books esp. the Da VINCI CODE(they COMPLETELY followed the book and words but it wasn’t that boring), but the twilight (GODS!! i almost wanted to sleep forver than seeing the movie..)
        PERCY JACKSON is awesome book and MOVIE…. they made it all fun, fantastic and amazing.. even they didn’t follow some of the chapters in book… i hate u

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    • Charlotte Lovett said

      The books are great would love a whole sequence movies for all of the books it would be great and in the second and third movie i wonder what Thalia looks like! Sorry guys if im telling you too much if you havent read the books yet! One wierd thing in the books it says Annabeth has blondde hair and in the movie she has brown? Well love the movie and the books

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    • Poseidon of the seas said

      I absolutely loved the three Percy Jackson books I’ve read in reading order they are:
      Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief
      Percy Jackson & The Sea Of Monsters
      Percy Jackson & The Last Olympian

      I thought they were all great but I wonder what Dyonisus and Connor & Travis Stoll will look like.

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      • mari said

        The books are
        lightining bolt
        sea of monsters
        titan’s curs
        battle of ladybrief
        last olympian
        You missed the most important book!

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    • shilpa said

      The movie was completely out of track. I think they missed main point of the story.

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    • Daughter of Hestia said

      I can’t wait till this movie comes out, but I wish I wouldn’t have to wait more than a year. I think it would be better if the movies came out each year so everyone remembered what happened in the last movie.

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    • dakota hensley said

      so wut the movie was great the book was great they might be able to make this one even more like the book than the first one keep ur mind open until the movie comes out dumna$$

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  • laura said

    i love percy jackson and i love luke and the guy who plays him and they better do the titans curse coz thts my favourite

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    • Evan said

      Thats one of my favourites but i go with The Battle of the Labyrinth.

      Thumb up 5 Thumb down 1

    • meg said

      Did anybody know that the guy who played Luke in the 1st movie was in a show every once in a while. It’s called Supernatural. He is the half brother (ha ha half blood half bro) of the main characters Sam and Dean.

      Thumb up 6 Thumb down 1

      • thetoneguy said

        This is a response to the person who was talking about Luke and how the actor was in supernatural I am a HUGE fan of that show and he was a good character ***SPOILER ALERT** I was upset when adam (his character )got sent to hell with Michael QQi was sad

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  • Shinichi said

    *-* I hope that they make a excellent movie. I love Percy Jackson’s serie πŸ˜€

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    • Evan said

      Yah, its my fav im fan #1.

      Ps:Who is your favourite Olypians.Mine is poesidon and athena.

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      • michal said

        Apollo is my favorite, along with mr. d they rock, oh and Poseidon too, but they simply have to add in mr. d

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  • angeljewl said

    i am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!This just made my day……I hope they use brandon t jackson as grover though cuz if they dont it will mess the whole movie up so it’s best if they just keep the same cast.

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    • Caitlin said

      I totally agree that they should keep the same cast!!!!
      who cares if they’re older than they are supposed to be in the book? not me! πŸ™‚ (to the people who DO care, get over it. Nothing in life will EVER be an exact copy)

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  • Will said

    They should definitely make a sequel it was a good. Movie I don’t care that they left some stuff out but they need to fit clarisse in the next one.

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    • Jacqui said

      Anie, Rick Riordan doesn’t have any say in the films. I mean, most directors will listen to feedback from the author, but they bought the creative license off Mr Riordan. If you research what JK Rowling (or any author who has had their work transformed to visualisation) says about the amount of influence they have over the film’s production, you will find that the studio can do anything they want to the story. I am not saying I like it, I am just saying that you should research before you make a decision.

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      • DrPickle said

        i want to see what Tyson will look like(i know he will be animated) but i am still interested.

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  • Anie said

    I just finished reading all the books and I must say they should fix the second movie so they can follow the books almost to the letter. It’s obvious there are gonna be some adaptations, but I would suggest Mr. Riordan to watch carefully how they develop his movies, since they’re such great books, the movies shouldn’t destroy what’s already great.

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    • thalia said

      i love percy jackson books but the movie was just CRAP !! for havens sake it was horrible and annabeth not BLOND how could they?!?! and the AGE OHHH DONT LET ME START WITH THE AGE CHRIS COLOMBUS SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!and grover ohh god grover was HORRIBLE i mean i saw some interviews on youtube and the man was like asking brandon:”i read the books and grover was a wimp and u brandon were not scared at all u acted soo macho” brandon replied”well i honostly got to say that i did not want to play a wimp soo i added some macho in the charakter” and after i saw the intervie i was like what the… it is not brandons choice. If the charecter is a wimp then BE a wimp!!AND PERCY OHH MY PERCY he is NOT 12 and well i got nothing to say i love logan lerman.

      Thumb up 7 Thumb down 4

      • Jessica said

        iknow logan lerman is like 17 supposed to be playing a 12 year old boy shame shame shame CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS

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        • Caitlin said

          1. Logan Lerman is 19.
          2. GET OVER IT. The movie is BASED ON the book, not a copy!!

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          • Blonde said

            Okay I understand it isn’t supposed to be a copy, but when there’s fans that love this book series and want to see it in action, and it gets totally butchered they’re going to complain. So please stop making rude comments about us needing to ‘get over it’. We obviously understand we can’t change the story line, but ew still want our word out there to someone who might be reading it. If you don’t like our comments then don’t read them.
            My opinion on the movies story line is I don’t really mind about the fact of hair color, but they didn’t mention the prophecy, which is a really big part of the whole entire 5 book series. So if they plan to turn the whole series to movie, they shoulve mentioned that.
            But otherwise the movie was great, the books are amazing, and everyone PLEASE stop being so rude.

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          • Becky said

            Yeah, I agree with Blondie.

            Dear Caitlin,
            You are annoying me. Please stop. It is a big deal if Logan Lerman is 19 and is supposed to be 11. It is a big deal that they left out Dionysus, Clarisse, Ares, and many other characters. Stop acting like its stupid because we are not happy about that. Look at Harry Potter, they made the movies very very similar to the books and the fans were happy. And Harry Potter ended up being so popular. It could happen to Percy Jackson if they actually came close the plot when making a movie. So stop complaining to people if they are upset because they have a reason to be.

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  • The1Cool said

    Never read the books… the movie was lame. I normally enjoy these types of movies, but this one seemed rushed. Like too much was happening w/ very little explanation and character development.

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    • James Howard said

      dude shut up if u aint read the books then u aint got no room to talk the books were great and the movie even though it barely followed the book was still pretty awsome. if u didn’t like the movie fine but don’t put your dang 2 sence into something that could possibly stop them from makking another movie that might just be the best movie of its time

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      • josh said

        i agree the movie was awesome to me and they should make a new movie of the second book. all the books were awesome and (who ever is reading this that knows they neeed new people in the cast hook me up PLEASE.

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        • Jude said

          yeah i agree with them the movie suked if you compared it 2 the books but if u didnt it frikin roked, as long as they try 2 fix it next time itll be great!!

          Thumb up 2 Thumb down 2

          • Caitlin said

            @ Jude
            it’s called spell.
            you should learn how to do it correctly.

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        • Evan said

          Iknow man I was told at school to try the books but before i finished the series i was reading the movie had came out.Then i thought what the heck i wached the movie,loved it, so i read the series and compared to the book the movie loked like a pile of appolo’s sacred red cow crap.

          Ps:If never read the battle of the labyrinth forget the sacred cow thing.

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          • Jessica said

            I know when I saw the movie I only read the first book so far and when they got to the Parthenon I was like what are they doing where does all this come from did I Like miss something I mean I called all my friends and I’m lik is the movie supposed to be like this if it’s the same I’m not watching any more

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  • hannah + ben said

    The books are absoloutly fantastic! me and my brother couldnt put them down! we have read all five and i loved th movie! i really want the others to come out sooner!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • make another said

    i love the books but i say they keep making the movies but they should added all the detiels and keep to the story line. also that they should of had attors and atres the same age as the book.

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  • Mariah said

    I would have a panic attack if they don’t make the sequel. I’m having a panic attack just reading about it being produced. I loved the movie and I adore the books I live in Florida in a really, really, really small town and here there are about 55 kids who would watch the movie buy it and post stuff about how awesome it is. So I’m just writing this for all those other people that ADMIRE these books so much and want the next movie to be produced.

    PLEASE LET IT BE PRODUCED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Jessie said

    I say the books were awesome and the movie was good but a bit cheezy. I think they should change Annabeth. She has BLONDE hair and GREY eyes. Like Danielle Chuchran. http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/19100000/Maybe-a-better-Annabeth-Chase-percy-jackson-and-the-olympians-books-19176911-215-235.jpg Take a moment to look at that picture.
    She played as Katniss in the Hunger Games on youtube and is a pretty good actress.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

    • Jude said

      if they change annabeth then that will surley make it worse, i completey agree with u bout the blonde air thing though and she did almost hav grey eyes

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    • A.C.ROX! said

      She pretty much had the grey eyes going on, but the hair had ZERO curls, and definately wasn’t blonde… wat was up with her and percy being on 2 different teams for capture the flag??? in the book she specifically asked for him b/c of the thing with clarisse in the bathroom… i’m sure i’m not the only die-hard fan that has read the books like five times and started counting down the days to october 4th months ago(that’s when son of neptune comes out)

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    • marialyn soriano said

      ammm… actually Jessie… Danielle Chuchran was HORRIBLE being as ANNABETH CHASE…. but i liked her most in the Hunger Games Youtubes as Katniss Everdeen.. i’m so glad that she didn’t get the role as katniss in the reall movie… Jennifer Lawrence is perfect… i’m sorry for the “bad” answer but i’m being honest… i don’t like lying (Not my habit at all) and i really want some facts, not lies..

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    • Piper said

      Yes, jessie i do agree she is pretty good for the part, but for this movie they need to kick butt to make it as good as the book and make up for the last one the old actress needs to dye her hair blond and put in stormy gray contacts!

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  • SuzanneK said

    For all you naysayers that it is too late to save the story line. I say you are wrong. Here is my way of saving the story line:

    Okay, if I could get them to listen to me, this is how I would make the 2nd movie The Sea of Monsters.

    Remembering that they only have 2 hours, things will need to move quickly and every detail cannot be included.

    How can they not bring Clarisse into the story? Besides Luke she is the main antagonist in Percy’s life. They won’t have Clarisse and Percy setting out separately because it will take too much time. There probably will be animosity between Percy and Clarisse, but not based on the Percy and Ares tension from TLT. Hopefully, they will introduce Thalia as the tree, being sick and dying, hence the need for the golden fleece. The Oracle is a must for the great prophecy introduction. The emotional link with Percy and Grover is a must too.

    Then clarify that Luke was working under the influence of Kronos, who enabled his rescue from the Hudson River. Much of the story line problems can be corrected in just a few lines of dialogue.

    I doubt we will see Luke’s monster ship at the beginning of the movie, except mentioned in passing for story purposes. They will have Clarisse’s skeleton ship for transportation. For Greek Myth sake they better keep Circe’s Island and hopefully The Sirens.

    The Trio (Percy, Annabeth, and Grover) plus Clarisse will get to Polyphemus’s Island and for comedy sake, have Clarisse and Grover captured by Polyphemus. He will decide to marry Clarisse because her spunk, and have Grover for the wedding feast. This will lead to Percy and Annabeth saving them.

    Tyson (he is my favorite character) hopefully will meet Percy at his school, travel to the camp, and save Percy from the Colchis Bulls. Please do not leave him out. He really is needed to be with the team to get the golden fleece and defeat Polyphemus. We will hopefully get to see Rainbow the Hippocampus.

    Then. as in the book, Clarisse will take her airplane flight back to New York and fulfill her quest. The team will have a confrontation with Luke aboard his ship, we will get a peak at Kronos’ coffin, Blackjack and Chiron will join the fight. They succeed in getting the trio and Tyson off Luke’s ship and safely back to camp.

    Olympus will acknowledge that Kronos is gaining strength and needs to be stopped.

    Now, what they probably won’t have in the movie. We won’t see Grover setting off to search for Pan, the Alistrygonian Giants, the Gray Sisters, the Stymphalian Birds and chariots, or the whole mortal passengers and confrontation on Luke’s ship from early in the story.

    They can do the Camp Half-Blood without Dionysis or Tantalus’s sarcastic wit. We probably will not to see Hermes or the snakes.

    So, that is how I would fix things.

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    • Jude said

      Are you sure they would even have enough money to make the movie exsactly like that? You know they are on a budget. -.- But I agree, great way to fix it!

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      • Evan said

        Me to, thats a great way. Lets pray to the gods tyson will be in there he is my fav other than percy.

        Ps:Longest coment i have ever seen on a percy jackson fan site

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      • Caitlin said

        yeah, budget’s usually always a problem, but I agree with you that this is a good way to go! πŸ˜€

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  • Sam said

    Heyy I really liked the books but the movie was crap. Still watched it a load of times though haha I’m a loser like that and I pray to the god(s) they get the movies out. But like I heard, they “butchered” the first. Like the Hydra in the first movie was in the second book not the first and that ticked me off and I really wanted to see the Percy and Are’s showdown. That would’ve been cool but the Luke Percy was pretty good too. Dionysus is pretty cool. I wish they’d do more with the camp though. It was all like 12 cabins in the books and now there just like tents and the Oracle is needed man. The girl they have for Annabeth is pretty beautiful I’ll admit. A lot better than what I expected and Grover is wicked. :p i like the age too. In the books there all like 12 and crap and unrealistic but in the movies there teenagers which is right on. They could make it that Luke was saved by Kronos somehow and Kronos promised to help him so yeah you know. They have to say more about the great prophocey though. HAVE TOO! The Persephone pearls thing was pretty good but they could’ve just used the adventures they went through in the book instead of the ones they had in the movie. Well they did besides the Hydra. But like Medusa, Chimera, Procrustis, Lotus Hotel and other things. Lol I really hope they get the final movie out for the book because that was WICKED! Lol :p oh well….

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    • Jude said

      i do agree with the ages, i dont kno exsactly how old they r but if they r 14 which would be resonable then the prophacy woud hav 2 be when they are 18, if they go higher than that it will soooo mess up the story

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    • Cooki Monster said

      The ages are there for a reason!! 12 isn’t unrealistic, that is what makes it so amazing. Notice that their adventures get harder while they grow older. okay soo. If they keep their ages like that Percy will be 20 by the end of the movies. And what about The Heroes of Olympus they are supposed to be 18 or 19 then!!!!! One of the parts is that they can’t drive so their quest is that much harder!!!!

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    • A.C.ROX! said

      they didnt do the whole falling out of the st. louis arch thing, but i guess that wouldn’t have been an easy stunt… they totally messed up the lotus hotel and casino(wat’s with him being h.s. but saying to a.c.”i’m gonna go get a beer”) they persephone’s pearls were supposed be given as a gift to percy from his dad’s messenger spirit not hidden, but they already messed that movie up like that, so we need to find a way to make sure they dont mess the next one up…

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  • brittany said

    okay i admit the movie wasn’t even comparable in awesomeness with the book because rick is a frickin genius but keep the actors cuz percy is a babe, and give the movie people another crack at it JUST STAY TRUE TO THE STORY and introduce Clarisse i mean i hate her guts and i miss hating her guts LOL plus the second movie would be impossible because its based on her quest JUST PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THIS MOVIE IT MEANS SO MUCH TO ME MY COUSINS AND MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Jude said

    Okay if they dont somehow fix the 2nd movie and they blow it as bad as they did on the first movie i will explode, literally, i will turn on fire and my body will explode 2 a bunch of pieces. They better not change the plot, and they better not take out any more characters they need 2 put clarrise and stuff in there cuz that just p.o. me. if they mess up sea of monsters then they wont be making another movie i can say that much of a fact.

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    • A.C.ROX! said

      they have to put beckendorf and silena in there eventually cause of l.o. and they have to put tyson in, and of course clarisse…part of percy’s wish in l.o will have 2b left out cause the cabins got messed up, and claiming wont make any sense… imma find a way to write or email the producer(s) just to give them some feedback…

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