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Red Riding Hood Soundtrack Song List - Listen & Download
The Red Riding Hood soundtrack. Well well well. I think we were all fairly comfortable in the shared assumption that the massive success of the Twilight films (I refuse to use the word ‘franchise’ since I am still of the perhaps misguided belief that films are more important than fast food outlets) would lead to a whole bunch of derivative undead monster movies aimed at undemanding teenage audiences, but the director of Twilight? Making a werewolf film? With a beautiful teenage girl protagonist? With a narrative in which her fascination with undead beasts represents some facet of her sexual awakening? Well I never. That is just bare-faced cheek. That’s not cricket. That’s so outrageously cynical that it’s almost impressive. Turns out Thirteen and Lords of Dogtown were misleading – Catherine Hardwicke doesn’t care about truthfully representing youth so much as she cares about churning out formulaic fairy-tales about pretty teenagers withholding their sexual desires and therefore finding love in the good old Christian way. Of course there’s little place for plain-looking teenagers who have responsible if more casual sex in such films, which pretty much accounts for the vast majority of teenagers, including the ones in Hardwicke’s earlier films, but that’s neither here nor there. Some people might use a phrase like ‘selling out’ at this point. And they’d be right to. She has sold out. I hope she enjoys all the lovely money. Having said that, the film is period-set and stars Gary Oldman, so it will probably be better than Twilight.

The soundtrack to Red Riding Hood consists principally of eleven tracks composed by Brian Reitzell, who collaborated with Air and Kevin Shields on the soundtracks to Sofia Coppola’s Virgin Suicides and Lost In Translation respectively, and played drums on Air’s 10,000 Hz Legend album, making him a man worthy of respect. His work here however consists of rather generic atmospherics, all eery soundscaping, strings and occasional tribal drums – the kind of perfectly functional creepy score that achieves its goals in the cinema and becomes instantly unnecessary to all but the most ardent of soundtrack buffs when released on CD. Two tracks from Fever Ray, which sound like Prodigy B-sides married to a Roxette-style power-ballad vocal, and a half-decent if derivative shoegazing track from The Big Pink’s first album don’t up the standard much. As a listening experience, it’s a little like being stuck eternally in the title sequence from Mad Men and being stalked by a lupine Jon Hamm.

Perhaps then the Red Riding Hood soundtrack will be of most use to impressionable teenagers struggling to suppress their normal and healthy sexual desires, like their impossibly beautiful on-screen heroes. Should they feel the onset of horniness, they can simply turn to their iPod, hit play, and use these creepy horror genre atmospherics to soundtrack their daily life, until they’re convinced that every boy or girl they see at the mall or at school who shows even the slightest sign of attraction actually wants to tear their flesh off with their bare teeth. Remember kids: chastity is great, and all those who suggest otherwise are comparable to evil undead monsters.

Listen To The Red Riding Hood Soundtrack:

You can download Red Riding Hood soundtrack as mp3s here

Red Riding Hood Soundtrack (Songs & Score) – Track List
1. Towers Of The Void – Brian Reitzell
2. Kids – Brian Reitzell & Alex Heffes
3. Dead Sister – Brian Reitzell & Alex Heffes
4. The Wolf – Fever Ray
5. Mt. Grimoor – Brian Reitzell & Alex Heffes
6. Tavern Stalker – Brian Reitzell & Alex Heffes
7. Grandma’s House – Brian Reitzell & Alex Heffes
8. Keep The Streets Empty For Me – Fever Ray
9. Wolf Attack Suite – Brian Reitzell & Alex Heffes
10. Just A Fragment Of You – Alex Gonzalez from M83 & Brian Reitzell
11. The Reveal – Brian Reitzell & Alex Heffes
12. Finale – Brian Reitzell & Alex Heffes
13. End Suite – Brian Reitzell
14. Crystal Visions – The Big Pink

Leave your thoughts on the Red Riding Hood movie and the Red Riding Hood soundtrack in the comments. If you’re looking for a particular track leave a description and someone normally replies.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    I quite like the concept and look of the movie, and parts of the soundtrack are pretty effective, but with an 11% rating on Rotten Tomatoes it has clearly been horribly written and directed. Twilight’s success was quality-proof, this won’t be.

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    • abby said

      what are you talike about it was awsome and the best part is when “the wolf” plays it blends with the chaos that takes place during that scene

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  • heidi said

    M83 is ANTHONY gonzalez… not alex 🙂

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  • Hannah said

    People need to stop trying to make connections to every teen movie with Twilight. Really. Red Riding Hood was a good movie with a good plot and a very unexpected ending. It kept to the original fable but gave it a bit of a twist. It was a great movie and doesn’t deserve to be compared to Twilight.

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      Fair enough, but let’s face it this movie would never have been made were it not for Twilight, it follows the same template – Love triangle with two hunks in a soft horror setting, and it’s directed by the woman who directed Twilight, that’s no accident.

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      • nitros said

        Twilight wasn’t the first movie with love triangle you know… so I wouldn’t compare this two movies.

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      • mila said

        this was a good movie i did like the twist but it does have a love triangle but its not like Twilight maybe it was sort of based pn that triangle thing but it certianly wasnt like that at all. Like i said that movie was good. Soo……

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  • donna said

    What was the song that was played during the start of the credits at the end of the movie?

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  • Mariah said

    i saw this movie tonight and let me tell u it was a great movie i would so see it again i love love love it and yeah it does alittle bit to twilight but not much it’s based on a fairy tale and i hope they come out with another one 🙂

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

    • mila said

      I am sooo with Mariah on that it was a great movie and there was some twilight thing going on in it but i also hope they make another one

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  • chris neilan said

    Yes, I would go so far as to say not only that this film has only been made to cash-in on Twilight’s success, but that I suspect it was specifically designed to cash-in on Twilight’s success. But hey, that’s Hollywood, it’s big business, and once the film is out in the big wide world all that really matters is its quality. Seems pretty formulaic to me though.

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  • gd smith said

    I also like to think films are more important than burgers. But franchise fits the twilight saga. I’ve got DVDs of every Friday 13th movie and franchise certainly fits Jason better than the notion of cinema as art.
    Red Riding hood looks like a bubble gum movie aimed at girls. The hate films like this and twilight receives borders on misogyny and mostly comes from young men who think the Dark Knight is the pinnacle of human achievement rather than a re-branded franchise. If the critics of girly romance fests were championing Ran or the Assassination of Jesse James or Taxi Driver or something they would have a point. But they’re not, they’re just small boys whining like big babies because girls like unrealistic sparkly vampires rather than action heroes with very silly voices running around in fetish gear or even more ridiculously are arguing for “realistic” vampires. It’s all very very silly

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  • J.D.W. said

    I frankly think it looks like a “Fairy tale” slash “Twilight” ripoff.

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  • Melissa Dagger said

    Just because it has a love triangle doesnt mean its like twilight. I think it was a good movie, with a good plot. it could have been a bit longer. but it was over all an amazing well casted movie. of course your gonna see similarities between movies. but that doesnt mean it was done on purpose.

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  • Arian said

    what is the songs name that is played in the feast?

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  • Rodney Dennis said

    I very much enjoyed this movie and I’ve seen it twice in the past two days. I absolutely hate twilight and I find no correlation between the two. It was incredibly well done, well written, the acting was quite good and I love the Red Riding Hood soundtrack. This is definitely a movie I will buy. I find it very irritating that everything with vampires or werewolves now automatically gets put in the same category as the twilight movies and it’s an unfair assumption. This movie had style, flair, and was simply a ton of fun. The twists and suspense really made this movie and the cinematography really shined. The music in Red Riding Hood was great as well and I absolutely loved the celebration scene music. All in all this movie had everything a horror/romance could hope to have, suspense, intrigue, romance, betrayal, and of course a scary bad guy. Eat your heart out Twilight, there’s no way you can compare with this movie. Two thumbs way way up.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

    • Jessica Inskeep said

      I completely agree with you!! I thought it was an awesome movie very well directed with a very good plot, I enjoyed every minute of it!! Couldn’t say the same about twilight!

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    • mila said

      i agree it was a Fantasticly awesome movie. The plot was great, characters was a good choice in rools. I didnt want it to end. I also loved how you said it was like a chick flick with the love, and lust. I too HATE the twilight series and i hope they make a seqal. I LOVED LOVED LOVED it!

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  • Maria said

    I got swept up in this amazing movie! I didn’t want it to end ;( I’ve watched it 3 days in a row! Its hard to find a movie that has a bit of everything in it.

    I agree with Hannah, Melissa, Rodney, and Jessica!

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  • Tintin said

    The people that cannot see the comparisons to Twighlight series must be blind… the scenery, the love triangle with two hunks, the loyalty to her true love who happens to be supernatural, her father is same actor as bella’s father, her feelings of not fitting in to the villages way of life, a dark but harmless fantasy blah blah etc etc… But I have to say, I LOVED IT, it is like a template for the ultimate chick flick, action, love, lust, beauty and some danger. I hope they make a sequel.

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  • Charlotte said

    Instead of saying that it’s not good and just because rotten tomatoes have rated it 11 does not mean it is bad that is just a rating site everybody has different views on films if you like twilight yo will love red riding hood xx

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  • Arkanis said

    Awful movie… made me think about the huge stupidities we make for women (like losing part of my life/brain cells) watching that

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 2

    • mila said

      I think you are absolutley wrong it was a great movie and the whole “losing my brain cells” thing is a load of you know, Well maybe to you it was awful, but obviously to others it is very good

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