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Red Riding Hood Soundtrack Song List - Listen & Download
The Red Riding Hood soundtrack. Well well well. I think we were all fairly comfortable in the shared assumption that the massive success of the Twilight films (I refuse to use the word ‘franchise’ since I am still of the perhaps misguided belief that films are more important than fast food outlets) would lead to a whole bunch of derivative undead monster movies aimed at undemanding teenage audiences, but the director of Twilight? Making a werewolf film? With a beautiful teenage girl protagonist? With a narrative in which her fascination with undead beasts represents some facet of her sexual awakening? Well I never. That is just bare-faced cheek. That’s not cricket. That’s so outrageously cynical that it’s almost impressive. Turns out Thirteen and Lords of Dogtown were misleading – Catherine Hardwicke doesn’t care about truthfully representing youth so much as she cares about churning out formulaic fairy-tales about pretty teenagers withholding their sexual desires and therefore finding love in the good old Christian way. Of course there’s little place for plain-looking teenagers who have responsible if more casual sex in such films, which pretty much accounts for the vast majority of teenagers, including the ones in Hardwicke’s earlier films, but that’s neither here nor there. Some people might use a phrase like ‘selling out’ at this point. And they’d be right to. She has sold out. I hope she enjoys all the lovely money. Having said that, the film is period-set and stars Gary Oldman, so it will probably be better than Twilight.

The soundtrack to Red Riding Hood consists principally of eleven tracks composed by Brian Reitzell, who collaborated with Air and Kevin Shields on the soundtracks to Sofia Coppola’s Virgin Suicides and Lost In Translation respectively, and played drums on Air’s 10,000 Hz Legend album, making him a man worthy of respect. His work here however consists of rather generic atmospherics, all eery soundscaping, strings and occasional tribal drums – the kind of perfectly functional creepy score that achieves its goals in the cinema and becomes instantly unnecessary to all but the most ardent of soundtrack buffs when released on CD. Two tracks from Fever Ray, which sound like Prodigy B-sides married to a Roxette-style power-ballad vocal, and a half-decent if derivative shoegazing track from The Big Pink’s first album don’t up the standard much. As a listening experience, it’s a little like being stuck eternally in the title sequence from Mad Men and being stalked by a lupine Jon Hamm.

Perhaps then the Red Riding Hood soundtrack will be of most use to impressionable teenagers struggling to suppress their normal and healthy sexual desires, like their impossibly beautiful on-screen heroes. Should they feel the onset of horniness, they can simply turn to their iPod, hit play, and use these creepy horror genre atmospherics to soundtrack their daily life, until they’re convinced that every boy or girl they see at the mall or at school who shows even the slightest sign of attraction actually wants to tear their flesh off with their bare teeth. Remember kids: chastity is great, and all those who suggest otherwise are comparable to evil undead monsters.

Listen To The Red Riding Hood Soundtrack:

You can download Red Riding Hood soundtrack as mp3s here

Red Riding Hood Soundtrack (Songs & Score) – Track List
1. Towers Of The Void – Brian Reitzell
2. Kids – Brian Reitzell & Alex Heffes
3. Dead Sister – Brian Reitzell & Alex Heffes
4. The Wolf – Fever Ray
5. Mt. Grimoor – Brian Reitzell & Alex Heffes
6. Tavern Stalker – Brian Reitzell & Alex Heffes
7. Grandma’s House – Brian Reitzell & Alex Heffes
8. Keep The Streets Empty For Me – Fever Ray
9. Wolf Attack Suite – Brian Reitzell & Alex Heffes
10. Just A Fragment Of You – Alex Gonzalez from M83 & Brian Reitzell
11. The Reveal – Brian Reitzell & Alex Heffes
12. Finale – Brian Reitzell & Alex Heffes
13. End Suite – Brian Reitzell
14. Crystal Visions – The Big Pink

Leave your thoughts on the Red Riding Hood movie and the Red Riding Hood soundtrack in the comments. If you’re looking for a particular track leave a description and someone normally replies.

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  • Asher_SleeQ said

    Well first of the visual effects were top class, the quillette pack look like a bunch of bunnys compared to the red ridding hood werewolves, and i think this had more sexual content than twilight… Valerie had the brains to actually be scared of the supernetural, unlike some others… Although the plot was weak at some intervals, i’ll rate it a 4 out of 5 and a must watch for young adults

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  • cathy lots said

    whats the sng tht played during the love scene in the barn?please help me out here

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  • mar said

    i really liked this movie .. maybe is not a horror film but i think the concept of the wolf and the romance between peter and valerie is realment enjoyable .. haha i’m 18 and i like the idea of this romances .. and pater is very sexy HAAHA but honestly i like red riding hood .. it’s very cool .. ! xD
    my facebook is merthol gatik

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  • Mandy said

    I like this movie a lot. Period. It’s feel was immensely different to that of Twilight. I don’t know WHY people keep comparing the two.
    You wanna know WHY this movie resembles Twilight? Because it’s about human emotions. Teen emotions. THAT’s the only resemblance. If you have feelings and were a high school attending teen, you will recognize these things.
    Yes, people have crushes, maybe even on 2 persons at a time. Yes, supernatural things happen.
    YES, EVERYONE is true to their assumed true love? DUH!

    And once more, Red riding hood has been around for quite some more time than Twilight has been… So, who’s copying who? If you still feel the need to compare…

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  • anna said

    Hi! I just saw the movie and I adored it!!! Could someone please tell me which song is the first song playing during the credits?

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  • jennifer estrada said

    What the second song called at the ending credits?

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  • ola2080 said


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  • Sally said

    I really liked this movie! I did get a Twilight feel, but Twilight WAS a good movie (Just because you hate Twihards and some of the cast doesn’t mean that everything Twilight is bad). I loved the cast because the girl is so pretty and from Mamma Mia! And the two guys that liked her were eally, REALLY good looking! The soundtrack was good because it’s not like other movies that I’ve watched. I also loved the costumes and I think whoever did it did a great job!

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  • Morgan said

    Meh. nothing to do with twilight. Next your going to say the Great Gatsby or Gone With the Wind are like Twilight because of the love triangle plot.

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  • MJB said

    dont listen to the bad comments it wasnt just another twilight movie and is worth the watch I even really want the soundtrack and that’s saying something.

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  • michelle said

    i have never seen twilight nor do i want too but i loved this movie it was great from start to finish loved it ,loved it totally loved it……

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  • Isabel said

    I thought this movie was great, I have been wanting to watch it and finally i got the chance and it was an amazing movie, im hoping another one comes out. I would love to see more. The soundtrack in this movie was great, I really enjoyed it. As well as the characters, I really enjoyed Amanda Seyfried as Valerie and the guy who played peter, they really do make a cute couple. This movie was mysterious and I loved it. My favorite part was the love scene with Valerie and Peter, great, real, and mysterious. Love Love Love It Especially the song they played “Keep The Streets Empty For Me” by Fever Ray.

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  • obsidian1807 said

    I actually like this movie. People who actually read fairy tailes and see beyond the surface know the movie kept to the main thing: a girl coming of age. Look at the symbolism folks. As for a movie comparison…did anyone care to think of In the Company of Wolves? Could that would be more accurate then Twilight. Twilight doesn’t even hold a candle in quality and meaning. By the way people: THERE IS NO LOVE TRIANGLE!!! She loved the wood cutter Peter (peter and the wolf hehe XP) she never had feelings for Henry the Iron/Blacksmith. Maybe just friendship and appreciation but not love/lust or even like. By the way, who cares that the father is the same actor who plays the father in twilight. Tim Burton and Quentin Taratino use actors for the movies repetively, care to make them seem like rip offs of reach other?

    Anyways, its unfortunate that people can’t enjoy a good supernatural/fantasy movie without thinking of Twilight. The dumbasses made Twilight into movies, get over it and move on.

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  • Pulse said

    Hey what is the title of last two songs played during ending credits

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  • Jamie said

    Alright, I am 31y/o, female, and really liked this movie. It was well-played with a cool soundtrack. It did remind me of Twilight simply due to the coloring of the scenes and a basic undercurrent of a hidden darkness through the movie. I liked the twist at the end. Not everything has to be analyzed to death. I would rather see a million movies like this or Twilight than another “Saw”. Two thumbs up to the writers and director of this film. I enjoyed it. That simple.

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