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Top 10 Worst Movies Of 2011

Worst Movies Of 2011 | Top 10 One thing’s for sure, feature films aren’t getting any better. Every year has its sprinkling of truly bad movies, and 2011 is no different. So let’s grab our surf board and tackle this year’s turd tidal wave.

Here’s our round-up/preview of the top 10 worst movies, 2011.

Season Of The Witch

I wish this was a remake of Halloween 3, but instead it’s Nicolas Cage trying to claw himself out of bankruptcy and helping another undeserving movie get green-lit by his involvement. This one is a medieval action-horror which has more in common with Monty Python’s Holy Grail than it would like.

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son

The trilogy is complete. The actress who played Martin Lawrence’s wife in the first two refused come back so she could “hold her head up high.” Brandon T. Jackson is supposed to be 17 in the movie, but looks every bit of his 27 years. It has a 5% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Sucker Punch

After taking terrific source material and turning it into average movies, Zack Snyder chooses to direct the first movie based on his own ideas. Turns out he has the unfocused, undisciplined mind of a 14 year old boy.


Adam Sandler’s production house turns out another beaut. One of the most uninspired, deliberately calculated, soulless comedies in human history. Originally titled ‘Talking animals and Kevin James pratfalls equals cash for a bigger house’, Kevin James plays an overweight zookeeper inexplicably almost wooing one hottie and ending up with another. On screen he has more chemistry with the ape he takes to TGI Fridays, the purpose of which is to plug the restaurant. Dr. Doolittle is turning in his fictional grave.

The Dilemma

What beggars belief is how many comedies must have passed across director Ron Howard’s desk in the last 40 years. Demonstrating absolutely appalling judgement he goes for this, a tonally extremely awkward comedy that’s trying to get laughs out of someone cheating on their husband and a script with no jokes. Even Vince Vaughn can’t improv his way out of this one.

Judy Moody And The NOT Bummer Summer

Super hyperactively juvenile kids movie that’s hated by anyone over the age of six. Total bummer.

Battle: Los Angeles

A trailer without character dialogue should have been the clue, this brain-dead invasion movie plays like a dull recruitment video for the US army with moronic storytelling, yawn inducing gun battles and characters leaping to all sorts of unlikely conclusions. Roger Ebert called it a step backwards for cinema.

Hoodwinked Too! Hood Vs. Evil

Six years ago the first Hoodwinked had rubbish animation but a witty, charming script. Somebody wanted to cash in so this lamely written sequel was made, with animation that’s seemingly even worse than the first time round. Think dull videogame cutscene from a lame platformer. Worst ‘vs.’ movie since Ecks vs. Sever.



I’m not sure what the story is behind this film existing, but someone was threatened, bribed or backed into a corner. Bruce Willis hits rock bottom starring in a lethargically low-budget-looking action thriller opposite 50 ‘never seems to get any better at acting’ Cent. Ryan Phillippe can’t yell away the shame.

Jack And Jill

It’s a tranny holiday treat for Adam Sandler fans. This is the laziest man-playing-a-woman-for-real act I’ve ever seen, at least Big Momma’s House made some effort to transform the guy and he was only meant to be in disguise. A new career low for Pacino.

Honourable Mention: Mars Needs Moms

What do you think are the worst movies of 2011? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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