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Fast & Furious 6 – Sequel Plans

Will There Be A Fast And Furious 6? Answer here.
Is there going to be a Fast And Furious 6? Yes. In 2013. So what can we expect from it?

This has to be one of the most unlikely franchises out there. 2 Fast 2 Furious lost then rising Star Vin Diesel, Tokyo Drift lost Paul Walker but gained a little Diesel cameo, all of the original stars returned for Fast & Furious, and this year’s Fast Five sees pretty much everybody from the previous movies back for more. With The Rock. Banking on it being as successful as the previous instalments, the folks behind Fast Five are getting a follow up ready.

The writer of three of the past Fast and Furious movies, Chris Morgan has signed a deal with Universal and is soon to write the fifth sequel – it is as yet untitled, but I’m very much hoping for the them to continue the 2 Fast 2 Furious-Fast & Furious-Fast Five trend of making the title a random, shorter variation of the original. FST/FRS or F&F6 would work nicely.

How do you feel about the prospect of more Fast and Furious movies? Is there a point at which they should stop? Which countries should they visit next? It seems as though the ONE LAST JOB mentioned in the Fast Five trailer is unlikely to be that…

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  • Nicola Bruschi said

    How do i feel? Well, good question, i feel good as fan of the whole Fast & Furious production, it seems like they ride more than fast machines but time machines.. So welcome caracters which are gone or came back, just a bit confusing at a moment but still a pleasure to watch. At the end if there’s no end who care?
    One more or many welcome!

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    • FASTFANZ300 said

      i am a huge fan of the series and would love to see more i hope they never stop i would definately like to see them continue tokyo drift and definately find out whoon the race in tokyo drift be it shawn or dom and the winner of fast fives race between dom and brian………….

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  • Ellie said

    There will ALWAYS be a “one last job” 😛 Although I wouldn’t have ever imagined it, this series of films is one of my favorite guilty pleasures!

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  • Rodrigo said

    ONE LAST JOB – I guess that means those parts of the f&f 3, HAN says to SEAN tells that money is no problem and he has to choose persons of good moral character.

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  • Sheridan Passell said

    Telly Savalas and the Fast and Furious 6 crew should choose Europe.

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  • Piotr said

    There are a couple of excellent set pieces bookending some entertaining character stuff and plot movement. And when I say “excellent”, what I mean is not very probable, but immensely entertaining, with brilliant stunt work interlaced with visual effects so well that you can’t tell which is which.

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  • Lou said

    How do I feel? It doesn’t matter how I feel — ” The Rock “

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  • Robert said

    Please make more sequels.

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  • brad said

    to be honest, they need to make this next one lead into tokyo and stop making movies taking place b4 tokyo, its just stupid. after this next one, if they DO decide to continue, fast and furious 6 should be taking place after tokyo so evrything can make sence again

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    • Xerkysz said

      You find it hard to understand where the movies are or lack the ability to apply logic?

      The chain of events that they have released them in makes perfect sense.
      It creates suspense in the viewers, and makes the viewers crave the movies, and soon enough all they can think about is the Fast and Furious Franchise, Is there going to be another movie? Which character will come back into the story/die? Where is it going to be made? What cars will be involved? What job will they pull?

      This is why the F&F Franchise is so popular, They have the ability to make people crave it.

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      • samantha said

        they should make it after tokyo drift. but they should keep Han.say that het got away from the explotion and got out of tokyo with Dom. and him and the chik can be together agane. thas what i think. i really liked Han.

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        • Jay said

          that has to be near the stupidest thing ive ever heard, Han was SERIOUSLY wounded from the crash and hed hav 2 be a reel hard tough mofo to get out of the car in 10 seconds 2 avoin the explosion….smh

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    • lexie said

      but in tokyo drift han dies!!! and tokyo drifts supposed to be the last one

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  • keith said

    After seeing Fast5 and loving it. i and seriously ready to see how they are going to bring letty back into the movie. as everyone knows she “died” in fast and furious hense the whole reason the movie went on besides bringing the connection of how everyone met up we knew it was a prequel to tokyo drift. C’mon Fast 6 i can’t wait!!!!

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  • jezuz said

    Maybe not one last job but There on the run so if they disappear thell find them so the next one should be racing and on the run….honestly i want races dont get me wrong action is 10/10 but on the last movies one race then action and 1 hr 40 min long i rather have 4 races and action and length of 2 hr 10 min long get me….my opnion though….

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  • Damon said

    I don’t think any of the F&F films have dissapointed us, face it, whatever they do they do it in style. They can make another 8 if they wanted to. There will always be a hole in the cinema for this type of action. It cannot be done again.

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  • Q said

    the only way to end this, i think, is to start at the end of Tokyo Drift with Dom racing Sean… create a story that places them in Europe (the only continent left built for racing on Earth that they havent touched, Vin hinted towards this as well in a recent interview for a possible sequel). add in recently ressurected Letty since shes already jackin military compounds in Berlin (Europe).. bring back the dream team of Fast Five and add in Sean and maybe Twinkie (Bow Wows character) from Tokyo Drift.. no Han because hes dead (or so we think lol you never know i guess).. and Eva Mendes as well. i know thats a lot of firepower but it worked for Fast Five.

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  • Kelley said

    Keep them coming!! Fast 5 was AMAZING!

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  • bolo said

    super-cars for the next one….or have a team thing where the fast and furious crew compete with other crews in different type of races from drifting to drag racing and add a story in there somewhere…now there’s an ending…

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    • Xerkysz said

      So pretty much you want them to turn Fast and Furious into Need for Speed.

      Nice way to ruin a perfectly good, high-income producing franchise.

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  • Mahmoud El-Azzeh said

    Saw this over the weekend and yeh, the stunts are pretty damn cool. I haven’t seen the second one or the fourth one but I was quite partial to Tokyo Drift, which it made it even more stranger that Han shows up in FF5. What the hell!

    Has there been official confirmation that FF3 is set AFTER the FF5?

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    • Sheridan Passell said

      Han was in FF4 too. The idea is that FF4 and FF5 are set before Tokyo Drift.

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      • Mr_Geeman said

        han clearly says in the fast 5 that eventualy he will get to tokyo witch emplys that he hasnt yet been there

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        • Carl said

          The Fast And the Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Fast & Furious, and Fast 5 all take place before Tokyo Drift (in that order). In Fast & Furious you can hear him say, “I hear they are doing some crazy stuff in Tokyo”, and in Fast 5 Elena (Brazilian Woman Cop) asks Han when he will be going to Tokyo and he says “I will get there… eventually”, which says that every movie that has Han in… Takes place before Tokyo Drift. Tokyo Drift was made in the middle on purpose, for that reason….. to make you THINK!

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          • jason said

            Ff 4,5,&6 were never planned when they made tokyo drift if you looked it up bin diesel finally came back with ideas for these 3 movies after hearing a song which is played on fast and furious 4&5. I can’t wait to see the next one and the spin off of this set of movies that will star dwayne johnson it should be quite interesting!

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          • Ange said

            The brazilian cop is with Dom, how ca she be with Han??? :S

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