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Nightmare On Elm Street Remake – No Robert Englund As Freddy

So Michael Bay’s production company, Platinum Dunes, are remaking Nightmare, without Robert Englund. Sources have pretty much confirmed he’s out.

Before we go on, if any of you are curious what a Michael Bay produced Nightmare On Elm Street might look like, this could give you some idea -

Giving Robert Englund the axe… The problem is that Englund didn’t just own the role in the past, he owns it just as much today. He was as energetic and as on the money in Freddy vs Jason as he was back in 1984. He doesn’t need to be rebooted.

Then again, familiarity doesn’t breed fear. The character of Freddy is as beloved and as watchable today as ever, but is he still scary? Not really. Create a new Freddy, with a new actor and new make up effects and hold back on the reveal, and you could have the first truly terrifying Nightmare in a long time.

It’s down to casting, but the track record of Platinum Dunes is a worry. In the last situation like this, they picked Sean Bean to be the new Hitcher – big mistake. Bean is a good actor, but he’s not edgy and off the wall and was absolutely wrong for the part. He was a safe, stock choice from the Hollywood villains list.

Whoever they pick this time better be inspired…

Source: ShockTilYouDrop

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  • josh said

    NO NO NO NO!!!!!!! micheal bay can not do nightmare on elm street it can not be down without it suckin major monkey balls i like micheal bay he knows how to do action movies but he can not do horror specialy with it being a classic

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  • Chris said

    Ok, there are a few things that must be said. I don’t support any remakes, especially to movies that I hold near & dear. Robert Englund is Freddy Krueger, and Michael Bay doing this movie would absolutely ruin it. I do, however, have a suggestion…

    Get Tim Burton to do this if it is going to happen (he proved himself in the horror genre w/Sleepy Hollow & Sweeney Todd)… he could pull this off and really create a whole new world for Nightmare.

    Also, how do you replace Robert Englund? It’s near impossible, unless you can bring someone from “in house” to replace him. Have any of the Nightmare movies had any characters played by actors with a lot of versatility. Have any of Freddy’s victims been adequate actors to replace Englund if a remake happens… well Glen Lantz was played by Johnny Depp. Depp is always a good guy, so this role would be perfect for him. Although, I think most Nightmare fans see Freddy as the good-guy anyways. Johnny could pull it off easily… the only issue is the facial structure. That’s the hardest part in replacing Englund.

    And because in my theory Depp would fit perfectly as Krueger… cast who seems likely to be the next Johnny Depp as Glen Lantz… Shia LaBeouf. Shia’s an amazing actor and can scream his ass off (Louis Stevens) need I say more.

    Heather Langenkamp would be rather hard to replace as Nancy. All of the women who could pull off Nancy are too old. And you don’t want this bombshell on screen as Nancy either. Don’t get me wrong I find Heather to be really hot, but Nancy wasn’t meant to be some slut, or prom queen, she was a regular girl.

    …the girl I had in mind orignally was rachel mccadams but she is too old to play Nancy. My only other suggestion is a real hit or miss, ruin or make the movie… Hilary Duff. She has never been perceived as a slut by the public, and she’s been looking to land a role in a serious movie where she can really prove her acting skills. My only question is does she have the skills she wants to prove she has. That’s why I said it could really ruin the movie completely if she wasn’t good.

    Nancy’s mom could be played by Helena Bonham Carter, and let’s face it, if Tim Burton makes this movie, she will be in it anyways.

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  • Chris said

    I take back one thing… I think maybe Alexis Bledel could play Nancy. The end. hopefully

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  • chuck visger said

    no robert no elm st thats how I feel about that if they want someone new in respect to robert I want to play freddy . here are some reasons why 1 I play him at nightmare at pinehaven hay ride 2 it has always been a dream of mine to play this type of caractor on screen 3 I stand 511 same hight as robert and I know all his moves so let me be the one to do it please thanks chuck visger chek out my space just put in my name.

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  • horror dude said

    when i heard they where planning to re-make a nightmare on elm street, a little part of me died inside!! especially when i heard michael bay the king of destroying classic horror was doing it, and without englund?!?!?! its insanity! if u ever read this mr bay then please please please!! leave nightmare on elm alone! u cant re-make classics like that! just look at what u did to the amityville horror! u killed that movie! please dont kill freddy!! u heartless bastard!

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  • Robert said

    OMG. These people in Hollywood must be running out of ideas. Leave Nightmare alone. BUT…if you must make remake, here are the rules:

    1. Robert England MUST play Freddy. (goes w/out explanation)

    2. Must be done similar to Halloween remake. (provide detailed prequel, then kick in a very scary Freddy when the prequel part ends)

    3. No musical actors (wtf was Kelly Rowland doing in Fvs.J? use some of the budget money to hire real actors)

    4. Make Freddy scary. I mean ‘wet the bed’ scary.

    5. You MUST kill Freddy at the end. I can’t take any more freakin’ remakes.

    6. Michael Bay….hey bud. You can always skip Nightmare on Elm Street and remake Poltergeist. I know I would pay to see that. “Carol Ann! Carol Ann!)

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  • Tom said

    Personally, I think it could work. While Robert England will always be known as the original Freddy,I think they made a bit of a mistake by turning Freddy into a wisecracking/campy goul instead of keeping him as he was in the original nightmare. If Robert Englund doesn’t return then Michael Bay would need to find a way to re-create/overhaul Freddy in a way that wouldn’t alienate fans of the original Freddy and at the same time bring back the original movie atmosphere while ramping up the terror for a new generation of potential fans. He did a great job with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake and I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do with The “Nightmare” franchise.

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  • naomi said

    The truth of the matter is. although it would be pretty cool to see another take on the film, but thee are certain films that should not be f**ked with, this is one of them!!

    Nightmare is one of my fave horror films, and messing around with it is like messing with history.

    As for the idea of axeing Robert Englund, i dont think ive ever been so offended. come on, the character of Freddy made the film, he has gone down in history as one of the worlds Mr. Nasties, and personally, i feel that’s all down to Robert Englund’s unbelievable performance. No-one will ever be able to match.

    It’s been said that the writers want a new Freddy because they want to “re-invent” the film. WHY? its a perfect example of horror at its best. Ok, so its not that scary, does it matter? its a cult classic. i think that they should think long and hard before making any decisions about this remake, because wherever you are, there are always gonna be hardcore fans of Freddy (like myself) who arn’t gonna take kindly to the fact they are wanting to axe Robert Englund.

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  • naomi said

    Just to say Tom.. Michael Bay didn’t direct The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it was Tobe Hooper and Marcus Nispel!

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  • Tom said

    I know that Michael Bay didn’t direct Texas Chainsaw Massacre..He just produced it which is the same he plans to do with the new “Nightmare” movie. I didn’t mean to give the impression that I thought he directed it which is another reason why I don’t understand why people are so upset about Michael Bay being involved especially when he is just the guy producing it, not directing it.

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  • C said

    Michael Bay has to be supported by many people in the Horror industry he’s also producing the Friday the 13th remake and the Birds remake.

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  • Tom said

    Also, in my opinion, there is no such thing as a horror movie (or any other type of movie that involves a fantasy element) that is off limits to a potential remake. As movie and CGI technology constantly evolve, it opens up oportunities to update and/or reimagine past movies with the latest and greatest technologies.

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  • C said

    that’s a good point… like Sam Raimi remaking (his own) Evil Dead. I can’t wait to see how that story/film will evolve with a real budget and today’s effects

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  • KapitolZ said

    Robert Englund is one of the keys (if not “the” key) to Nightmare and its success. Anyone else doing freddy would just be stupid…Robert Englund is Freddy…if a remake is to be made, Englund should be in it as Freddy…period.

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  • Cece said

    I’m kind of excited to see what they make of it, and even if it sucks majorly, if they create enough buzz before they put out the movie, it will make the originals more accessible.

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