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Nightmare On Elm Street Remake – No Robert Englund As Freddy

So Michael Bay’s production company, Platinum Dunes, are remaking Nightmare, without Robert Englund. Sources have pretty much confirmed he’s out.

Before we go on, if any of you are curious what a Michael Bay produced Nightmare On Elm Street might look like, this could give you some idea –

Giving Robert Englund the axe… The problem is that Englund didn’t just own the role in the past, he owns it just as much today. He was as energetic and as on the money in Freddy vs Jason as he was back in 1984. He doesn’t need to be rebooted.

Then again, familiarity doesn’t breed fear. The character of Freddy is as beloved and as watchable today as ever, but is he still scary? Not really. Create a new Freddy, with a new actor and new make up effects and hold back on the reveal, and you could have the first truly terrifying Nightmare in a long time.

It’s down to casting, but the track record of Platinum Dunes is a worry. In the last situation like this, they picked Sean Bean to be the new Hitcher – big mistake. Bean is a good actor, but he’s not edgy and off the wall and was absolutely wrong for the part. He was a safe, stock choice from the Hollywood villains list.

Whoever they pick this time better be inspired…

Source: ShockTilYouDrop

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  • Christopher said

    I don’t want to make any personal attacks here, but I’m going to. I am going to start with this chris guy (2nd from top) ………. So you like Tim Burton and Johnny Depp thats great and you found a way to relate them to Nightmare on Elm St. ( not rocket science ), but in no way shape or for could Johnny Depp be Fred Krugger for several reason and n e one with half a mind that knows you would kick you in the ass for thinking that. Tim Burton is liked by many people not me personally but his style is not what you need for the movie. Please josh stop watching old Disney channel tv shows to try to do the casting for one of the greatest horror icons of all times. If this movie is going to be redone (and i know we don’t want it to be) then lets look at what changed to make freddy a household name and that is the original writer and director which was Wes Craven the others did a fine job and i was always entertained but each sequal was less and less scary. If you want fear and terror brought back into freddy then bring back the creator. And why do we need to redo the movie when there could easliy be a prequal tell the crazy back story. Inconclution if Wes Craven doesn’t want to do it then let his son have chance and no one will be Fred Krugger because ROBERT ENGLUND IS FREDDY KRUGGER. thank you chodgins01@hotmail.com P.s. leave the classic horror movies alone you don’t see anyone remaking gone with the wind

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  • Erica said





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  • Tom said

    Some of you are so narrow minded when it comes to this “Nightmare” remake. As I said before, I can’t wait for it and I hope that they do such an amazing job with it that all you naysayers end up eating your words. And think about this….while Robert Englund has always played Freddy and has done an amazing job with the character, if some other actor was picked for Freddy from day one and if the franchise was just as successful as it has become and they wanted to do the remake and use Robert Englund as the new Freddy, you guys would still complain about the recasting of Freddy. We are typically so loyal to the casting of our horror characters that we blind ourselves to the fact that there might be someone out there that can play the part as good or even better than the original. Just look at “Superman”…In most peoples eyes, Christopher Reeve IS and always will be Superman , but he IS NOT the original Superman….Just some thoughts to keep in mind as alot of you seem to be having a breakdown over this potential “Nightmare” remake.

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  • Leanne said

    Just because the film industry casts various different actors for the same roles (i.e superman) does not mean that replacing Robert Englung is a good idea. In fact I think it is possibly the worst thing i’ve ever heard of!!

    Robert Englund has Freddy running through his veins, he moulded Freddy into a legend, I mean who hasn’t heard of Freddy Krueger? Im not saying that Michael Bay wouldn’t do a good job of creating a new “dark” Freddy (well as long as he looks at what he did to the Amityville horror and does the exact opposite).

    A Nightmare on Elm Street exists because of Robert Englung’s charisma and energy to keep re creating Freddy. He did a fantastic job in Freddy vs Jason, and to me that last appearance was as good as the first in 1984. I know that mild Nightmare fans will think that this is a storm in a teacup but true Freddy fans understand why the Nightmare films were successful and have etched a place in history, and its not because they cast 5 different actors to play Freddy. I agree that in order to bring back the fear factor Freddy needs to be darker, quieter and more sinister but I think that Robert Englund is more than capable at 59(?) of pulling that off. I mean I cant even look at Robert Englund without his makeup off without thinking “oh my god its Freddy”! Hes the face that haunted my dreams back in the 80’s not Justin Timberlake with contact lenses and a glove knife starring alongside some bimbo cast to play Nancy.

    Im all for a remake but seriously I might have to tie myself to the doors of my local cinema if Robert Englund isn’t cast as Freddy!!!

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  • Joey said

    I think if they are going to do a remake they should let Tim Burton do it, or if Wes Craven would be willing to do it let him. I dont think Freddy should be replace by Englund, but this is a new day and age, i think if anyone were to do it, for facial features, i think Adrian Brody, hes a good actor, and kind of has the same facial characteristics as Englund, thats all i can think of right now, and no cheesy freddy, he has to be scary as all hell, like in the original Nightmare. And they have to finish him off in the end, kind of like Halloween, leave at that.

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  • troy said

    no Robert Englund = no movie plain and simple.

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  • Eric Villarreal said

    This so called remake is a mistake. personally i think a remake will ruin what nightmare has built these past years. you are ruining a classic horror movie where doing a remake is the most stupidist thing to do. moviemaking is not easy. budget, location, makeup, cast and crew etc… can bay really pull this off? he should stick to makeing robot cars fight against each other and not ruin this. i’ve seen his work and he’s an “ok” director but handing this remake to him is like lighting your body on fire. its stupid. dont get me wrong i would love to see a remake of nightmare but please for all things sacred DONT LET BAY DIRECT NIGHTMARE REMAKE!!! there are dozons of directors out there and i agree with chris( the guy whos ideas are way better and left his idea on February 17th, 2008) and have tim burton do this remake. he is worthy of this responsibility and should have wes cravens blessing on this. trust me. i know im just 16 years old but i know a good remake when i see one and film is my life.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    For fans of Robert Englund’s Freddy:

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  • Stephen said

    Ok i saw The Hitcher and wasn’t impressed. So i don’t think michael bay would be a good choice to direct or have anything to do with a re-make of Nigtmare On Elm Street. I grew up watching the Nightmare series watching Freddy vs Jason angered me. If i was able to direct this movie i would because i know what people and i like to see in horror movies. But at the same i wouldn’t want to because i could totally ruin. Michael Bay shouldn’t re-make horror movies. He’s more of a love story type of director. Like he turned Pearl Harbor into a love triangle. He’d probably have Freddy have a girlfriend or something.
    Like everyone else NO ROBERT NO FILM

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  • alex said

    does not make sense remaking this movie, still might make jason vs freddy 2 and englund still capable of doing it, so why now? maybe in 5 more years. horrible idea

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  • Sonya said

    The idea of a remake without Robert Englund sickens me. There IS NO OTHER FREDDY!!! To do this is a huge insult to Robert Englund and the true fans! Sure, Freddy isn’t the scariest bad guy ut there, but he definately one of the most favorited and remembered, and Robert Englund made him that way. I would not ever waste my time or money watching a Nightmare on Elms Street without the origional and only Freddy, and I’m sure most of the true Freddy fans would agree with me. To do this is a mistake. Robert Englund IS Freddy, and that’s just the way it is. You can go ahead and remake it with new actors all you want, but without Robert Englund it will never, EVER even begin to measure up to the origional in the minds and hearts of the trus fans. Robert Englund = Freddy. That’s all there is to it.

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  • Tom said

    I’m a HUGE Freddy fan and I CAN”T WAITto see what they could do for a remake!!!! As I said in a previous post, Christopher Reeve WAS NOT EVEN CLOSE to the original person that played SUPERMAN but he is definitely THE ONLY SUPERMAN that true Superman fans can relate to..Its hard to believe that there is this much complaining about this remake and for all we know they might do an amazing job with it. I say let them remake it and IF YOU DON”T WANT TO SEE IT THEN DON”T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY TO SEE IT…..ITS THAT SIMPLE!!!! … Even if they do a crappy job with it, we still have the original Nightmare series to fall back on….You guys are acting like all the prior Freddy movies are going to somehow dissapear into thin air if they go through with this remake. Heck, Michael Bay did a GREAT job with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake (Loved it!!)..Nightmare on Elm Street Remake???…I say BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Lisa said

    since when does nightmare on elm street have car chases and explosions? this remake looks sooooo horrible and pointless. if there’s no robert, there’s no freddy, end of discussion.

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  • Sammy Torres said

    This totally sucks!
    Bay just simply can’t remake Freddy! Englund is the soul of Freddy so if Bay decides to remake Freddy, then he’s diggin his own grave coz noone’s going to watch Nightmare with no Englund as Freddy…


    let’s show the sucker how to protest…


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  • mikeymike said

    it can be done. it will be done. make freddy more out there. more of a burn victim. (although close… 1984’s freddy does not look realistic) Make the guy a psychopath on top of it. make it more up to date. they can make it really good if they wanted to. i also dont think they should play up on the 84 version. wes craven is a god. keep nancy for us to compaire… we will anyways and make it new. act like 84 never happened. i hated the thought of a new chainsaw massacre but what they did amazes me with the change of the story. the story was still amazing. does anyone remember the psycho remake? that was a scary idea

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