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The Hangover Part II Soundtrack

The Hangover 2 soundtrack ( songs ) OST - Listen here / download
The Hangover 2 soundtrack. In 2009 Todd Philips’ guy pal comedy The Hangover took a worldwide gross of over $467million. Put that into perspective: Scorsese’s Shutter Island took $200million less. Comedies? Superbad took $300million less. Jim Carrey’s Yes Man $240million less. Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, for my mind one of the best post-millenium comedies, took $47million and failed to recoup its budget. The Hangover, then, was successful. Commercially successful. Like Starbucks lattes, like Nike sneakers, it made money. But here’s a view not usually heard amongst all the wide-eyed praise constantly showered upon the film on the basis of its profitability – The Hangover is a formulaic misogynistic piece of populist dumbassery which treats convicted rapist and self-confessed woman hater Mike Tyson like Bill Cosby, which presents a world-view in which the only roles for women are as strippers or hookers or insane banshee girlfriends, in which the most prominent non-white characters are a drug user referred to as ‘Black Doug’ and a group of ridiculous Asian triads. Comedy, ladies and gentlemen, does not need to trade on the white male fear and mistrust and mockery of anything that isn’t white or male, and the only way it’ll stop is if we stop giving the people who turn out this crap $467million.

But The Hangover made money, so welcome one and all to The Hangover 2, back to collect more of your hard earned wages in return for more jokes at the expense of women and minorities, and you know what? Convicted rapist and self-confessed woman hater Mike Tyson was just so gosh-darned funny that he’s back too, and this time he’s singing a song. Another great way for cinematic products to make more money from their target markets is through product differentiation, which includes the selling of t-shirts and posters and coffee mugs and soundtrack CDs. Like the soundtrack to the first Hangover, this example of musical product differentiation is a multi-genre melange of mainstream guitar rock, soul and hip-hop (read: frat-house friendly) containing tracks by The Donnas and Danzig and Wolfmother, and a comedy song from Ed Helms. Unlike the first outing, The Hangover 2 soundtrack also contains snatches of dialogue from the film – so you can relive the Wolfpack’s crazy yet somehow utterly predictable banter from the comfort of your own home, or car, perhaps whilst cruising around town laughing at black and Asian people and asking each woman you pass if she’d like to strip for you or maybe sleep with you for money, whilst sniggering. With Danzig in the background.

That the songs are quite good is neither here nor there (Mark Lanegan in particular is a contemporary genius, and the Danzig track is a pretty good piece of work, but those of you pleased by the inclusion of Billy Joel should remember how much Patrick Bateman liked listening to him whilst flaying call-girls). Like the film, The Hangover 2 soundtrack is a formulaic enterprise executed with zero soul, designed to hit the G-spots of a predominantly white male audience who see no problem with making anyone different to them the butt of all their sniggering playground-esque mockery. All those who don’t think date rape is real rape, congratulations, your new favourite film is here. Buy the soundtrack, and the T-shirt, and let’s see if we can get Todd Philips and team past the $500million mark. We’ll explain it all to our daughters later – after they’ve become stripper-hookers.

For the record, Mike Tyson’s cover of One Night In Bangkok is neither good nor funny, and references to rape and ear biting are noticeably absent.

Listen To The Hangover 2 Soundtrack:

You can download The Hangover 2 soundtrack as mp3s here (UK click here)
Or get it on cd here (UK click here)

The Hangover 2 Soundtrack (Songs) – Track List
1. Black Hell – Danzig
2. You Can’t Just Skip Out Of The Bachelor Party [Explicit] – Bradley Cooper (dialogue)
3. Stronger [Explicit] – Kanye West
4. Stew’s First Marriage – Bradley Cooper (dialogue)
5. The Downeaster ‘Alexa’ – Billy Joel
6. Holla, City Of Squaller [Explicit] – Bradley Cooper (dialogue)
7. The Beast In Me – Mark Lanegan
8. What The F*** Is Going On?! [Explicit] – Ed Helms (dialogue)
9. Sofi Needs A Ladder – Deadmau5
10. Allentown [Explicit] – Ed Helms (dialogue)
11. Pusher Man – Curtis Mayfield
12. Seriously, What Is Wrong With You Three? – Sasha Barrese (dialogue)
13. Love Train – Wolfmother
14. Farting Medication – Bradley Cooper (dialogue)
15. I Ran – Ska Rangers
16. When A Monkey Nibbles [Explicit] – Zach Galifianakis (dialogue)
17. One Night In Bangkok – Mike Tyson
18. Hold On Gay Boys – Ken Jeong (dialogue)
19. Just The Way You Are – Ska Rangers
20. Bad Man’s World – Jenny Lewis

Leave your thoughts on The Hangover 2 movie and The Hangover 2 soundtrack in the comments. If you’re looking for a particular track leave a description and someone normally replies.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    At least Wolfmother are back on a soundtrack. It’s been a couple of weeks, I was starting to get worried.

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  • johnny said

    what is the song in the credits of the hangover part 2?

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  • Digital Dan said

    Does Johnny Cash’s Estate know that they used his version of “The Beast In Me” in the movie and then put Mark Lanegan’s version on the Hangover 2 soundtrack? Personally, I think it’s BS.

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  • jay said

    whats the song playing when they’re by the bonfire?

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  • jones said

    Crucial omission–why was The Dan Band not in the movie? They’re a staple of Todd Phillips’ films, and often one of the funniest parts. The first Hangover made $275 million. They couldn’t find enough spare change to fly them out to Thigh-land with the rest of the crew? Big disappointment.

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  • rico said

    they show a shot of the city (bangkok, i think) at night. the shot is up in the air about eye-level with the upper portion of the buildings and near the middle of the movie. there’s a rap/hip-hop song playing and haven’t been able to find it. if anyone recognizes it, any help is appreciated.

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    • shilps said

      @rico!! this is the exact track i’m looking for…why is it not on the hangover 2 soundtrack?! someone please tell us what it is!

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    • Curt said

      Monster by Kanye West ft. Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross

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  • Tiffany said

    @rico @shilps

    kanye west – monster

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  • got your answer. said

    The song i guess you two (Rico and Shilips) are looking for is “Right now” by Akon.

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  • tony said

    the name of the song is Monster by Kanye West

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  • MJ said

    I am looking for the song where they talk about getting high belive its by bone thugs

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  • daniel said

    what’s the song the band are singing at the wedding before mike tyson turns up?

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  • shilps said

    thanks guys….this track is pretty cool,it doesn’t sound like the one from the movie,but maybe i need to watch the movie again!
    Thank you!

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  • dillon landsdale said

    Wats the name of the song that plays in the end credits

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  • Dayna Lynn said

    wahts the name of the song at the end..

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  • faroline said

    whats the name of the song when they enter to the “mens” club

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